How do I leave?

I’ve been with my kids father going on 10 years had a break for 2 for the exact reason of what I’m going through now. He’s constantly accused me of cheating and it could litterly be anyone. Well he just admitted to writing females and even trying to meet up with one. He has physically and mentally abused me. I don’t know how to leave or where to start because he refuses to leave

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Go to the police with your kids get a restraining order and emergency full custody.

Reach out to a center, we have dove near us that helps women being abused, im sure you have something near you. They can help you go the right direction.

Get ur kids and leave fille for devorce gather evidance txt videos phonecalls anything u got and can get to file for abuse and get something that says he cant be near you and the kids… get ur stuff and leave go to the hospital/police anywere and file for domestic abuse and leave hes cheating anyways so why do u care about him!!!

Just leave, pack your stuff and go. Its going to be hard but you got to make yourself leave, if you stay its always going to be the same…

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The cheater is the one who projects their cheating to their partner! I don’t know what your financial situation is, but if he is not on the lease/mortgage you can evict him with a 30-day notice. Pack his sh*t up and force him out. If you are not on the lease/mortgage just leave when you can financially.

Are you renting? Own your house? You need a plan, do you work?

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Physical abuse ? Call the cops… he WILL leave !!