How do you feel when your job puts a guilt trip on your?

This is for all the full-time work and Mom’s. How do you deal with your job putting a guilt drip on you when you have to take time off work due to kids being sick


I quit and found a better employer, one that values its employees and the concept of work/life balance.

Don’t let them guilt you. Your children are far more important.

I always said " l was looking when l found this job; l can look again ". Family 1st.

My job tried that and I told them to go ahead and fire me if I’m so replaceable. Good luck finding someone that can do what I can do because I know co-worker is not gonna do it and I got 10 years worth of training. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m a mother first, and my children and family come before them. So don’t feel guilty for taking care of yours before taking care of someone else’s. They will be fine. Your children need you.

My kids come first if they don’t like it oh well

If they cannot understand, time for a new job.

It sucks but always remember that your kids are more important. If they try to say anything to you, you remind them that your kids come first. Also I agree with another comment, don’t ask permission to take off or take a day for them. Just tell them. I do the same. “Hey I’m going to be an hour late, we missed the bus.” “Hey I can’t find in, my son is running a fever.” “Hey I have to leave, I just got a call from the school.”. Good luck :heart:

I wouldn’t work at a place that would shame me for taking care of my kid.
I literally called out of work today because my 6 month old is sick. My kids are the priority. This is exactly what my earned time is for.
I don’t call out often due to sick kids thank goodness, we have a large support system. But when it happens I do not feel guilty about it.

I didn’t feel bad at all when I worked… LOL


You can always replace your job but you can never replace your kids!

I do feel bad…BUT… my kids will always come 1st

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My kid comes first. I’m replaceable at a job. I told my boss this and he kind of nodded in agreement. I can find another job but my child’s health a wellbeing come before anything else.


I sleep very well at night

I don’t work places with that sort of culture. I’d be finding a new job the same day someone tried it.

I don’t deal with it… they can fire if they’d like… my kids will always come first… I’ve told them “don’t ever put me in the position to make me feel like I have to choose between my job and my kids, I will always pick my kids”… that job isn’t going to give your feelings or situation a thought when they decide to fire you or if you I die :woman_shrugging:

My kids daycare is closed Monday &I told them I either have to take baby with me or I don’t go in

Kids come first. They will literally replace you in a heartbeat

I act my wage and have a good day off :woman_shrugging:t2: your job will replace you, your kids need you.


Well you want to just replace me for one shift your ya wanna have to cover them all till you find my replacement… Which is it? My family comes first. And jobs are easy to come by in my field.

You ignore it and go about your day. I’ve told mine before. My kids come before this job and you know what they do? Nothing, they stay quite

I don’t give them the opportunity.

I don’t ASK to leave or ASK to take off.

I TELL them I am leaving or TELL them I am not coming in - be it for a sick child, my own illness or another reason.

At least that’s what I’ve done in the past. I’m lucky enough now to where the biggest perk of my job is flexibility and my boss is amazing.

You have to put you and yours first because if you don’t, most employers will run you into the ground and your position will be posted before your obituary.


I’d just tell my patriarchal office I had transmissions trouble or that I was “going to the Pentagon.” Went over much better. This was a long time ago though.

Men boss. Never have to deal. It is Mom

I remind them that HR is a phone call away and if it’s an issue for your family you can always request FMLA for intermittent time off to care for your children. Mostly I am just a feisty little thing and they don’t mess with me much but I also make sure I excel in all the areas of work so it’s not a matter of their needs not being met either.


“ my child is sick, I’ll be using vacation time today”.

It’s not a question if I can have the day off. If my child needs me, I won’t be there.

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“I’d much rather my kid be happy and healthy and me be at work.”
All I ever reply. It’s sick season. And it’s hitting bad this year.

I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t let them do it. They can try and make you feel guilty all they want, but don’t let it affect you. Your kid needs you more than a place full of grown ass adults and if you are working somewhere that does do that to you find a new place to work. It’s easier to find a job when you have a job and there are plenty of places that put precedence on family. Find a place like that.

I’ve actually lost a job over this situation. And I just took it as a win honestly. If your employer can’t respect the fact that your kids come first, is it really a job you wanna associate with??


You are very much replaceable at work! You are NOT replaceable at home!


My family comes before them. They can replace me so ‘easy’ but i cant replace my family that i love. Id rather a new job.

I work 3rd shift and I don’t let any of my jobs guilt trip me about anything.

I’m not a robot and if I need to call out I will with no remorse.

I have 3 special needs teens. If I need to stay home because I’m sick, they are sick, or I just need a mental health day then I take it.


I lost 3 jobs while raising my kids, 2, single Mother. God gave me better every time. Kids first! If they don’t understand, they don’t understand, don’t argue. What is, is!

Honestly I let my job guilt trip me I stayed until they found my replacement and I got to pick my son up from having fever…. I waited 3 hrs for my replacement when I should’ve just left bc by the time I picked him up his fever was worse and half his face was droopy . I mentally broke down and had to call my husband to take us to the hospital. Never again will I let a job get in the way of my child’s health. Idc if they are short handed . Only people I’m going above and beyond for are my children .

They can kiss my butt. They can replace me at work. I’m not replaceable at home. Kids come first. Period. And THAT is exactly what I’d tell them.

My kids come first before any job. They can cry til the cows come home idgaf. My kids are top priority

If your job is trying to guilt you over your kids , then it’s a job not worth having, had a job tell me that my job came first I told them in not so clean language to put it were the sun don’t shine and never went back.

If anyone is guilt tripping you, you should report them to ethics. Work is not a priority… your kids are.

I work in a hospital and was hit was this recently. It’s fucking cold and flu season and not only do I work in a hospital but my kid is in daycare so it’s been… rough to say the least. My boss asked me how I’m going to prevent call outs in the future and I said I wasn’t going to prevent something I cant stop and I cant send my kid to school. If you’re willing to risk losing me over cold and flu season good luck replacing me…

My boss isn’t an a$$hole, but if she were, I would just tell her I can’t be there and family comes first
Then I’d start applying for better jobs

My old job (Walmart) did that. I got sick of reminding them they needed me way more than I needed that job and I walked out in the middle of my shift and never went back :woman_shrugging:t2:
They treat their employees like shit. They also had to hire 5 people to replace me. So that told me something. I am now a bus driver for my local school district and don’t deal with this problem anymore.

Believe me take the time they don’t give a crap about you

You’ll feel worse choosing work over your sick kid

I mean I don’t wanna work a bunch of doubles cause your kids are sick all the time so I can’t blame them for getting frustrated

I told a job one time “This isn’t a negotiation. I’m letting you know I’m not coming” They didn’t sweat me anymore. My family comes first without question.

Well this is a extremely generic question. Lots go into play. Do u call in often? Are u taking time off often for ur kids? Theres a few different things id need to know before a opinion can be said. Im a boss myself, so i can see two sides. If u don’t call in often, than id tell my employees to go take care of their child. U shouldn’t get guilted into going to work n not being with ur sick kid. But if u call in often, than i get their side cuz either way they still have a business to run