How do you know it's time to end a relationship?re

So I have a question I would like to post ; how do you know when it’s best to part ways? I’ve been back with my husband for 6 going on 7 yrs. Yes we separated because I couldn’t handle another grown kid. Well I took a job that made me have a commute of 45 min. I love what I do for work and he knows that. Well he decided he was going to quit his job that was in our same town and find a job 1.5 hrs from the house. So now we are both driving. He leaves at 430-5am and gets home by 7-8pm and I leave by 830am and most nights I’m home by 930, unless I have a last min customer ( I work for a cell phone company). I get home and still have to attend to everyone. Put kids to bed make lunch for him do dishes everything that I don’t get to do before I leave. I hate that we’ve lost the communication that we had before he took his job. I hate how lazy he is I understand you work 10 hrs and in the car for 3.but that’s his choice not mine. And he doesn’t even care that even with all my health issues I still do what I do with no help. I’m exhausted mentally and to top it off he gets mad when I communicate that I’ll be later than normal. My job pays well and for while, when he wasn’t working I was the sole provider for the house and still did everything still. He’s starting to drain me if that makes sense, and I’m starting to resent him😔