How do I leave?

I’ve been with my kids father going on 10 years had a break for 2 for the exact reason of what I’m going through now. He’s constantly accused me of cheating and it could litterly be anyone. Well he just admitted to writing females and even trying to meet up with one. He has physically and mentally abused me. I don’t know how to leave or where to start because he refuses to leave

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I don’t know your living situation, but he needs to go! He’s never going to change. He’s accusing you, bc he’s doing those things. If you can afford to move then move out. Tell him it’s over and to get out!!!

Restraining order. He will have 24 hours to get his shit out.

If your leaving the house find somewhere to stay a family members house or even a hotel for a few weeks. Rent a storage unit if you have alot of stuff. You can ask a police officer to be present well you pack and move your stuff go in and tell them your leaving and he has abusive tendencies and the will have an officer come and make sure he doesn’t do anything. Then get a restraining order so he doesn’t come after you after you leave. If kids are involved also find a good family lawyer.

When a partner starts accusing you of something like cheating and you know your not it is usually because they are. Abusive men or women do not get better with time. You have given him enough of your life 10 years. Now your ready to go. You need to put some things in a pack back only what you really need. Have it ready you need to be sure once you leave, there’s is no going back. Go as far away as you can then file for divorce get a restraining order yes I know it’s a piece but it will be on file. Once the divorce is final you can move anywhere in the world and stay away from controlling abusive men. The way you do this is to fill yourself up with with good self esteem get back your power then you won’t be week looking to these Predators you will attract a better selection of men. If you need help leaving go to the women shelter they will help you.