How do you maintain barbie hair?

Ladies with little girls who have barbies and ponies. Basically anything with hair. Do you try to keep and maintain the hair? My daughter’s Barbie and ponies’ hair is all matted, tangled and, of course, dirty. Any tips on how to make the hair look nice?


Ive heard dunking their hair in equal parts water and conditioner then combing it out works

I think I ready fabric softener diluted in a spray bottle


I Saw a hack on pinterest- soak in fabric softener! :slight_smile:

I bought some dollar tree detangle spray and just brush the hair every now and then.

Nope. Wasn’t worth the time. However I’ve seen spraying with diluted fabric softener and washing and using conditioner works.


My youngest daughter enjoys restoring old dolls as a hobby. She has used hair conditioner, straight from the bottle, to fix the hair and they’re beautiful!

Fabric softener!! Soak it for a while and then brush it out. I brush with a small amount of coconut oil on bigger dolls with more hair.

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Fabric softener soak for 15 mins brush

I use a wet brush then braid to keep it neat

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I used to help my daughter gently wash their hair Nd brush them very easily

My little girl baths with her barbies. She gets frustrated if she can’t brush their hair so she puts them in the bath with her every time she takes a bath and washes there hair. They are always clean and she can do whatever she wants to their hair without a fight.

Kids detangler and gentle brushing

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I braid the hair as soon as we get them to help it stay nicer.

Soaked it in fabric softener then brushed it out.

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Put in leave in conditioner and brush it out

Barbies have taken all my ponytails

Fabric softener and water mix and gently brush x

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Put conditioner and water in a bottle and spray on hair to detangle.

Fabric softener and water in a spray bottle then brush

20 min soak in Fabric softener and a good brushing with warm water.

Soak in Fabric softener & brush gently.

Check you tube videos. Fabric softener videos.

Wash it rub with jajoba oil and comb not too much

Use liquid fabric softener. Works like a charm

Fabric softener to wash their hair

I used kids spray in leave in conditioner

Bath time fun and put in some conditioner.

Leave in conditioner brush and fix

I plait all the things with hair so it doesn’t get like that

Use downy and comb it out

Use downy and comb it out

Use downy and comb it out