How do I leave?

I’ve been with my kids father going on 10 years had a break for 2 for the exact reason of what I’m going through now. He’s constantly accused me of cheating and it could litterly be anyone. Well he just admitted to writing females and even trying to meet up with one. He has physically and mentally abused me. I don’t know how to leave or where to start because he refuses to leave


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Sorry 2 hear this but the 1 accusing is usually the 1 doing so that doesn’t at all surprise me. Get some money together, get a divorce attorney, find a place 4 u and the kids. It helps if u have a good job and childcare throughout the day. Don’t wait. There is plenty of help out there. Teachnout 2 family members or local churches, charities, etc that may be able 2 provide u a stable place until u can get in ur feet.

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Get a job. Get an apartment. Set up a 50/50 visitation schedule for the kids, unless they prefer to stay with their father, then he can setup whatever visitation schedule for you.

I really don’t see a relationship being the same after something like this happens. I would start over with my kids then have them in a toxic household like that

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you need to leave . let him stay there once a cheat always a cheat . the relationship has failed , run

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I agree with a few others if you Ave him no reason ad he keeps accusing you then it’s usually them doing it.

Do you have a supportive family? If so, ask them if they would be willing to take you in until you can’t get on your feet. Start applying for jobs (if you’re not working), open a separate bank account that he would have no access too, start saving money. Once you have everything set up and you have a steady place to stay, tell him that you can’t do it anymore and explain why. Leave. Do not contact unless it’s about your children.
If you don’t feel safe, file for a restraining order for you and your children.
You could even call your local social services and ask them about a women’s domestic violence shelter, they’ll help you so much!

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I went through the same thing when u are going through I went through this for 23 years and i still think about it all the time one day I finally said enough was enough and went to live at a hotel I only hard thing I did was leave my daughter at that time because believe it or not she was safe with him I fought got her back got my own place and got married to a super great guy :heart: so all at the end it finally worked out

Most of the time when Someone’s accusing u of cheating it’s them normally doing it get in touch with dvac

If you are married, please research separation / divorce requirements in your state and county. If you are married and just leave, he can file abandonment charges. If you are in no danger Take your time and make sure you do everything by the law.