How is it having a VBAC?

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I’m pregnant with my 2nd and want to go for a VBAC and wanted to see for those who been through this what has been your experience? Did it hurt? Did you have an epidural? How far along where you went into labor?


I wanted to do a vback I wasn’t allowed even though it been 9 yrs.

My VBAC was so much easier to recover from than my c-section. I was in labor from 1 pm until 6:51 pm the next day (so nearly 30 hours of active labor). I spent 11 of those hours at home, then headed in due to being GBS +. I continued to labor until I got stuck at 9 cm for 8 hours. My contractions started slowing down because my body was tired, so my doctor suggested an epidural just so I could take a short nap and let myself relax and rest. I took an hour nap, then was finally 10 cm. I asked for them to shut off the meds through the epidural and we waited until I could feel my contractions/urge to push again. Once I started pushing, my son was born 22 minutes later.