How long do you bleed after a tubal?

I had My last baby in june-15-19 I got my tubes tied how long do u bleed for! It’s been a month and am still spoting!!???

I bled for 2 mos after my last one 7-10-18. I had more then spotting. Then my cycles have been out of whack since then.

Could be up to 8 weeks

I did for 78 long long long days… To be honest if I had to do over again I would have made my husband get fixed… I’ve had nothin but problems since I got my tubes tied 14 years ago…

I had my tubes tied day after son born in October had worst periods ever ended up having hysterectomy the following February

U need to talk to ur OB about that. Could be other problem. I ended up needing a hysterectomy also due to excessive bleeding.

I’ve been having same problems since having my tubes tied 3 years ago and plus having every side effect that in pregnant at least every other month

I didn’t get my tubes tied my last birth but I bled for around 6 or 7 weeks post partom. Every birth is different.

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I bled for 6-8 weeks with my 4.

Could be bleeding is from your delivery not from having your tubes tied. I had periods even after mine were done. hot flashes etc. I was put on medication due to lack of estrogen after my tubes were done. That helped.