How do I leave?

I’ve been with my kids father going on 10 years had a break for 2 for the exact reason of what I’m going through now. He’s constantly accused me of cheating and it could litterly be anyone. Well he just admitted to writing females and even trying to meet up with one. He has physically and mentally abused me. I don’t know how to leave or where to start because he refuses to leave


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You need therapy, a plan and time to get things in order to get the hell out of there, unless you have a friend or family member willing to take you in immediately if in danger. Even a shelter if need be.


Sending love. Stay safe.

I am going through something similar God is with us…I’m praying for you Sis! :pray:

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I went through this 2 years ago I just packed up and left and didn’t look back the whole time he was cheating he use to beat me etc best thing I ever did u do what’s right for u mama and u do it how u wanna do it here if u need to talk :heartpulse:


Make a plan to get out especially if hes abusive. Dont cop that shit your worth so much more :heart:

Do u have friends or a family member u can stay with for a bit? Usually when someone accuses u of cheating they are guilty themselves. As for abuse U deserve better hun and there is better.


Support for women in abusive relationships :revolving_hearts:


My boyfriend likes to go on rants about what a brazen harlot I am when I wave at people. Your “it could be literally anyone” line just really resonated with me. It’s exhausting.


Best of luck to you :blue_heart:

I planned my escape for two weeks. Packed what would fit on the plane and flew from WA to PA with two small children and the clothes on our backs. It’s hard but not impossible

He’s accusing you because he’s cheating been there done that.

Go file a restraining order for you & your kids. He will have to leave then…

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I went to a domestic violence shelter. I was able to get housing and alot of help as well as therapy. Good luck xx

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Save money and then leave. If you were my daughter I’d tell you pack your bags, your kids bags and come home cause abuse is not ok in any shape or form


If you have family, go stay with them. If not, maybe a friend can help you. If not that either, there are places that can help you get out.

Don’t keep your children in such an environment. Protect yourself, you deserve it. Good luck :heart:

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If he refuses to leave. Then you do it. Pack your shit and leave. He ain’t going to change.

That’s to make him feel less guilty for doing it. Take the children and leave. It’s never going to change.