How long after a membrane sweep did you go into labor?

How long after your first membrane sweep did u mamas go into labor. Getting so impatient :pregnant_woman:t2: lol

I had 3 and had to be induced!

I had one was induced a day or two later and didn’t give birth for two days after that. It doesn’t work for everyone.

Had 2 then had to be induced :slightly_frowning_face:

Like an hour after they did it lol

right after it was done with my first and middle kiddo

Right around 12ish hours with my first and second babies and almost a week with my third.

Went into labor within a few hours of having one with both my boys

I gave birth 18 hours after

I had 1 at 40 weeks and still didn’t have my daughter until I was 42 weeks after being induced.

With my son by that night. My daughter a whole mother week

It depends on how ready you are the dr told me with my daughter I had another week. And exactly a week to the day i had her

I had mine done at 9:30A on a Monday morning and my son was here by 9:30 that night. :blush:

Membrane sweeps only work if your body is ready to go into labor.

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I had mine done twice. First time was by my doctors fill-in which was a female and I honestly don’t think she did it as forceful if that’s what u wanna call it lol cause it didn’t even hurt when she did it but then a week later my doctor did it and when he did it, it hurt like crap but I was scheduled for induction that day also so when I went to hospital nurses were getting me hooked up to the machines and I started to feel contractions way before she started the pitocin we saw it on the monitor and everything and the nurse was like wow your already having contractions I’m like yea I can tell lol so I would think not sure tho it probably does everyone different but it depends on how forceful your doctor did it :woman_shrugging:

5:30pm Friday eve sweep and Saturday 6:30am baby.

I had mine done a week ago and still no baby.

That same day but i had to have pitocin and they had to break my water.

Im curious how far along you have to be in order for them to do a membrane sweep?

I went into labor the next day

Had it dont around 11 am one day. The very next day I had my baby girl by 2 pm

My water broke on its own so after that the pain gets really intense

2 days, but it was an unintentional membrane sweep

I got TWO of them done, after being 3cm dilated and 100% effaced, and still didn’t go into labor.

With Both of my kids it was less then 24 hours

My second I had a sweep at 37 weeks had him a week later…third baby I had a sweep at 36 weeks and 37 weeks had him at 38&6

After my 2nd sweep I went into labor lol

I was 38 weeks. I had it done on a Friday and went into labor the following Friday.

Before I left the doctors office :joy:

I had cramps after my first sweep didn’t go into labour but after my second I went home and bounced on a birthing ball, went into labour the next morning at 6am

Honestly. I was induced 2 weeks late on my 2nd pregnancy and labor didn’t start till after dr broke my water for my at 3 cm dialated.
My first pregnancy I had her a day before her due date.
Every pregnancy is different so it’s really up to your body and the baby.

Not a single membrane sweep ever helped me go into labor. 5 vaginal deliveries and I’ve had a sweep once if not twice with a few of them and it never helped. My cervix is stubborn.