How do you get kids to sit still for Christmas photos?

So I want to do Christmas pictures on our own because we can’t afford a photographer. I was thinking of doing simple PJs on our bed but we have 4 boys 2 and under. Any tips to keep them distracted or photography tips since it’s just gonna be me and my husband wrangling the boys?

The best pictures are actually when they aren’t being perfectly still- they never shoe who they really are. Just let them be who they are, try to get them to look un the same direction

A bribery for after the shoot is a good one. Some of the best pictures you can get of them is them being completely natural. Explain to them what you are doing. Find something christmasy for them to hold and kinda play with. I’m no professional but have been told I should be and I should work with kids. Just can’t afford the equipment. If your 2 yo understands, don’t ask them to smile, get them to laugh. Laughing smiles from kids are the best, they seem more natural then a fake cheese. Find that word they think is hilarious and say it, be ready to snap that shot.