How do you handle a hyper toddler?

Let me start off by saying, I love my son! Now, I have a question for those mommas who have very very hyper toddlers. Not the moms who think they have hyper kids, those who know their kids are overly hyper. What age will he sit down for a meal, for coloring, for conversation? I have an almost 3 year old who doesn’t even know his colors because he cannot concentrate enough to learn them. He’s always on the go, always getting into something. What age will I be able to feel like he I don’t have to be caring over him 24/7? I love him! And I try to give him all my patience, and love. But this is exhausting


I dealt with this more so with my youngest diagnosed him with ADHD was told wait till his 5 to get a true diagnoses my kid keeps me on toes and if we are in public - I’ feel adrenaline with him :joy: but not saying your child has it ….
Patience is the key! But I had to learn to talk to him and not punish - or get impatient with my little one! And he has no patience! In pre k we got him a a rocky chair - to not distract others! Therapy can help honestly - to help the both of you! My child when watching movies he distracts us - catch him always hanging on the couch upside down things like this! He moves his fingers and hands allot! Jumps and runs all the time! Wants to talk first and be heard alone or with others! :hugs: Had to get him games, toys, and things stimulate his concentration. And techniques with my voice to calm him down!

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Make learning fun, sing and dance the colors, shapes and numbers.

My youngest son was this way, and still is at the age of 20. We did the best we could, when he started school and kept getting further behind, we decided to medicate.

My grandson is like this. We got him in to see a behavioral therapist and it has helped tremendously. We found one that specializes in children and she is amazing. We let her know we didn’t want to medicate him up front. She’s showing him and his parents ways to help. God bless you and I hope y’all find help. it’s exhausting I know hang in there momma. God knew that baby needed you for a momma.

Kids mood boost from hello bello has f one great for my daughter

Lil ones are super busy.
What I did is make learning games.
Like I would get 4 items of different colours and put them on the floor across the room and tell them to run and grab the blue one… Make it a game. Find a way to incorporate learning activities with play. I don’t know many 3 yr olds that will sit for very long at all … especially boys.


My oldest son wouldn’t sit down ever. We played games outside that involved running to colors, jumping to numbers drawn in chalk. Before you expect him to calm down let him run around somewhere and be crazy and silly. Stick with healthy sleep patterns and limit time he spends sitting. Encourage him to learn through sensory development.


I have ADHD and the stimulant meds made mine worse! I finally just found tons of resources to keep my mind focused. And I have a step son that has been a part of my life from 6 to 36 years old. He was very hyper and had a hard time being still but he always had the best grades! He turned out pretty darn smart and very successful!!


My sons 6, soon to be 7 and being assessed for adhd he can have short conversations he still can’t sit to eat a meal as he does need to be constantly moving and he will only colour if its something he chose to do.

When my oldest boy was between 2 and 3 I couldn’t take him anywhere! Grabbing everything, hitting, screeching, yelling at random people. It was even worse at home. Literally bouncing off of furniture and i coundt get him to hold still ever! I thought I was going to lose my ever loving mind! With looooooots of patience, he finally calmed by the time he was 4. Now he’s 12 and just the sweetest guy! Hang in there momma. There is an end to the crazy!!


I have my nephew 80% of the time and he’s severe unmedicated adhd. Almost four. It’s super hard and honestly I think of him like one of my border collies. He needs a job/task. Helps sooooo much. I’m always buying crafts etc for him. Designated things to destroy. Water table etc. Helping with tasks and cleaning.

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Sounds like ADHD. Both my boys have dealt with it all their life. They are now 11 and 14 and we chose to stop medication now that their older and they can handle it better. But during the younger years ESPECIALLY FOR LEARNING. Medication was a life saver.

Start by limiting sugars and food dyes…just these two things alone will make a tremendous difference in his behavior. Yes, boys are busy… consistency, schedules, learning to incorporate quiet time at some point of the day…doesn’t have to be nap, because I know they don’t always nap, but to sit and quietly watch a show/movie for a certain period of the day. This lets YOU recharge, and that is so incredibly important to be able to keep up not only physically, but mentally with a very busy toddler. As far as learning colors and things, like many others have said, turn it into a game that he can play. My grandson is only 1.5 right now, but I recite colors of blocks to him as we play…he has little tub toys of different colors and I hold them up and say it…repetition is key at that age…lots of repetition and positive reinforcement. Always also consult your pediatrician. Getting kiddos evaluated and started with any kind of occupational/behavioral therapy takes time, so getting that process started as early as possible will ultimately help the both of you in the long run. Good luck Momma, this parenting stuff is not for the weak :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you put him in classes where he moves? Lots of exercise helped (and still helps) me: gymnastics, dance, trampoline, swimming, climbing walls for kids. Keep him scheduled to the minute and switch up activities often. 3 minutes with a picture book, 3 minutes folding clean washcloths and hand towels, 3 minutes coloring, 3 minutes sweeping the floor, 3 minutes matching socks from the laundry, 3 minutes doing jumping jacks and other calisthenics and then back to coloring—kind of like circuit training. You can put on a radio and use songs that average 3 minutes as points to move from one activity to the next.

Ask your pediatrician if giving him coffee would be OK. Works like medical stimulants basically frying the circuits so he can calm down.

Definitely get a professional to help with behavior modification.

Find someone else to watch him a bit —like maybe a class—so you can get a break. My son was kind of wild through elementary school, and it took his dad and me taking turns redirecting him constantly for an hour each night to get through homework. We’d switch off between standing over him & taking a walk to keep from strangling him. He got a chemical engineering degree and is a military officer.

If you’d don’t raise him right… it’s his entire life
… boys are a pain… lol

First of all I’m a boy mom that has ADHD , he’s now grown and doing fine, , boys naturally are super busy kids , sitting still and learning is just not a boy thing , hyper or not, they learn by hands on . Play games like running to find different colors numbers and such . I don’t recommend medication , I rarely used it , ADHD kids are very smart,/ easily bored . Once they know something they don’t care to waste a lot of time on it., It becomes boring to them. And they don’t care if you know they know, my son did not take any notes all thru high school , because writing was not his thing , but he would sit in class and listen to what was being said, always passed test and quizzes with A and B , graduated from high school and is very successful as an adult. We all learn, things different ways, and grow at our own pace. . It takes tons of love and patience being a boy mom, but oh so worth it . Let them be who they are

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What died the pediatrician say?

My son. :roll_eyes: Try cutting out all red dye, or all dye as much as possible, We saw a HUGE change in my som after that.

Teach him Meditation :man_in_lotus_position:

My youngest in kindergarten was diagnosed with adhd anxiety and in the 6th grade it came out that she’s autistic she can concentrate on phone and video games TV shows but she rocks back and forth unless she’s sleeping she doesn’t take her time to enjoy her food eats a little and back to her room she runs. She is 23. My oldest is 36 and has worse conditions then my 23. My youngest is on zolft and clonidine she can run on a few hours of sleep to sleeping almost 24 hrs straight my suggestion is to talk to your child’s Dr but wouldn’t recommend meds still older my youngest was on so many meds and at high doses but Noone knew what we were dealing with at such a young age becareful if they say medicate