How can I transition my child to their own bed?

Full disclosure: I am 100% FULLY AWARE; this is my fault. However, I need some advice. My 11 month old has slept with me since birth. (Small background, I also slept in the bed with my mom until I was 10). I was super anxious and stressed when she was born, and the only way I could sleep, and know she would be ok, is if she slept with me. That being said, she’s in daycare now, and she’s sleeping in a crib there. I felt it would be easier for her to adjust to that at home now too. What are your tips and tricks to putting your babies to bed in a crib that is under one year? I laid her down earlier, and she immediately woke up and cried, and her daddy rescued her. So the “cry it out” method is not an option, nor do I like it either.


I started out putting my son in his crib for nap time. I’d rock him till he was just about to fall asleep and then lay him in his crib while still awake but drowsy enough to fall asleep on his own.

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I sleep next to the crib and make each time before I go back to mine shorter and shorter

My son slept w me until he was 4. I get it. Let him fall asleep then move him to his bed.

cry it out with both parents on board. maybe the first night you lay in the crib with her until she falls asleep. I know you said you didn’t care for CIO but it works

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They might have more tips for you if you choose not to let baby cry. Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep | Facebook

I lay with my son in his room until he falls asleep then creep out. He’s in a toddler bed now, so most nights he ends up climbing into bed with us at some point and i wait until he goes back to sleep and take him back to his bed

I let my child fall asleep while I’m holding him…and then once hes good and asleep I put him into his crib.

Don’t let people that claim to be experts on rearing g children. Most of them have somebody else (wife,nanny,ect.) actually raising their kids for them.
Since the beginning of time people have slept in a pile ,like puppies,to keep warm. Remeber central heat is less than 100yrs old.


I put her in her bed give her a sippy and put on a movie then just sit next to the bed till she falls asleep sometimes I have to hold her hand so she won’t cry but it has worked so far
Also don’t so cry it out it will just make them more anxious is some cases

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I rocked my nephew in the rocking chair until he fell asleep. Then put him in the crib. When he woke up in the night, I repeated it. Worked. Whatever you do, stick to the routine. My sister ended up just letting him back in her bed. He’s almost four and sleeps in her room to this day.

It takes a process if u don’t like cry it out method u can just basically hold her or lay with her let her fall sleep then put her to her crib or let her cry few mins at time go in and reassure her she ok or let her cry and lay on ur bed while she in crib this what I usually do get my son bed he goes bed easier faster this way seeing me in there he feels more safe I think idk it hard hearing them cry but they are smart and know if u give in they won’t ever stop my almost 7 yr old still trys sleep in my bed or in my bedroom lol u need break habbit now it gets worse and harder as they get older

As long as you take precautions, as to not roll over on your child. No worries.

I just got my 3 year old into her own bed, the cry it out wasn’t for me either… Couldn’t bare it.
With my older child I use to rock in a chair till they fell asleep, then put her down. If she woke I’d go back on the chair and repeat.
The youngest however made it to our bed and 3 years later we made a big deal of her “big girl peppa room”
Everyone said it would probably take a while for her to settle. But honestly first night she went down… I told her I’d to go fold clothes in my bedroom next door and would be back… From then on I always do a story then leave with the door open and peppa night light on.
Good luck mamma… You can do this!

Do you have a sound machine? Or a soother? I’ve never been one to use the cry it out either honestly, it breaks my heart. I slept with my mom until I was 10 as well :joy: definitely don’t want my kids to do it either :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: a fan on low. I always moved my kids after they fell asleep, it just worked better for us. Sitting next to her crib while she falls asleep may work as well. Not directly after they fell asleep I gave it time for the little heathens to fall asleep :rofl: We have 5 and currently trying to work on my youngest two at the moment, but there’s other reasoning to it as we recently moved.

My daughter falls asleep in her swing, once she’s out I move her to her crib and I play music, that’s the only way ALL of my kids have fallen asleep but its the boring elevator music and she’ll sleep until it’s time to eat, start with naps when your home, also maybe put a shirt or something that smells like you in there

Be consistent. Every night put baby in crib if she wakes up bring her in bed w you but once she’s sleeping back in crib.
All of my kids have slept in bed w me at some point. Youngest is just now going in his own bed but still ends up in ours.

Put a shirt or something that has ur scent in her crib.

Following: I’ve got 3 kids: 6, 3, 11 months. We doubled up housing rn so I can’t do cry it out.

