How do i manange sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

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I think it would be depending on how far along the pregnant woman is. . . But you can always Google, wikihow and youtube for different types of stretches that you can do at home.

Or you can see if you schedule a chiropractor appointment (insurance may or may not cover it) and the pregnant woman would have to tell the chiropractor how far along she is.

The thing with stretching you either have to do it every single or daily to keep those muscles loosened up and not become tight.

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Thorough professional massage mainly on that area, applying heat and doing my own stretches and resting helped mine go away in about 2 weeks and it was brutal for me. I cried daily. It hurt just to walk. Sit. Stand up. It just hurt all the time and I was working full time with two small children at home. Have faith… it will clear away if you take good care of it. The deep massage really helped loosen it up.

Stretch! Sit in a chair and bring one leg up so the ankle is resting on the other knee and bend forward until you feel it and then stay there for a few seconds and switch sides

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Leg pillow between the knees.

Go to a chiropractor or a heating pad. That’s random for a Halloween/fall holiday page :joy:


I would recommend to join some pregnancy groups. You can get a lot of help with those! I have myself. Good luck mama. :blush::blush:

U can get prenatal massages I had that my whole pregnancy my dr said not much u can do for it

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You contact your OB/midwife instead of a random group on Facebook.


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