How do you make money fast?

How do you mom’s make money fast? I already used the pantry in my area and I don’t have a car to Doordarsh or anything, we literally have nothing to eat here and I don’t get paid until Thursday and I need to get some money to get food to last us a few days and I’m having a hard time I’m struggling so bad my job cut my hours from 40 to 28


You can donate plasma. Sell stuff around the house you don’t need. If you have a “Once Upon a Child” take old kids clothes in and sell them. Or go to the day labor if possible.


Do u have Food banks u can Go too??


Catholic Charities may be able to provide a good box. Or there may be another food pantry.


Check your local churches for help. Also Salvation Army usually can help .


Offer to babysit or pet sit at your place, offer to clean houses or do their laundry etc ,sell stuff that you doesn’t use not more ,
Go to Churches close to you , Salvation Army , Kitchen Soup ,
You can always ask for help in any moms group near you, I’m pretty sure that you will get help.

Now that you are working less hours , have you apply for food stamp , unemployment?
Also you have to budget and make adjustments, when do groceries try to buy the cheaper options for what your family like , try to plan your meals so you buy what you need , less visits to the grocery store will save you money and be creative.

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Put Bay leaves all over your house. Put some in a bottle of water and spray your front door. I know many will laugh at this but it works…

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What is u location? If u close to me I can get u some food.


Emergency food stamps will give you food stamps the same day you apply. Check if your town has a mayor’s fund for emergencies. Call your local churches. There are lots of people want to share and help out. Call your local schools they often will fill back packs for you. Try your local grocery stores. When you can shop buy in bulk beans, rice, pasta, eggs, peanut butter. There are so many options.

Our local buy sell trade or Buy Nothing thru FB has been very generous in my community families.

I know your feeling. And I can never keep food or anything I can buy today gone tomorrow and among other things and 1 person here hours just got and I’m working 2 part time jobs and still nothing .so I feel your struggle and can get from food banks today gone tomorrow .and between last yr and this year struggling food or bills don’t want get food if bills not paid or have food and gone

I feel for you. I was in a similar situation. Local FB pages saved my family. It’s hard to ask for help. But sometimes you have to. Also call 211, your kids school, churches. There’s resources out there that take referrals. Volunteer at a pantry. They help more when you help them. Donating plasma has been mentioned but if you’re not eating well don’t do that. You’re likely to have complications. I passed out donating because of not eating. It is a good way to get money when you’re healthy.

Try churches, donate plasma if possible

Bay leaves In cupboard keep bugs away does not help her with money

Check to see if little free pantries are set up in your town

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Instacart, Uber Eats…immediate money

Download the Qmee Survey app and they let you do surveys for anywhere from 10 cents up to $3 and its accumulates and you can cash out to venmo or paypal. If you have a few hours to dedicate to doing it then you can usually make about $10 to $20 in a few hours