How do I find a good free pregnancy clinic?

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Not sure but here in Cali. There is not free pregnancy clinics. There r clinics that do free pregnancy tests. But after that u have to go thru medical and get pregnancy coverage thru them.

Depend where you’re located. Here in Illinois there’s clinics that do free pregnancy tests and they help you sign up for medic aid so you can have coverage for al your visits

google some for your area also if you can find one a phone book they have them still

also health depts are sometimes free even based on income

Planned Parenthood used to have a sliding fee scale.

i was from canada in the usa and had to pay for a visit because i didn’t have an address and couldn’t get medicaid also if you go from state to state medicaid isn’t valid in any other stater then the one you got it from and you can’t get it in another state before the first one is up usually it’s good for a month then you got to renew unless you choose a different option.

The health deparment

Look for a planned parenthood. They go off donations. If you only have $2 they will still treat you like you dropped 10 grand.

Planned Parenthoods can do ultrasounds, measure meants, and basic prenatal stuff at the start of a pregnancy

Planned parenthood does testing on a sliding scale but that’s all they do if you wanna keep your baby.

Dollartree has them and they work. I took them while trying to get pregnant and was using them constantly and they were accurate.