Can you put her in the crib in your room and let her get used to her own space? And then transition her to her own room? Don’t have much advice beyond that…hubby insisted we move our son at like 3 months.

I did that too, just make sure the crib is comfortable and they have something warm, maybe put on some baby music in the background. Took a week for my son ( almost a year old at the time to get used to it )

Rock her to sleep, or give her something that smells like you in her crib

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Try wearing an oversize shirt and then put it on her mattress or pillow this way when she stirs she will still smell you and go back to sleep .also is there a certain blanket on your bed that she always snuggled with let her use that too …

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My son has a queen size bed so I sleep with him till he goes to bed an than slip into my own bed lol this way he can’t fall out an I can sleep with him

Look, sorry to say it, you’re going to have to suck it it up and let her cry it out. She has to learn to self comfort and be okay by herself.
Another option is to put her down, stay with her till she’s asleep then walk. Away.

  • crying it out is not abuse and it won’t kill anyone. Check in on her to just make sure she’s okay, she’s going to have to adjust one way or the other.

My son is 3 and still sleeps with me :rofl: personally I love him in my bed as I know he is safe and I love cuddles. But I wouldn’t force her just take it step by step. Maybe start off by putting her cot next to your bed then gradually work it into her own room xx

Consistency. My son did the same thing when we laid him in his crib, and the cry it oit method did not work with him at all and its not that i did it wrong, trust me i tried every way you could possibly do it. I got tips from doctors, still didn’t work. I even tried consistency still didn’t work. Same thing with passy. I have found out now that he is 2, he will go get in his bed on his own now, just because no matter what i atleast tried. And i feel like he knows that. Anyways so my point is, if you just keep trying, when baby is ready, baby will do!

Patience and consistency. When I transitioned my son to his crib it took a lot of back and forth trips. A lot of picking him up and laying him back down in his own crib, it took some long nights, exhausted mornings, but eventually he started sleeping through the night. Changes are hard for babies, they like routine, you just have to stay strong and stay with it. Good luck!

Get a routine. That’s how they get her to use the crib at school. And yes she’s going to cry. But she won’t die.

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Let her fall asleep with you and let her get to a “deep” sleep THEN put her in her own bed.

Take a shirt you wear frequently and put it under her crib mattress or let her snuggle it until you’re ready for bed (while you can check on her) then remove it.

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Like…? :roll_eyes: Crawl in the crib and sleep with her? Short of that, no matter what you do she will cry. You do your night time routine, give kisses, lay her down with her soothing item and leave. Then when she screams, you lay her back down, give her the binky or blanky or stuffie and go sit near by, but make no eye contact and say nothing. Give her 10 mins to scream and then do it again. If you can keep her down, you can pat her back or hold her hand, but don’t engage. Either way she’s gonna cry and you can’t pick her up. It’s that or she sleeps with you UNTIL SHE’S FREAKIN 10! lol :woman_shrugging:

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We had more of a problem getting them into their own room. Is her crib in your room? If it is I would push it flush against your bed and lay in your bed put her in hers and hold her hand until shes asleep, in a week or so just lay with her not holding her hand, then the next week you can push the crib from the bed but lay down in yours where she can see you. After about a week of that I was able to just lay them down with a teddy or special blanket and they would talk themselves to sleep. I loved having mine in bed with me but my husband was always afraid, so this is how I did it with my boys, and when we swapped them to their own rooms the process started all over, shortened because I made all the steps only a few days each as they were older. Other things that have helped is music, one of my kids has a lamb that makes ocean sounds or heartbeat or… I forget what the other things it sounds like cause those are the only 2 he ever uses🤦‍♀️ . Oh when we were doing this if they started to cry or got super upset we would sing, rub their backs but always kept them in the crib unless they needed to get out(changed, upset to the point of no return, bottle etc) stay strong momma it’s a pain now but your little will be bigger and doing it on her own in no time.

Trying putting your pillowcase or something like that in her crib for her to lay on so it still smells like you

Ur probably stuck until 6 years old now🤣 same here

Small bed next to you then move the bed to the other room after a month or 2.

Babies need to learn to self sooth. If you don’t like the cry it out method try the soft Ferber method. You go in every five minutes to assure them you are there and haven’t abandoned them. It will be much harder since your child is older. Be consistent every time you give in it will last longer the next time you try.

