How long is spaghetti sauce good in the fridge?

I made pasta with an opened jar of Preggo that had been sitting in my fridge for a little over two weeks. It wasn’t moldy and it smelled fine, but then I realized the jar said use within two weeks of opening it. I already fed it to my husband and 20 month old by the time I saw that. Should I be worried that they’ll get sick?):


No, you’ll be fine. It’s very processed so it keeps different. You guys should be good!

It should be fine. It didn’t look funny or smell weird then I say your ok.

If it was only a,little past the two week point and it smelled fine and was not moldy then everyone should be fine most likely. If either should get sick then you will have no problem identifying the culprit but I am pretty sure all will be well :blush:

Girl I used expired cream cheese for a dish (for my self) tonight :joy: unopened, smelled and looked fine. Keeping my legs crossed for both of us :upside_down_face:


If it was bad chances are they would have been sick shortly after eating it.its all good.

Nah. My husband just used velveeta last night with a sell by date of 12/25/18. He is alive and well :laughing:


Its says two weeks but from my experience it’s good up to a month after as long as you don’t add meat to it or it isn’t already a meat sauce.

I’m guessing you would have heated it which would kill most of the bacteria anyway so it should be fine

I’m sure it’s fine. It would have been moldy if bad.

They could get sick from the wind blowing from the west. Every day is a game of chance. If it looks and smelled fine, you’re probably good. If not, shit happens… literally. Nbd.

if it smells fine and there’s no mold, i usually use it. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

*unless it’s milk, then that goes in the trash.

Nope, In fact heating it to a boil would kill the germs