How can you tell if your milk supply is drying up?

Breastfeeding mamas, how did you know when your milk was drying up? I haven’t felt a let down in a few days, and even my sister in law said she could see a difference in my boob size, that they had gotten smaller. I’m not ready to wean I’m hoping this isn’t the case


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The more often you nurse the more milk you will have

You need to nurse or pump every 4 hours at least to keep a supply!!

Get brewers yeast and put in smoothies

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Sounds as if your milk is just regulating. Make sure you drink plenty and eat sensibly. I didn’t need breast pads after a while because I only lactated as required. I breastfed for about eighteen months. It can help to look at a picture of your baby before feeding or if you want to pump as well. At the end I was only feeding twice a day so don’t fret if they sleep through the night (although it’s a great time to pump if they do sleep in!)

This happens at 6 weeks or so. That you stop getting as engorged. It’s supply and demand. Keep nursing. Stay hydrated.
If you’re further into your journey, supply can dip right before you get your period, but it doesn’t permanently change it. Maybe find a La Leche League near you.

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