How do you deal with anxiety that comes out as anger?

If you cant go to therapy go to library read books on anger and self development.

No has nothing to do with… Vitamin D 5,000 iud daily

Maybe try changing your diet ?

B12 and vitamin D and good filtered water…get rid of chlorine and flouride

I go throw the Same thing , I’m on sleeping tablet for night n a couple of diazepam a day. Also ur right no motivate , but the best thing is going out for a walk to clear ur head cam down, ps easier said than done, but it dose help. And having good support is important , as I didn’t have it for year’s n after a while a met someone n his family and they give me great support. I also have a wee smoke of cannabis when it’s really bad. I hope that helps.

I have Medicaid it cover my meds…

Get your thyroid checked.

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Please have your thyroid checked

Go to angry management classes. I was the same way years ago. I couldn’t hardly stand myself. Those classes where the best thing I ever did for myself. A lot of time you think that it’s other things that set you off. These classes teach you how to deal with your trigger points.

Have Your Thyroid checked

If I didn’t have health insurance, I would try exercise, good diet, and meditation… Do you have a supportive network? Partner, friends, family?

Talk to your doctor.

Medicaid covers a primary care visit start there.

My daughter just start using the CBD oil for anxiety she went into a place that sells it talked to the clerk and she sold her what she need give it a try maybe it can help you it has helped her