How many c-sections are considered okay?

Hey mamas! I know we aren’t doctors, but maybe someone has experience with this. I had my baby via C-section due to my pelvis being too small. I will never be able to have a vaginal delivery. I was wondering how many sections are considered “ok” before they want you to stop having children? TIA


A friend of mine is on #4 :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

I had 3 sections due to my small pelvis x

I had 3 and my Dr said everything looked good enough to have another. I think it’s case to case on how everything heals from previous ones.

Im on number #4 but it depends on how much tissue you have… I heard I can have 6 C-section

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That’s all on you… talk to your doctor about it

Hi I had my C section due to the same reason as you . I had 4 sections , but I know someone who has 5 .

My dr normally only recommends 3. I think it depends on how you heal though

I have had three c-sections and was told no more after that because of scar tissue. Truthfully the worst part is the epidural site is still sore if I sit in a hard chair even 13 years later.

Had my 4th on Monday! My last child. I’ve heard of people having more… I guess it depends on the person and how easy you can recover without complications like scaring and things like that.

I’ve had 4 my doctor highly recommend not having another one after this last C-section because of so much scar tissue.

After 3 it’s more life threatening is what my ob told me.

I’ve never heard of a limit the only thing I’ve heard is it’s best to have them at least 2 yrs apart

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I’ve had 4 and my Dr I had before my 4th new I wanted one more and he said fine but he wouldn’t do anymore after that. I’ve heard others having more

my friend is in her 6th however this one and her last were both classical incisions(belly button to hair line)

A friend of mine has had 5 :fearful::fearful::fearful:

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I’ve heard 3 but also know people who get c-section then 4 years later can do natural birth.

I’ve had 4 c-sections. The more you have the higher the chance of complications. I almost bled out on my last one because my surgeon had a hard time with my previous scar tissue.

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I’ve had 3. My dr told me 1 more and I’m done. But I can’t have anymore babies anyways. :sob:

Many moms do more but my ob said everyone you have gets riskier, but he wouldn’t recommend more than 4

My sister had 4 csections so idk.

I’ve had 2 and the only reason I’ll never have more kids is because I don’t want to be cut open again

I don’t think there’s really a set number anymore, but I hear some people say 3 and some say 4. I think it mainly depends on a few things. 1. your dr 2. How well you heal from your csection. 3. If you waited the recommend 2 years between each one.

Someone I heard of had 12!

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I have five children. Just had my 4th c-section on 2.2.20! I also had them take my tubes…I’m not sure if I could have kept going, but I’m done!


It probably depends on the doctor and you and how well your body heals and stuff.

Depends on the way your body healing is! I had 6 c-sections and the scar tissue hurts like hell almost every day! And ended up having to have a historectomy

Depending on the woman and her health, you can have as many as possible. I worked for a huge OBGYN office and some had 3, 4, even 5. There’s always risks involved and scar tissue is a huge one. Always consult with your doctor or a high-risk obstetrician.

I’ve had 4 c-sections and 1 ectopic. My ob/gun said that my body wouldn’t take anymore pregnancies much less c-sections :sleepy: I was done anyways. I think they don’t loke to do over 5

I’ve had 3 they told me if I had another I would be required to deliver at a different more advanced hospital

I have had 4 and they told me that was it

I had 3 (4 kids) and during my last pregnancy I was encouraged to not have more. You should try and wait a couple of years btwn c sections so you body can fully heal.
Ask your doctor what the think would be safe for you, since everyone’s body is different.
Bringing a new child into the world isnt greater than living children losing their mom or you having issues for the rest of your life.

