How long should I wait to have sex after giving birth?

Anyone wait less than the normal 6 weeks postpartum to have sex after a c section?


We only waited about 4 weeks… and it was a struggle to wait that long lol

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Not really a good idea as you are still healing but to each their own…


Personally I wouldn’t…your body is still healing from a major surgery.


My doc cleared me after 2 weeks

I waited until a few days before my six week check up each time, including after two c-sections :person_facepalming: I couldn’t help myself. But would not recommend. It felt ok but not worth the infection risk.

I don’t see how anyone is ready to have sex again weeks after having a baby.


I’ve had people tell me they waited 3-4 weeks. I’ll be having my first c-section next month, so we’ll see what happens but considering I only waited 2 weeks after my last vaginal delivery (4th baby) I’m sure it’ll be difficult waiting much longer after a c section.

I waited a week with my oldest 3 days with my middle and less then 48 hours with my last. Just stay clean n i recommend using a condom. Take it slow as ur body is till recovering. I had c sections with all 3

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U probably shouldnt ive had 2 csections n even with waiting 6 weeks intercourse was still VERY painful. Maybe do oral and get creative… i would strongly recommend wasitingv on intercourse though

not recommended, you can try but any invasive surgery i would hold off any physical activity Gym included .

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I’ll be 6 weeks this Tuesday and waited. Not worth the risk of infection.


With my daughter (I was 22) we waited 4 weeks

:roll_eyes: it’s 6 weeks for a reason. Medical professionals feel that is the safe amount of time to let one’s body heal from major surgery, etc. In my opinion, you should listen to your doctor because they usually know best.


I have had 3 c’s and it is HIGHLY recommended to wait 6 weeks until that pp check up

Yep only one week crazy I know but i was in no pain and was fixed didnt think about infection kinda skipped my mind in heat of the moment but i got lucky healed up great

I did! Just take it slow and be extra careful.

I was cleared at 4 weeks

You definitely shouldnt.

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It’s not a matter of personal preference, and it’s not just because of possible pain with intercourse…your placenta was attached to the wall of your uterus. When the placenta came out it left a huge wound in there! They ask you to wait six weeks as the risk for infection with a giant gaping wound inside of you is very high


i don’t know how people think about sex after having a baby! we waited 8 weeks after our son and ended up pregnant again. when he was 11 months old had our daughter. i made him wait 8 months lol i was to damn tired to think about sex.

3 weeks. I had a c section. I was just fine.

Ur body will tell u when ur resdy main thing is stay clean and if u had stitches I recommend 10-14 day minimum we never made it with all 3 N I was sick of giving head haha

No! I waited like 12-14 weeks before I even let my husband look at me.

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Listen to your body. I believe I did around 4-5 weeks I had no issues. We are all differnt. You know if your ready.

It’s up to you and how your body feels. I certainly waited about 2months before I could my body was not having it lol if you’re comfortable enjoy :wink:

Yes 10 days with my last no problems c sections

My friend didn’t wait and now she has 2 boys 10 months apart.


I waited four weeks, i used a condom and lubrication

Didn’t wait, now my kids are 10 and a half months apart. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I only waited a week after having my little vaginally. Now with baby #1 it hurt so bad it was like 6 months. I’m not sure about csections tho… all I can say it try it. If it hurts stop. :heart:

Yup, 2 weeks after my first and like 3 after my second.

I waited. More so because it was an emergency csection and we had a stillborn. Use a condom, because risked of getting pregnant are high and then risk of uterine rupture is high. Also, if you’re not bleeding risk of infection would be low. Still there, but low.


Umm no. You have a huge gaping wound internally whether it feels like it or not. & sex isn’t that serious to risk bleeding out or an infection that leaves my child motherless. I’ve never been thaaaaat horny before.


Well you have a gaping hole/incision inside trying to heal. You could very likely get an internal infection if you dont have clearance from your doctor first… just bc it didn’t happen to everyone doesn’t mean it wont happen to you. Those precautions are there for a reason.


People that say they did without issue is like people not using car seats and saying their baby was ok.

It’s dangerous, but yes some people are ok after. It’s a gamble.

Sex too soon after birth can not only cause serious, deadly infections, it can also cause deadly air embolisms.

So the question you should ask yourself is how comfortable do you feel gambling with your life. Is sex really worth dying?


My husband and I tried when I was 4 weeks PP but it hurt so we waited until I was like 8-9 weeks PP but I didn’t have a C-section

18 days after a c section

My doctor at my 6 week appointment told me to wait another 2 weeks so I did.

I couldn’t stand him by me after the baby lol

With my first I only waited 2 weeks I had him naturally with my daughter I waited the 6 weeks because I had an c-section and was in a lot of pain

Lots of people don’t wait.

No! It does not matter if you had a baby vaginally or by csection. Your cervix hasnt fully healed and you have a wound in your uterus from the placenta detaching. Your at super high risk for infection!!!


About 3 weeks I think

Yeah I waited a week or less :joy::person_tipping_hand:

You need to wait if you pull one of the internal stitches you’ll be sorry


No. Would never risk an infection. Doctors give you that time frame for a reason.


I think with our last my husband and I made it 4 weeks. I did tell my doctor though and he said I was healing nicely and to go ahead.

I had sex at 4 weeks. Everything was fine

I waited the six weeks. It’s not worth the risk to me, the dick ain’t goin anywhere :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:


Im still waiting and my kid just turned 2 lmao


No way. I felt absolutely fine but I didn’t risk it until 12 weeks to be safe

I waited in fear of getting an infection or pregnant again. The urge was definitely there and he was pushy about it but I told him tough shit. Better to be safe than sorry!

Started back at day 5 lol

Yeaaaahhh we didn’t wait the six. Maybe 3/4. Lol

I had mine c section my dr said 6 weeks

Nope and it was a mistake, tore me right open again

No I waited 8 weeks until I got my sketches out

I wait the 6-8 wks… my husband says nope not until doc clears you

Yep I was told after all my c sections that I could have sex as soon as I stopped bleeding which was usually a week after. I always have had sex within 2 weeks after having baby

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I waited like a week all 4 times :joy: I am still here alive no issues

Well… Both my late husband and I TRIED to be good both times… Didn’t really work past when I stopped bleeding…

Still waiting 7.5 months later lmao

Don’t think I cared much for sex after my csection in 1993. Barely could walk or move around without pain. Went back to work at 3 months post. Did have more babies 1995, 1996

They tell you to wait for a REASON.

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I didnt wait. He was gentle. Everything was fine.

You can get infections if you don’t wait ! Your uterus is a open wound still. They tell you 6 weeks for a reason I wouldn’t be risking it. I actually am hitting my 8 weeks I waited till 6

I did both times. Had to take it easy. Also make sure your prepared for another pregnancy as you are at a higher level to get pregnant right after having a baby