How do you handle not being able to have more kids?

Adopt. So many kids need your love and compassion. Share it

Don’t go to baby shower s

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you handle not being able to have more kids? - Mamas Uncut

I just borrow my nephew’s baby… :slight_smile: fixes that lil problem


Fostering I would suggest, I personally got fixed in 2018 after my 2nd kid (12lbs3oz) and haven’t regretted it yet. I would personally foster because there are so many in system even at tiny ages that get taken away daily and need loving homes. :heart: hope this helps :pray:

Everytime that I thought about not being able to have more kids I would get sad for bit then I would think about my son and daughter and think how greatful I am for the chance to be there mom. Now raising my granddaughter. Have been since birth

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Consider adoption if you’re able to. While no longer being able to have more of your own can be a heartbreaking thing, think of the positives… no more diapers to go broke over, costs overall are lower, you can help or babysit for a new momma, support.


Going through similar sotuation of probably not being able to have anymore babies due to a medical condition that was just discovered. I’m keeping in mind that if we decide we want another, adoption is always a way to go. Or I still have friends who want babies and haven’t had them yet, so I can “steal” them for a bit whenever it happens. I have 2 wonderful babies already, and we were still deciding on if we wanted a third in the future or not. Just seems our decision was made for us, unfortunately :woman_shrugging: but, we roll with the punches.

It’s not easy I battle with this on a daily basis. Some days I’m thankful but most days I’m just sad. It’s hard when everyone around you is having children and you can’t. Adoption and foster care are a great option if you feel like and have the time to jump through all the hoops and red tape. Surrogacy is also an option that is if u can afford the astronomical cost of it.

I was pregnant for 1-2 months… I had a miscarriage my boyfriend and I both cried as we wanted the baby! He said if I want too? We can try again later in the year? If we miscarry again? He said that’s it. And get your tubes tried. The way I’m coping? Is I told myself… I can’t be mad or upset if other people I know get pregnant. Just because I suffered a loss? Doesn’t mean I’m going to be bitter? I’ll just be happy for the ladies who have babies and maybe? If the time is right for us next time we try? We can have a full term baby as well. My son will be 22 year’s old. And this was my 2nd. Miscarriage! My last one was in 2005!


I’m in my mid 30s, don’t want kids.

You grieve what you don’t have and then you look around you at what you do have and remain grateful and appreciative of what you have.

Sounds like you have kids already. So , be grateful for that. Some people aren’t so lucky.


I feel this :frowning: everyone is having babies, and I can not, I do have 2 daughters which I am forever grateful for, but baby fever is to much lately


I had one at 29.but I had 2 kids.

My husband and I had our son in 2014 and I really wanted to have another, but my husband already had 3 older daughters and honestly I needed to weigh the pros and cons, my son already had siblings and yes it was heartbreaking knowing I wasn’t going to have another but I had a ton of physical issues after pregnancy and I needed to listen to my body. My son is now 7 and honestly it’s been probably close to 2 years since I’ve had a crying spell over it, like all things, it takes time, your feelings are valid, if it something you feel you are called to do, then look into adoption, or become a foster parent. :slightly_smiling_face:

Think of the cost and how crappy our world is now, the stress of a toddler and baby and then they grow up anyway and then what?? Do it again? It only gets more expensive

I have chronic illness and it is hereditary. I had one child, and so far she is healthy. I wouldn’t have any more due to that. I’m not able to care for more, but if I could, I’d foster older kids. They need homes and many refuse to take in older kids, they just want babies.

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Reborn babies can help

However you can do it in a healthy way. I had a severe progressive gestational disease while pregnant, I also didn’t have a choice. So I understand. It gets better with time, and now I get to be Aunt Jess to other people’s beautiful babies. I love them. I was blessed enough to have my own two. And even though I didn’t feel ready, and I still struggle sometimes, I don’t let it make me bitter.

Be extra thankful for the one(s) you do have and I personally look at it as if it was meant to be it would’ve happened and I’m just meant to stop at the 1 i have and give her 5x the time love hugs and kisses that I would’ve had to split up between the others i didn’t get have.

There are kids out there laying their precious little heads down every night with tears in their eyes praying and hoping that someone will soon take them home to a loving wonderful mom and dad filled hugs and kisses and finally be able to say “I am home”.

At my job most of our younger kids call me their at work mom .

Hold someone else’s baby. When it poops, hand baby back. You still get to watch these little sweethearts grow up, but you aren’t on diaper duty, and you get sleep!

You could always adopt a child. There are plenty of kids out there that would give anything just for someone to love them. You could also be the babysitter for friends and family and play with them and give them back to​:rofl::rofl: I don’t miss team no sleep in the infancy stage​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You can always foster/adopt!

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My 2 tried to kill me like… literally, I almost died twice and as my doctor said “each one will bring you closer to death” so that made it pretty easy for me. Sometimes it’s hard but I’d rather be here for the 2 I have and love them endlessly than die having a 3rd

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I always wanted to have more kids but had to stop at two. Is not easy but I pray. I also like being around my friends that ha litle babies n spend time with them n that helps so much. You can just adopt if you want more kids

You just do. There’s nothing you can do about the situation so you just accept it and try to move on. Maybe adopt if you are yearning for more children in the house

Do a course in child minding and help others

He had three bio kids. I had a disk rupture and was told that another pregnancy and I would be bed ridden the entire time. Then have to go through physical therapy/possible surgery.

Weighing all the pros and cons we decided to not have anymore. We started fostering and are now adopting our 2nd baby through foster care. We now have 5 boys :heart_eyes:

It’s not easy but you were blessed to have any at all. At the time age od 31 I went into surgery for an exploratory on my ovaries for pain and woke up with a complete hysterectomy thanks to my mom. She decided o had enough with one son. At the time I was separated from my husband but we got back together for anotherx20 years. My son was from a high school sweetheart and not my husband’s. Needless to say he never had any children.Be blessed

I’m thankful for the ones I have they are all I could handle. I couldn’t handle another child mentally or physically!

You really just have to accept it and be thankful for the ones you have. That’s what I had to do.

I don’t think there is an answer, I think its a grieving process. I want more. But I’m 39. And won’t have more without genetic testing due to my 3 year olds special needs. I’m not sure at this time if his condition is genetic and could happen again or if its his own mutation… I am not sure I could spread my self thin enough to give the kind of attention to 2 kids as I do the one I already have. He is perfect just the way he is but I do a lot to make sure he has every advantage. Genetic testing is very slow

You need to stop feeling like you need to be pregnant just because others are having children isnt just about being cute an pregnant it’s about a desire to have a family try adoption after all kids have desires to mostly that someone will say I love you I wanna give you a family

However, there are lots of kids that need fostering or adopted.

Enjoy all the others babies spoiled them and send them back home to momma

People say adoption but I feel for myself wouldn’t be the same or attachment. I would take care of the child of course but I don’t think I’d have the same love and your lucky if you get a newborn baby. I want the whole experience of pregnancy plus I had horrible pregnancy and was with the worst family to have them. The experience was just horrible. The day comes when you have to tell them they didn’t come from you an that would hurt both. Plus you never know the family’s history or there medical issues. Adoption just wouldn’t be for me.

I drink alot. I always wanted a little girl. My ex husband and I were going to adopt, but that didnt happen he was to busy porking homewreckers, now im getting older and dont know that I’ll ever be able to adopt. Its depressing af. I just thank the gods for my son.

I don’t understand why some people think having more kids means happier

I don’t. Makes me sad when someone has a baby close to me or even seeing pregnant women.

Some people have already came to the decision of having no more kids .Those who still want more kids can look into foster care , adopting,