How Do I Tell My Mom She Needs to Move Out?

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"My mom moved here from Tennessee because she lost her job, she said she’d only be here a few months, but it’s been since April and I’m about to have my second child and I’m running out of room now that she’s here. She doesn’t respect any of mine or my fiancé’s rules, she has always been a toxic person in my life but I thought things had changed since she moved but now that she’s back here in my life and I’m my house things are even worse than when I was growing up. I need her to leave for mine and my fiancé’s mental health but she still isn’t working and doesn’t really have anywhere to go except maybe my brothers house… how do I tell her she needs to move?"

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"Be honest. I would say you’re running out space and you’re giving her x amount of time to find somewhere else. Bring it up calmly, and at a time where if she wants to talk about you have time. I would just say that to begin with to avoid a even bigger situation, but if she wants to get into it then I would bring up how she doesn’t follow rules either. It’s your house so she can’t really do anything"

"Just tell her point blank. If that sounds harsh, I’m sorry but there’s really only one way to do it in my opinion. Just be honest."

"Sit her down and just say you have 30 days to leave . Explain again to her about respecting your boundaries etc…"

"Help her get in government housing."

"I would reach out to brother and get him on board. Then maybe the both of you talk to her. Let her know you need space for the newborn and brother says you can stay with him until you find a job."

"First look up how to evict someone but I would Give her a 30 60 or 90 day notice depending on your state IN WRITING EMAIL IT TEXT IT AND HAND DELIVER do all that so when shit hits the fan and it goes to court You are in the right"

"You gotta evict her sorry. Legally she’s claimed your place as a residence n your hands are tied in the end. That’s what ppl do not understand if someone stays at your place longer than 30 days they have claimed legal residence. You can tell her to move out but I can guarantee it that’s not going to work n oh yes if she’s toxic she’s going to play victim"

"Tell her. Flat out. Ypu don’t respect my wishes aren’t working. I’m uncertain you’ve even tried finding a job you need to leave."

"You need to tell her asap so she has a legal amount of time to get her stuff together and find a place. I typically wouldn’t agree with kicking out per say but explain its crunch time and she needs to go. Sorry that it has'nt always worked out well between you that’s never a good time. I’ve been there so I know how you feel. Be patient but definitely make sure you’ve given a notice with at least the 30 days to find a new place bu law she lives there and you gotta do the eviction correctly or it will come back on you"

"Personally, I’d talk to her. Give her a deadline. But just in case she’s one of those that decide to squat, also file for eviction."

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