How long did it take for you to get pregnant after you have an IUD?

Hello. I was wondering if you could post an anonymous question for me as there are people in the group who may know me. I got my IUD out the end of December. Me and my SO are hoping to try for baby #2. How long did it take you to get pregnant after having the IUD removed? It was the Mirena. I have endometriosis so decided to try the Lupron injection the beginning of December, I was supposed to get the injections for six months but decided not to get anymore as after I got the first shot I was informed by my doctor it could be hard to get pregnant (they didn’t tell me this until AFTER the shot was given). So now I’m sitting here wondering if I’ll ever even get pregnant. I also have not had a period since IUD removal. I was on the IUD for five years and then had a new one inserted for about eight months, so five years and eight months total. How long did it take you guys to conceive after? Anyone else with a similar experience and a positive outcome with conceiving? I should also add I never got a period on the IUD and still have yet to receive one. Thank you in advance!

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my IUD was out in August and I was pregnant in October

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It’s really different for everyone took me 2 months. Took my best friend closer to a year. Took our other friend 2 years. And few other a matter of months like me. It’s different for everyone

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First child i had it removed in December and was pregnant in February

Literally the next month! It was super quick.

I got mine out in November of 2018 and got pregnant August of 2019.

It took me about eight months to get pregnant after I had my iud removed! Good luck mama!

I got my Mirena out in April 2019 after 10 years because I’m trying for baby #2 and because of health complications (nothing to do with the BC). Took me until November to get pregnant but unfortunately I had a miscarriage the beginning of December 2019. Everyone is different but good luck mama.

I had mine out the Monday my conception date came back as the thrusday after it was taken out x

Took me 6 months after i got mine out, a friend of mine got hers out and 2 months later got pregnant. Everyone is different. Good luck!!

I had mine out December 18, 2017, we started trying January 25, 2018 and had the baby November 6, 2018

Out in April 2018 pregnant in December 2018

Once your periods go back to normal usually . Its different for everyone. I got pregnant with an iud and lost it . I lost 2 after getting it out. However i have alot of issues

I had the Mirena… It took 11 months for me and my husband to get pregnant. You’re body takes on average about 6 months to regulate once you stop any kind of birth control. Best of luck!!!

I had mirena taken out in april and got pregnant in June

Wishing you the best and good luck. But heres a little tip mama to be. Don’t actively try. I know a lot of women who actively tried and couldnt fall pregnant until they gave up. But everyone is different. Just go with the flow and im sure you will have a little miracle soon

Got mine out the end of August and was pregnant by October.

I got mine out and got pregnant within a month!

Had it for 5 years, took 1 year to get pregnant and in that year i think i had maybe 3 periods total.

Had mine for 4yrs… Pregnant within a month or 2 after taken out.

I hot mine out at the end of March and was pregnant by the beginning of may

I had mine out for 2 and a half years before I got pregnant, we tried that whole time I fully gave up and found out I was pregnant 3 weeks later

One month of trying .

Kirstyy Young wait for some answers :woman_shrugging:t2: x

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It was a frustrating experience for me I had the mirena and endometriosis it took me 14 months but luckily it happened for me eventually. I was given the same advice from the doctor that it would be harder to conceive:(

It took me 3 months but we lost that one. Not sure if it was because of it or not but after 6 months we conceived another. She was premature but is healthy now.

I had a Mirena removed and literally got pregnant within a few days

Had mine removed January, had it for 10yrs, 5 and 5, got pregnant March, so 2 1/2 months, and got pregnant with twins!

As soon as its removed you can get pregnant.

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Had it out in january of last year and found out I was pregnant in August. It really depends on your body. It could be a month or it could be 2 years. It truly depends on you and your body’s functions. Try preparing your body with vitamins and other essentials you’ll need for pregnancy

Had the mirena for 5 years, got pregnant within a week of having it removed.

I got my IUD removed November 6 2018, had my last period February 1 2019 & deliver my daughter November 6 2019.
I didn’t have a period on the 4 years I had one but, had one in December because I started tracking my ovulation days.

I had the same IUD in for 2.5 years. Never had a period on it either. It took us 5 months to get pregnant after. Don’t stress! Make trying for baby #2 fun, good luck! :heart:

I didn’t have mirena, I had copper one, and it took me about one year, and we used absolutely notting and it took 9 months for my cycle to even become normal again, I had it for 3years

If you have endometriosis and haven’t had a cycle yet, it’s going to be very difficult to become pregnant. I know people who have gotten pregnant right away, but if you were irregular before , that’s not likely to change.
Best wishes and lots of baby dust. Truly <3

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I had my iud for years and got it out in February of last year. We got pregnant in November.

Had the mirena in for a year. Took it out in August of 2017 found out I was 5 weeks pregnant in October 2017.

5 months and i had mirena for 5 years

4 days I miscarried at 12 weeks
Started trying again 4months later
I have been trying for 11 months no luck

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Wishing you the best, honestly I would look into it. I had the mirena and got pregnant after it fell out and I didn’t realize it. My pregnancy was very hard as I guess the hormones or the IUD whatever softened my cervix.

Had it out April 2018…pregnant 4 mo later

Wile with the IUD I got pregnant :pregnant_woman: so instantly :persevere::roll_eyes:

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It took a month after having my Mirena removed I got pregnant, but soon after had a miscarriage. A couple months later I got pregnant again and had a beautiful healthy baby. I would just say wait a few months after having it removed, but that’s based off the experience I had.

I had the Paraguard and got pregnant 2 months later. I had the paraguard for a little over a year.

Mirena was removed Nov 19th. Positive pregnancy test Dec 14th. Didn’t even have a period yet.

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