How many pediasures should kids have?

How many pediasure should a 3 year old have per day if they have no other source of food? She has autism so won’t eat regular food. She was in feeding therapy. This is my friends child. Her ex lies a lot so we’re trying to see something here lol


My daughter gets 3 a day one at each meal for growth but she does eat other foods very selective

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This is an issue that needs to be talked with a doctor

My Gbaby is autistic. He absolutely hates hot or warm food. We’ve been making him snack plates. Animal cookies, grapes that are cut up, chips and a juice. Everything needs to be cut up small though. Yes they are very picky eaters. But I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Best of luck to her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Each child is different, young one. You need to consult your child’s professional team. Although 3 is early to have a “team” but the earlier the better - this will help later with your child’s educational team. This is your child - don’t seek advice on this - go to those who know your child and the environment she in. :v:t4::sunflower:

Is her ex the one taking the child to the Dr? Tell your friend to go or call the Dr that saw her and ask them. I understand you trying to get answers to prove the ex wrong but this is about a child’s nutrition and making sure they get enough. This is something to immediately be calling the Dr about not asking online. Hope that child is getting enough and isn’t hungry :heart:

Kids with autism often times have a lot of sensory difficulties surrounding food and don’t always eat the best, even with therapy. I would just mind you and yours.


Mine is 3 in the same boat he drinks 5-6 per day

My son lived off them for 6 months before his doctor got him an RX for kids boost ensure. It saved him from being malnourished but pedeasure is very bad on their bodies so talk to your doctor about other brands that’s not full of sugars and bad ingredients that has more vitamins and nutrients. Good luck mommas I know it’s hard

I would check with a pharmacist.

This is way above our pay grade. Which is free… Anyways this mom needs to be talking to her kids doctor bc she needs to have labs happening and get back into food therapies. Her child cannot be getting enough nutrition from 3 pediasures a day. Kids that have severe eating/food disorders may need liquid nutrition through a tube into their body so that they can thrive. The doctor should be doing a lot of testing to make sure there isn’t a medical issue.


My son is the same way. And honestly I want to take him to the dr and ask about that too. Because he also doesn’t eat regular food yet. He’s 2

I would have your friend call her pediatrician and ask tbh

I’d say as much as possible, if that’s the child’s only source of nutrition. I have a 5 year old nephew whom is nonverbal and has severe food aversion. The only thing he will consume is Vitamin D Whole Milk with strawberry syrup, won’t eat a single thing. Sometimes we’re able to mix a little pediasure/ensure with it… other times he can tell & will dump it out quicker than ya filled it.


I’d ask their pediatrician

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I honestly wouldn’t do more than 1 as they have a bunch of sugar. Definitely talk to pedi tho! Mine told me to avoid it if I can


They are full of sugar like as much as soda, I would switch to an organic brand and ask your doctor how much they should get

Your friend doesn’t need to go by what the ex says, just what the GI has prescribed.

It depends on each child. My son is solely pediasure fed and has 7 cans a day and it’s the 1.5 calories, not the regular 1 calorie. The GI will recommend based on tolerance and amount of calories the child needs.

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Ask a dr. Have to go by a lot of factors. Weight etc. they need to be looked over by a professional

Usually when we get prescriptions for pediasure, I’m a technician, it’s for 2 bottles a day/60 a month. If no food intake at all I would up it to 3 bottles a day, 1 for each meal


Why hasn’t your “friend” talked to the pediatrician ? This isnt something that shouldn’t be brought up to the pediatrician or the child’s specialists. Why isn’t she still in food therapy if the only thing she is eating well nevermind but drinking is pediasure.

My son (4 years, level 3) has only two a day as told to do by his nutritionist