How has red dye affected your kids?

My mom just saw a tiktok about how red dye effects children & I was just wondering other moms opinions about it. Has it effected your kids? Have you guys noticed a change when you switched your kid off of it?


My son used to get very hyper and aggressive. Once we stopped the red dyes it went away.

Red dye made my kids jump off the walls. Always were on the go. I saw a difference like a week or so after I took them off all red dye

Yes!! Red dye makes my child bounce off the effing walls! Yellow and blue dye make her more emotional sometimes. We go dye free as much as we can (Aldi is amazing!!) and I have noticed a big change

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We eliminated artificial dyes of all colors along with processed sugar, and it has changed our lives. Its hard (and can be expensive) because everything today has sugar and dye, but we read the labels, cook from scratch with clean ingredients and strictly limit treats to fruit or items sweetened with stevia… The effort is worth it!

Red and blue dye make two of my kids lose all impulse control. It’s ridiculous!

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It makes a huge difference.

My son turns into an angry, aggressive and emotional child . We took him off food coloring 6 years ago and don’t have any of those issues anymore unless he accidentally gets it in a snack. He’s 14 now so it’s harder but we do our best.


It’s a thing. My daughters head practically spins when she has red dye. It usually wears off kinda quickly like within an hr

We got rid of all food dye in our food about 5-6 months ago. I have noticed a huge difference in our sons mood. Always check ingredients. It has almost came routine for us to make sure there’s no artificial coloring in the food. Our son(4) even knows he can’t have something because of dye. We found a lot of alternatives to his fav foods that is all natural coloring! Also, for birthdays we found natural food coloring and rainbow sprinkles! He’s super happy to have those back! Good luck!

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My kids get extremely hyper and defiant

My son, while 18, refuses to touch anything with red dye and it really helps his ADHD. So we tried it with my autistic niece and it helps her as well so it’s good to avoid for neurodivergent people.

I was actually looking up red dye today

My daughter whose 6 now was having stomach issues with food dyes ( reds, blues,yellows etc) anytime she had blue juice she would be constantly spitting up , since summer i cut all those dyes out and she hasnt had issue since. Were going for testing tho this week to be sure tho

One of my granddaughters had a severe hive attack and big mood change after eating a red velvet cupcake with red frosting. We cut out all Red 40 and no more hives. It’s become a habit to read all ingredients. Good luck.

My son has ADHD. We have been using medication for years and it has helped. However we started removing red dye from his diet and we have noticed a big change. Strawberry Pop tarts were the hardest things to have removed but overall we saw a change.

I have been trying to cut out all dyes. It’s been about 2 months. Aldi’s is a good store for dye free stuff tho make sure to check ingredients. I haven’t noticed hardly any difference in my kids but it doesn’t hurt to be healthy right? I started cutting dyes bc I also heard it makes kids hyper and crazy … my kids must just actually be crazy :rofl:

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My grandma says it sent my uncle over the moon when he was little and it does the same exact thing to my son. Off the wall just acting a fool. I highly recommend trying to cut it back. It made a huge difference for us


No added sugar, dyes, or garbage and rarely artificial flavoring

We do very healthy and natural meals & snacks- no juice or soda either

It’s better for his brain, development, and mood for sure

There is so much scientific literature on this. Look into it There is a reason it’s been banned on other countries.

My daughter gets grumpy but it doesn’t bother my son. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I definitely noticed an uptick when we don’t eat clean n homemade meals with all the dyes n process in our child’s behaviors as far as hyper n just overall sleep mood etc.

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I cut my kid off red and blue dyes when she was 3 she’s now 5. The dyes wouldn’t make her hyper or bounce off the walls but would make her have uncontrollable crying outbursts and cause her to be very angry and even hours later impossible to put to bed at night. It’s really not hard to cut out certain color dyes as there not in that many foods. I choose chocolate over dyes any day. The things I found the worst were freezies, rocket Popsicles, skittles and smarties. She hates ketchup so I never had an issue with that. I’d rather give her a chocolate cookie then even one freezie that’s how bad it was.


My son is now 30. When he was young his pediatrician told me to avoid red 40. He was having severe allergy to something where he would break out in hives all over. Plus the doctor knew he had some sort of food allergy because he would break out in a horrible sticky gooey rash on his tummy. Allergy testing didn’t result in much. From trial and error I found some red foods cause his break outs. Like he could have Heinz ketchup but not hunts. He could not do store bought spaghetti sauce but if I made it from tomatoes I canned he was fine. The pediatrician said that it was either an ingredient used in some red products or the processing. Either way trying to avoid red 40 helped and now years later they know food does are directly linked to many things

My son doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors, we follow a holistic health approach for the most part. He doesn’t have the hyperactivity problems other kids seem to have. We were just at a doctors office today for me and he came with, the nurse was like this is the best behaved kid we’ve ever had, usually they are bouncing off the walls. My son was sitting in the chair doing his own thing :slightly_smiling_face: he’s very smart too.

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Not sure if this is totally accurate but something to research yourself.

Red dye 40 hurts my son’s kidneys he didn’t have any drinks or food that contained this ingredient

When my middle son was 8 (he is 22 now) we eliminated all red dye. It was suggested by our chiropractor because he was having spasms in his neck. I immediately took it out of all 4 of my kids diet and the spasms stopped within a few day and never started again. I did notice that it did affect all my kids a little different if they had it-which I could tell immediately if they consumed some. Some were emotional, some were super hyper, others got angry.
There are so many things that have red dye that you have to be very strict about checking ingredients, including soap. Aldis was a great place to shop for food without dye.

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Why are they allowed to keep using this if it causes so much harm? Doesn’t make any sense to me

Man. I cut my kids off a lot of stuff that has red dye in it. They aren’t off the walls anymore.

Red dye is killing everyone, it’s so bad for you


What the heck is red dye? And why is this a thing?

We haven’t eaten it for years and yea the change was huge!

My granddaughter is allergic to Red cool drink. Throw it up and gets itchy body rash

My son gets mean, nasty mean (I mean ahole mean!) We stopped giving him red dye and then he went with my sister for a couple days before i joined them camping. He had ate a whole package of twizzlers - LONGEST week ever! And it took a whole week to get that mean out of him, and even the week after was rough. Even just a red sucker will set him off.

I have 3 kids with adhd. We do 99% of our shopping at Aldi as they do not have synthetic dyes. We eliminated all dyes etc for the occasional party or something. We saw absolutely no difference in any of our children. We then reduced all sugar. Only noticed a slight difference in the evening. We love Aldi lol so we continue to do mostly dye free (it’s better overall) but no we truly didn’t see a difference in hyperactivity, attention, regulating emotions, sleep, or anything.

Removing red 40 and blue 1 makes a huge difference, try sticking to an all natural, whole/ fresh food diet.

My oldest has no problems with it, but my youngest gets horrible diarrhea and sometimes will throw up as well. I guess it just depends on the kid.

Red dye 40 turns my son into a monster. He gets very aggressive and moody. So we stay away from that as much as possible.

Yes my girls get wild and throw absolute fits. My youngest and my hubs is allergic to too much red dye, they break out in a rash. The yellow is even worse. I’ve cut back on as much as I can and my almost 7 yr old has even gotten aware of what has dyes in it. Aldi has a lot of dye free options.

My boys got terrible headaches when they had it. And they turned into absolute lunatics with yellow dye.

Half our food made and processed shouldn’t be eaten .

I notice a complete difference in my son when he eats anything that has red dye in it. He has ADHD, and when he consumes anything with it, he is very wild and hyper.

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