I personally have on had 2 due to complications but i know a girl who has had 5 c sections, the doctors tell her no more but she gets pregnant there is nothing they can do but deliver the baby

My cousins had 6 c-sections and was told to get her tubes tied and any pregnancies after that are gods will

Depends on the woman, there are some women who can only have 1 some can have 3 some can have 5 it all depends on how well you heal and how well your body can recover

Depends on the severity of damage done, technically as long as you can get pregnant you can have a csection, the risk increases everytime and they will tell you when they recommend no more (my doctor said the magic number is usually 4 but some are told to stop after 1 and some are told to stop after 6 it’s just a case by case issue) but you can continue to risk it until you aren’t given the choice anymore

Literally just read a post from midwives about there being no such thing as a pelvis being too small.
This is the sign of an incompetent practitioner.
You see, a pelvis is not a one piece bone. It can and does move, especially I’d you explore movement while laboring and utilize gravity assisted positions during pushing.
I’d seek a second opinion, VBACs are possible. Fire your doctor.


It really depends on your body and how it heals. I just had my 3rd and my doctor could barely get through the scar tissue to get my baby out. They recommended to me that I not be pregnant again. I’m ok with that because this was our last.

Just depends on your body and scar tissue I believe. After each c-section you develop more scar tissue so it is harder each c-section for the dr to reach baby.

My doctor told me 3 if theres no chance of VBAC.

I know people who have had four but were told it was best for them not to have anymore kids. I have heard of people having more than four though.

I’ve had 3 at the 3rd I asked them to tie my tubes the woman who done my c-section asked me if I was sure because she said I could have another c-section as I didn’t have much scar tissue I still chose to get my tubes tied tho. X

Im the same. After my son the way i was cut i was told i wouldn’t be able to have a vagina birth.
To me a birth is a birth doesnt matter how they come out.
Im Okay with C Section

I have had 4 and my doctor told me that I would be ok to have more. I’m done having children but I could if I wanted to

The most i know is one my friends who had 4. & the 4th almost killed her.

I had 3 and chose to have my tubes removed because of difficult pregnancies. But they said I could have had more if I wanted.

I had 3 and the 3rd one took twice as long as usual due to scar tissue and bleeding. Doctor said it was a good thing i didnt want to have more children (i was also getting a tubal ligation). I ended up needing a hysterectomy a few years later…my uterus was adhered to my abdominal wall with scar tissue. I think its different for everyone because everyone’s body is different.

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I know someone who had 6 kids c-section and she wants more…

I just had my 3rd on Wednesday and they’ve advised me that it’d be too dangerous to ever have another as my uterus is too thin. It was already quite thin even after my 2nd

Depends they say the average is 3 but some woman can only have 1 and some can have many more .

They told me not to have anymore after 3 but I had 4

Depends on the scar tissue really. I had 3 c sections and my scarring was bad so my dr said it was best that I went through with being fixed. I have 4 and a step daughter so. I was done after our last was born anyways.

I had two, with my second one, they had trouble getting my son out because of my scar tissue, I was cut from the pelvic area to about 3 inches above my belly button, I was told I shouldn’t have anymore ( I had wanted 3 kids)

I just had my second… I asked my doctor the same question. Here was his answer: it depends on Your uterus. He has had patients I could only have two or three but with that being said he just delivered a woman seventh C-section baby. It depends on your uterus lining

My sister has had 5 C-sections, I’ve had 3 and my mom had 3

My Mom had 4 natural 3 c- sections. She was never told anything.

I always heard Ur not supposed to have more than 3 and I had 3…

I had 5 and after my 5th I hemorrhaged so bad I ended up having to have a complete hysterectomy.

While in pre op for my 2nd section they told me it’s best if I didn’t have another after that one (I had complications after my first section and had bad scaring so it took a while) but if I was to want a 4th child then they’d give me a section, but they generally only advice 3 to someone then no more.

My doctor 46 years ago said 3 was my limit. I had two, then had my tubes tied during the 2nd one.

I had 3, and the doctor said no more after that

Think my sister has had 3 or 4

I had 3 and my last one 9 months ago my dr said I could have 1 more and that would be it. But I know someone who had 6 c sections

I think it all depends on the person…on their past experiences, their health, their pregnancies…

Small pelvis? I’d probably need more context because as of now that is such BS. I know quite a few people who got that told to them too and they got their Vbacs 2nd time around. Dont let lazy/anxious doctors fool you. I have a link to an awesome VBAC group to help support you.

