How did you teach your kids to write their names?

How did you guys teach your kids to write their names before they started kindergarten? I’ve tried everything but he don’t want to learn


I made laminated name sheets with dots spelling out his name. We made games with it and he traced the dots, eventually he learnt his name. Also do some fun shapes or pictures as well as name. Make it fun. They will learn when they are ready. Don’t force it.


Abc blocks to arrange into name, then moved on to finger painting name, then dollar store books on writing letters a-z, then later buying a second book and taking out only the letters for the name doing pages in order to spell name, then printing papers with their name on it on lined papers, and eventually, they learned their names.

I taught my son on the chalk board. He learnt more things that way.

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You can get a cookie sheet and spread his favorite pudding or yogurt on it. Have him wash his hands and use his finger to write his name.

He can lick his finger after each time he writes his name.

You can also use foam shaving cream.

Preschool/toddler teacher here.
You can always present the idea, letters, sounds of the letters to help the child’s interest in writing but most kindergarten teachers appreciate the social emotional and active listening skills more. They’ll be there to help with writing the names :heart:

Headstart or prek will teach them that kind of stuff before kindergarten.

Fine motor activities. The small muscles in his hands need to be developed before writing. When he is ready, he will write.

Dry erase board and I went online and printed off dotted sheets that you could customize the name for each child. I also had a puzzle made of her name that she could start recognizing the letters and putting them in order. Got it on Amazon.

We start off with flash cards to learn letter recognition. And then we move on to the first letter. We make it fun. Let them focus on one letter at a time. Tracing it, free handing it. Turning it into a game. We work on properly holding a pencil. Well, we have a dry erase board and dry erase markers. Once they get one letter, we move to the next. All the way until we reach Z. And then we work on their names.

Handwriting without tears curriculum is what our OT and school uses and worked great

Magnetic drawing board! They are relatively cheap too. I have two with the “pencil” attached. She only writes the first three letters of her name, but at least they are in correct order. :slight_smile: