How common are false positives?

Hey mommas!!! So question… Whats the possibility of getting 2 false positives back to back? Because i got 2 positives but i can’t grasp the reality that im actually pregnant. I mean i know im pregnant but i just wanna know the possibilities of getting 2 false positives


About 99.9% against it being wrong

Extremely low. False negatives are more common, but rarely do you get a false positive.


My doctor told me false negatives can happen, false positives not so much lol. Congrats!


You’re pregnant period … Or no period :joy:


False positive is rare lol. False negative is more common. Congrats momma


False positive would mean you had some rare kind of cancer so you’re pregnant. Congrats.

You don’t get false positives. Only false negatives

It does happen jus not as common as the test being right

Never had a false positive… Congratulations

There has to be enough hormones for the test to show positive and well that happens when pregnant

Congrats…its not possible to get a false positive. Negative. Yes but not postive


You’re pregnant. Congratulations!

Hi, pretty much impossible. Pregnant!

Very unlikely. Your pregnant.

Congratulations! There are no false positives only blessings!

False positives are ridiculously uncommon.

Extremely rare! Congrats! You are pregnant!

False positives can be an ovarian cyst!

could be a tumor… at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself of until I got to my first prenatal appointment. Good luck!!

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I took 8 and said the same thing :woman_facepalming:t2: my husbands been calling me crazy since

Girl I took 4 pregnancy tests, then went to the doctor and took one there…I am 22 weeks and still don’t believe it even though I feel her constantly moving.

Only way you can get a false positive is leftover hormones from a previous pregnancy. Happened to me lol congrats!

You’re preggers hun. :two_hearts:

How much attention are you looking for exactly? :roll_eyes:

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If in doubt call dr and see about getting blood work done

Lmao no way its false…

False positives are very rare, but your feelings are completely normal. Just wait until that first ultrasound when you see the baby then it will probably hit you that there’s really a baby in there, LOL.

My friend had 5 false positives and turns out she had hormonal imbalances and had a problem with her thyroid

Super unlikely. Sorry girl. Lol

Causes for a false positive

  1. You let the test sit too long before looking
  2. The pregnancy test is expired.
  3. You’re on fertility medications that raise hCG levels
  4. You’ve had an extremely early miscarriage.
  5. You have residual hCG in your system is after a delivery or miscarriage.
  6. You had an ectopic pregnancy.

If those don’t apply, then congratulations!! You’re expecting

I got an almost 4 month old and when I even say ‘I was pregnant’ I still find it unbelieveable.