How do you style your 8-year-olds hair?

Girl mamas, how do you style your 8 year olds hair? I used to do all the cute hairstyles and bows but she sadly thinks she’s too old for that now and only wants to wear a low ponytail and by the end of the school day she always takes it out and is messy in her eyes. Anyone else having this struggle with the constant fight every morning

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I gave up on that battle. As long as she brushes her hair that’s all I care about. Why fight every morning? She’ll figure it out!

I did French braids a lot when my daughter was her age

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Mine doesn’t even put her hair up. My only concern is making sure it’s brushed daily and washed regularly.

I have 6 and 10 year old girls.
When they don’t want braids or bows, I straighten their hair.

She’s old enough to do her own hair. Use hairspray and do it a little higher up. Also tell her if she continues to fight each morning with you the parent than she can do her own hair for now on and it best be done by the time it is to leave for school and if it isn’t oh well.

Put your foot down


If she thinks she’s too old for certain hairstyles, look up hair tutorials with adults as the model and show her that adults do their hair as well! Maybe even some hairstyles that are work place specific or something

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It’s ok. I teach in an elementary school. It is a phase, and we understand. Wash and brush. Pick your battles. I would rather they come in without a bunch of accessories they don’t like. Kids will spend 40 minutes fooling around to get it all taken down, because they aren’t comfortable. Send them in as comfy as possible, so we can get to learning!!


Omg if this isn’t just like mine lol. I kind of have given up. Spend all the time in the world fixing it in the morning for her to take it down at school. The struggle is real :laughing::tired_face:

If she doesn’t want to take care of it cut it short.