How can I treat my mastitis?

Ijust found out I have mastitis and have been on meds for a few days…the issue is i feel like it isnt clearing up, its still very painful and hot to touch and the size is not reducing…is there anything extra i can do to speed the process along?


When I had mastitis, I pumped often and I also wrapped a warm, damp tea towel around my breast. That helped so much. Good luck.


Pump, massage and heating pads…keep taking meds it’ll take a little while for them to do their job

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Cabbage leaves! Frozen ones are very soothing. Place them in your bra covering the entire breast area and changed them once they feel ‘soiled’. Works like a charm.


Go back to your obgyn/midwife!! My mastitis did not clear up, I ended up with sepsis and had to have 3 surgeries on my breast and now will never be able to breast feed again, or I risk having to remove the breast completely. Sometimes the general anti biotic they give doesn’t work for everyone

Use a hand pump and pump in the shower under the hot water and massage while pumping! I had mastitis too and that’s what worked for me. I couldn’t get the clog out for the life of me. I had it for over a week :woozy_face: I feel the pain! It’s never fun!

Cold cabbage leaves in your bra…works wonders!!

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Ibuprofen, breast massage, hot shower or soak, if you’ve got a removable shower head use that and work from the clog towards the nipple, soy or sunflower lecithin. Keep nursing, point baby’s chin towards the lump. Pump or hand express in the shower.

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I was on strong antibiotics and it took mine over a week to finally go down and stop being red and hot to the touch

Give it a couple more days or call your Dr. It just doesn’t go away right away.

This happened to me ,wearing a bra made it worse

Pump pump pump… massage… hot shower

I use to sit in a hot shower a d let them do their thing. When bareable I massaged them too

Fresh purple cabbage leaves!!!

Hand expressing, pumping in a hot shower, massaging, cabbage leaves. I hope you get relief!

Very warm washcloth helps

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Your partner can suck it out as well sometimes yes very disturbing but they can

The antibiotics help with the infection but you need to pump to pull out the clog that’s causing it too.
Peppermint oil and cabbage leaves if this is caused because you are trying to ween. But don’t use those if you still plan to breastfeed because they will kill your supply completely.
Also try cold compress to reduce inflammation. Too much heat won’t help the problem. You need to balance the two.

This is gonna sound so gross, but if you have a s/o ask them to suck it out. It’s nasty but it works. Otherwise go to the dr.

Stay away from heat because it feeds the infection

Hot hot showers and massage. Try to express as much milk as you can.

Jump in a hot bath massage breasts it helps alot

Pump. Sit breasts in warm/hot water in the sink and massage

Are you hot packing your breasts? I know that may help.

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Go back to your doctor!!!

I know this sounds weird. But use your vibrator on it in the hot shower with a Hakka on.
Worked for me :blush:

Hand pump or hand express in a hot shower. It will hurt but the more you can get out the better. You could also soak in epson salt and hot water.

Intense knuckle massage. Hurts so bad but can make the best progress, along with angling baby’s chin toward the lump when nursing. I had a cold gel pack on standby next to the super hot bath I laid in while digging my knuckles into the lumps.