How long did it take you to go into labor after you were 1 cm?

Hey there! I’m 37 weeks pregnant, will be 38 on Sunday, I went to my doctors appointment yesterday and they told me I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, this is my second pregnancy,first girl but it’s been 2 years so I completely forgot what it feels like lol…with my son I went into labor a week after they told me I was 1cm dilated, how long did it take for you mamas to go into labor after you were 1cm?


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It can take hours, days, weeks. There is no set time


I’ve been 70% effaced and 3 centimeters for three weeks. Just take a nap and get some rest.

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Forever… I was at 1cm even after being induced for 12 hrs.

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Idk about 1cm but I went from 3 to 10 within a couple hours. One of my coworkers was 2-3cm for like a month… if not longer. :grimacing:

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I was 2 cm at my 37 week apt. They induced me at 41 weeks bc my water hadn’t broke and I didn’t start contracting on my own either.

Around 35 weeks or 36 weeks I was 2cm and 40% effaced and I just have my 38 weeks appointment yesterday and I was 3cm and 50% effaced but she is very low down there

Ive been at 2 cm for two weeks now :tired_face: I had contractions yesterday, went to the hospital, and they sent me home. My due date is Monday. I hope he comes before that! Hope the best for you, these stubborn babies love the belly!

I was about 3/4 cm for a month for both kids. One went on his due date and the other kick started Labor Day of induction.

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I was 4cm dilated for a month with my last two :roll_eyes:

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Mine was about 7 hours

Second kid comes a lot faster then the first. I went from 2 1/2 cm to popping my daughter out in about 5 hours

I was 4cm dilated for weeks with my 3rd before I actually went into labor :grimacing:

Dilation really is no indication of when labor will start.


I was induced at 1cm with my 5th and was there 12 hours before I needed to push. I was 39w. Otherwise my cervix is stubborn and if I wasn’t induced I probably never would have went into my own labor.

When babies lungs are ready that’s when you go into labor. Dilation means nothing until labor and even then you can go 1 to 10cm in hours.

Oh honey I was 3-4 cms weeks before I even went i to delivery :rofl:

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I was always a 0 prior to labour starting, even being induced at 10 days late.

3 weeks at 2cm but my circumstances were different

I went into labor the same day I had my daughter and I wasn’t dilated beforehand

I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced for like 4 weeks… it really just depends on the person, pregnancy and baby. No way to know

36 hours for my youngest. The funny thing is when I was at 10cm and already pushing at the delivery table the oboe-gynecologist told me to get down and exercise more or walk because there isn’t head crowning yet😆 and I said No! He has to come out and pushed. After 5 minutes my son was out☺️ keepsafe and Godspeed

I was about 3-4 cms at 37 weeks and gave birth 39+5.

I was at 3 for 2 months

I was 3 cm a week before and went in labor a week late

With my second I was a solid 0cm and not expected to go into natural labor. Less than a week later(like 3 days later) I was 3cm and in full blown labor. My midnight I had given birth after a solid 12 hours of labor.

12 hours with my 9 lb 5 oz son… Laying down with back labor no moving at all just laying in bed

10 hours for my daughter much easier sitting up going back and forth to bathroom. Induced but started having contractions before i went to hospital. Much easier birth moving around. She was 7 lbs 13 oz. I aldo breastfed he for 3 1/2 yrs. My son would latch. I gave up i was young.

Doctor was on vacay when my son was born. In the hospital with my daughter. I feel like he told thw nutses to let me move. Or if it os just an induce thing.

I was 18 when i gave birth to my son who is now 24

I was 34 with my daughter. Makes a big difference.

I was young giving birth with my son who is now 24 and grown with my daughter who is now 8

My son is about to have his own in a month or so… I am grandma!

Took me 36 hours just to get to 4cm then ended in a emergency C-section so everyone is different

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i was 1 cm at like 36 weeks lol. neither of my kids was born until 5 days before their due date. so nearly 3.5 weeks after getting the “you’re 1cm dilated!” news lol

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Every pregnancy is different, I was 1cm for a month with my first son

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I was dilated 1cm in October and induced in December

Lmao! I was 1cm and 70% effaced at 30 weeks I went in every week 2 times a week for nonstress tests because I was having high blood pressure at 35 weeks I woke up at like 3am with contractions decided to go in and when I was checked I was 4cm and 80% I was admitted and transferred to a hospital in my area with a NICU and I delivered my baby 4 days later they had to break my water to really get things going.
This was my 3rd baby being dialed for some women dose not mean labor is coming you can sit at 1cm for weeks with no change.

Being 1cm can also just mean that your baby had dropped so don’t count on it really meaning much.

I was 1cm for almost four weeks. I had to be induced but luckily when I went down that morning my water broke right before they made it in to start the induction process

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I have 4 kids and they were all different

With my second, I was 2 cm for 4-6 weeks before I had him. With my third, I’ve been 3 cm for over a week and nothing has happened

I was 0 cm then 39weeks 6 days went into labor 3 hrs later baby girl was born

I’ve had 5.
It was different for all.
Hang in there and don’t overthink it. It’ll happen when baby is ready.

Both my pregnancies where so different my first I was in labor for 24 hours - and the epidural was put in me wrong and the second I was already dilating for two hours got my epidural and felt nothing I mean nothing much just pressure even my doctor said you feel good huh! Haha even told nurses 6 hours later to come back - when they said it’s time and turned on my lights I’ said can you all come back later so I can nap - haha :joy:

You can be that for weeks.