How long does it take to get pregnant after Nexplanon removal?

I got off nexaplon a week and a half ago to try to have baby number 2. I was only on it for little less then a year. I’m 22 years old. How many of you have concieved fairly quick after? I’ve been doing the baby dance every other day, when should I test?

When you miss your period

I got pregnant less than 2 months after getting it out 2 times.

I got mine out and 2 months later got pregnant!

My sister got pregnant in the second month after having hers taken out. I was on NuvaRing when I got pregnant with my son, it only took a week being off of it. Everybody is different though, some people have trouble conceiving for a couple months even without history of birth control.

I got mine taken out and it took over 2 years

I got mine out in early September and by mid december had a positive pregnancy test

Holy cow. Seeing posts like these make me wanna scratch my brain. I don’t know how much longer I can follow if you keep posting these questions.


6 days after removal of it is when I conceived. Baby Noah will be here in July.

3 months and I was on it for 6 years before I tried for baby number 2

I was on it for 4 years and got pregnant 2 months later

Took us nearly 4 months to concieve after I had mine removed. I ended up needing a progesterone supplement to start ovulating again

Took us 3 months after getting it out

Im 25 i got it taken out in August. Had two periods right after the removal. September came i had another. I got pregnant in Oct with my second. Now, im 22 weeks with a girl due in july

Mine took a few months

Come out in oct got pregnant in dec/jan

Took mine out in October of 2016 was pregnant by February of 2017. Did also use fertility sticks in January, seriously worked, as we wanted the kids close together in age.

I had mine in for 2 years and got pregnant 9 months later

3 months after
Had it for only a year

Took us 7 months to conceive after having mine taken out.

Had mine removed in March of 2014, stayed on the pill until September… Tested positive in October. :open_mouth:

I was told when I had it removed that I was now basically sterile… He was SO wrong! I’ve had TWO babies since then! & I was put on the pill to sooth the symptoms of PCOS that I supposedly had… I don’t even have PCOS either apparently! I quit the pill because I didn’t think I actually NEEDED it for its intended purpose.

5 months after i had mine removed we got pregnant with baby #2

I had in removed in an April and found out I was pregnant in the following August

Could take weeks, could take months.
The baby dance?

I did in the first month! Just so you’re prepared, sometimes it causes you to release more than one egg during that first month. Good luck!

Im 28 and had mine out in September 2018… Still trying…