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I had 2. Doctor told i have lot of adhesions. So I m done

I was told my 2nd one was my limit…

I’ve heard 3 is best to stop, but to be honest, when I heard that by non doctors I had only had natural births. Then I met a guy at work whose wife was on her 6th baby. His brother (who I worked with) was worried because the wife never had a job and our his brother made minimum wage and this was the wife’s 6th c-section. The brother had other concerns, but my concern was it was her 6th c-section with all their children being under 6. I guess it all went ok. And I don’t know her how her care went. I think if you give your body time to heal between you could have quite a few babies. Although, the small pelvis excuse is strange, because I was told by my doctor and I’ve seen the film’s where a woman’s body is so amazing and our pelvis is not a single bone. It can spread apart allowing baby to pass through as baby’s head cones (reason for the soft spot when born). Unless you have a pelvic abnormality or other medical issues, a small pelvis shouldn’t be an excuse to do a c-section. https://ww,

I’ve had 1 c section and was told to wait 2 yeats before conceiving again. Other than that, I’m not sure there is a restriction?

I’m sure they give a guideline of 3 due to complications after that - will be dependant on the patient though and those who’ve had more, likely got pregnant and didn’t have a choice for whatever reason. Ie the risks of a 4th c-section were less than trying naturally.

Ive had 6 c sections im only allowed 1 more

My Doctor said 4 was my max… would I have 4 kids no chance in hell I’m good with my 2 lol.

Mine said 2 due to healing process

My mom had 7 and someone else I know had 10

My mom had 7! Closest were 18 months, furthest were 3 years


I’ve had 5 and was never told there was a limit. I did get my tubes tied after my last because 6 kids is more than enough for me

I’m assuming til you decide to stop having kids. But again, none of us are doctors.

I’ve had 3 c-sections

I know someone who has 6 c-sections! All up to you when you decide you’re done having kiddos

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I believe it depends on the doctor and how much scar tissue develops after each one

I believe it’s up to 3

Please speak to a medical professional.
Honestly depending on the complications and whether or not your uterus can withstand being cutt open time and time again.


Well the risk gets higher the more u have i stopped at 3 because of safety risks

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I think 3 is the recommendation. However you want to have space between babies. C-sections are rough.


My sister in law had 6

M doctor recommended no more than 3, as long as everything went fine.

My Dr said I can have as many as I want as long as I don’t go Duggar on him :joy:


That all depends on how your pregnancies go, your overall health and your recovery. Your Dr will be the only one to answer that.

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My OB suggested that number 4 be my last just because of scar tissue and increase for risks such as uterine rupture.

My sil has 7 kids c section

I’ve had 4 c sections so far. Last one was 7 mos ago

They say 3,but I’ve seen people go through 4 or 5 on a c section group I’m in

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I had 4 and that was pushing it with the risk factors

I have had 5 c sections and plan on having another. My doctor (who has done all 5) said I have minimal scar tissue and no complications and am fine to have another.

I personally just had my 6th. I chose to stop because that is enough for me but it all depends on your body and your scar tissue. People heal differently and that can make a big impact because the scar tissue is what causes the biggest concerns with other organs and the pregnancy and surgery itself.

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I know someone who’s had their 5th C -Section, but they did ask about getting the mum done so she can’t have any more x

Drs usually recommend 3 but I know ppl who have had 5+

I’m guessing everybody is probably different but I have a friend that has the same issue and she has 4 children and she been told she will be able to have another 2 then they recommend she stops. Hope this helps :blush:

My mom was only allowed 3 same reasons to shes so tiny! She got fixed right on the table after having me! ( im the baby) i am almost 27 now so im not sure if thats changed.

My dr strongly suggested that my number 4 be the last. So I decided to go ahead and get a tubal done while they already had me “open” after my last birth. That way the scarring and healing wouldn’t be as bad. It didn’t take long at all. I had my original c section because my pelvis was too small as well.