Cry it out can work if you want it too. I wouldn’t suggest just letting her cry and cry until she falls asleep but let her cry for 3 mins then go in and lay her back down, don’t talk to her though. Then if she starts crying again wait 5 mins and go back and lay her down again… so on and so forth. Eventually she’ll get the idea. I did this with my LO at 8 months. Only took three days and she was sleeping through the night from the first time I laid her down.

Hate cry it out as well. I would sleep in their room until they fell asleep

I think having sound/white noise/music on helps my kids sleep. But idk any other advise because I used CIO. I am sure there are other way. I agree that consistency is important too.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Wait. My son was the same. He stayed in his toddler bed more and more then would toddle down the hallway about 4ish to snuggle with us. When he started preschool he very rarely came in anymore. I miss it xxx

My son is 3 years old since birth he has fallen asleep in my bed and my husband usually waits till he falls asleep picks him up and put him in his bed. I get my evening cuddles and no fighting with the toddler total win/win

Fall asleep in their room, bed, dim lights, soft music

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Honestly does it really matter? My first two always slept in their own beds…my youngest didnt. I got that desparate that the only way l could get him to sleep was to lay down with him in his own bed…This happened for years. He eventually grew out of it around the age of ten…honestly unless u have a real problem with it just go with the flow. Every child is different. Now my youngest is older l would kill to have those cuddly nights back again in some ways.

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I got my daughter a single bed with rails so i could lay with her till she fell asleep and sneak out. We cosleot mostly whwn she was young too. She was walking by 11 months so by about 12 months she waa in a bed with rails and she loved it. Then after a few months she worked out when she woke during the night she could come to us in our bed. She sleeps through mostly now, but still wakes and comes to us sometimes, she is nearly two now.

Put the crib right up at the side of your bed and then u can see the baby if you get anxious or if the baby gets upset your right there and just start gradually moving the crib/cot away from the bed even getting to the foot of the bed if u have the space and by that time the baby should be ready to go into there own room xx

Sorry maybe laying down in the same room my help put don’t give in by giving in when she crys just comfort her without picking her up it will take awhile but don’t give in

Follow @takingcarababies on insta. She has amazing tips and advice.

I don’t like the cry it out method. It teaches them they can’t count on you to be there for them when in distress. I just showed him these super cool beds for kids; race cars, jeeps, tents, etc. i talked those up about big boys sleeping in those! Eventually let him pic one. He had already been climbing out of his crib at 7 months, climbing over door gates, so i knew i could just go with a big boy bed. I slept on an air mattress next to his bed till he passed out (he was hyper, so it took about 45 minutes), then snuck in my room to sleep the rest of the night. It worked well!

This is one reason i didn’t have my boys in the same bed as me. But they did sleep in my room until they turned one. And i put them in there own room. So i would suggest to start small and ease her away from u slowly.

Mine cries but every 5 minutes I get up give her a kiss and lay her back down. Then the second time I lay her down no kiss. Third time I say nothing and lay her down. (same for Everytime after that)

I still can’t get my 9 year old to sleep in his bed

Good for you for not doing CIO … while it may work its cuz you pretty much told your kid I’m not coming for you when you need me si they just give up and it makes them not count in you … my kids are 8 2 and 7 weeks and still I come whenever they cry or call for me

Just keep putting her down in the crib when she falls asleep.I hate the cry it out method as well but don’t go running in either. It’s just going to take time to get her transitioned but it will happen if you keep at it.

Put a shirt with your scent in the crib so it’s there for comfort and sorry to say cry it out its a price you have to pay and suffer through for Co sleeping


Start her with naps same as at daycare. Next, move her into her crib after she falls asleep. There will be some crying, to expect anything else is unrealistic. Your husband will need to support you in allowing her to cry it out. If he sabotages your efforts to transition her, have him take it over. You’ll just need to set up your own boundaries to not cave in.

You both have to be on the same page if your going to let her cry it out it worked best for us because the music nightlights and stuffed animals just distracted her and feeding her a snack before bed just made her hyper or gave her gas

You will have to accept the cry it out method I got baby monitor so I can see and hear everything to be sure all the crying doesn’t cause any issues. I also slept near them in their room and slowly moved myself out

Cry it out will be best. But you can ask her teachers what they do

Start by putting her crib in your room. I won’t say it will work but she can still see you and if close enough you can put your hand in the crib to comfort/assure.

Sit in the room and each night scoot. Closer to the door until she gets it thst she not sleeping with you

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Cry it out is a disgusting method.


I recommend this group to help. Safe Infant Sleep - Evidence-Based Support Group | Facebook