How can I transition my 7-month-old to his own bed?

I have a seven-month-old and still co-sleep. Completely my choice, as I found it easier to BF him at night. Well, I’m ready to have my bed back, and he only really nurses once at night. However, it has been a nightmare trying to transition him. He reaches out for me and realizes I’m not there and freaks. Any suggestions?


Try giving him something that’s yours in his bed until he falls asleep, you can try putting him in bed next to you

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I put my daughters bed right beside mine and I’d put my hand on her belly while she went to sleep. After a while you can stop putting your hand on them and slowly move the bed further away from yours until they are in their own room.

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Consistency is key, after a few nights he won’t be so frightened. Also, maybe letting him cuddle with a small stuffed animal. Or even fill a latex glove with dry beans to place on a part of his body. After nursing, make sure he makes it back into his own bed.

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Use a nite light in his room. Hang a picture of yourself near his crib. Soft music in his room all night. Make a big deal when you see him first thing in the morning.

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Put breastmilk on something usually in the bed such as a toy or blanket. Put toy in their arms.

I literally just got all my kids in their beds. 6,4,1 now I feel better.

Following, I have a 23 month old and weve been trying to transition into her own bed , I feel hopeless she just crawls right back into my bed when we try to lay her down in hers if I lay with her she just wants to play n i get tired fi laying with her after about an hour ,

I had this issue and my son is now 9 and still sneaks in most nights. It took us years to get him to sleep in his own bed like years lol if I ever have any more that will not be happening xx

My son had this issue. He slept in a pack n play in our room for a year (my choice, our bedroom is on the main floor kids are upstairs & I wasn’t comfortable with him being upstairs). The first few months we coslept. When I decided it was time for him to sleep in his own space we moved the pack n play next to our bed & I would sleep with my hand on him. I did that for like a week & then over about a month we slowly moved the pack n play away from our bed. It worked really well.

When we moved him into his room we put his pack & play in his room & let him sleep in his pack n play for a week. Then did naps in his crib night time in the pack n play for a week. After that we took the pack n play down & he was fine.

I put my son in his cot in his room when he was 8 weeks old as he put grew the Moses basket. I’ve always put my kids in their own rooms the younger the better as they will get used to it. He’s now 8 months old and I put him down awake and within 5 mins he’s asleep and he sleeps through the night. I’ve always been strict with bedtime as I like my own bed :rofl:


Start with nap time and see how that goes

We never co-slept but we had the bassinet & eventually crib in our room right next to the bed on my side until she was a year old. To this day her bedtime routine is the same it was the day we brought her home from the hospital: she lays in our bed with us while she drinks her bottle, then cuddles until she gets sleepy then we put her in bed. When we shared a room I used to stay in there with her until she fell asleep but thankfully we don’t have that issue anymore now that she’s in her own room. Be consistent, don’t engage more than necessary, do what works for you and be patient :blush:

Ive had four pregnant with my 5th White noise for sure I swear by it

Put cot by your bed so he in own bed but next to you x

Start with naps when it’s day light and he can see he’s ok…the at night…you might have to sit with him until he’s asleep…and replace him back in bed if he gets up during the night. But don’t give in. He knows your soft spot even at 7months.

Its just a time thing. I’m going through the literal same thing with a 1 year old, the more she wakes up in her crib, the less she freaks out about it.

It really just takes consistency. Let him fall asleep with you, then move him to his bed. Keep his bed in your room so he is close. Put a night light in the room so when he wakes up he can see that you are close. When he does wake up nurse him and put him back in his bed. It will be hard at first but if you stay consistent it will work eventually

Yup we had this problem the dr. Said put her every night in her crib if she crys it will be less every night. It took 5 days till she didn’t cry at all they realize its no use and stop crying. It’s hard but its the only way

It’s a slow process my 17mth old sleeps half the night in her crib and half with me. It has been put her in her crib a little longer each night

Starts buy putting him in the bed while you doing things in his room. Then try putting him down for a nap. To will take time but eventually. He will get the hang of it.

Place several blankets here and there so everytime he reaches he’ll find comfort

Or a stuffed animal that smells like you

Personally I climbed into the crib lol and once she was asleep I climbed out.

Put a shirt of yourselves pillow and put aside of her when she falls asleep.

It’ll be tough the first few days, but they’ll get the hang of it. Don’t break and bring them back to bed with you or it’ll start all over, going through the exact same right now with my 3rd