How can I tell my family that I am a witch?

My cousin’s eldest daughter is a witch in a very Christian family. She didn’t go around touting “hi I’m a witch”. Just kind of let the family slowly learn about it through casual conversations at gatherings she hosted. Her baby shower, backyard cook outs, her daughter’s various birthday parties that were held at her house instead of a venue some years. If someone commented on a statue, stone, etc on a shelf in the living room/dining room…she’d be like “oh that’s __” and through that conversation she’d explain her beliefs to that person. Eventually we all knew and it was whatever.
Don’t over think it or make it bigger than it needs to be. Just live your life and be happy.


I’m a psychic/medium. Just came out to my family about it and…turns out…so are my parents but I was never told. Now…I can’t say I’m a fan of real witches. They use dark magic and harm others plus summon demons. Fine with Wiccans…light energy users one with nature and only protective/cleansing spells. Hope you meant Wiccan. Nothing good comes of witchcraft. Did a reading on a boy that was a witch that passed away. Using negative energy builds it up so consumed by it when pass and pulled downward. Not something to play with unless ok with that as your fate after life.


Well then as a witch you understand by not verbalising who you are, you are not on your true path…do some work on your throat chakra

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Catch a spell on them

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Well if they are christians,very religious. I’d don’t know that I’d be okay with my fam worshipping the devil…basically that’s opening doors that could do more harm than good to your family and loved ones. So I don’t see them being open minded in regards to this. But u never know,they could be like strong in faith and not let it bother them.

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Seriously? You’re putting the devil ahead of Jesus. You need prayer


Like i sat to some people i beleive in god but my way they say what do you mean i say i love crystals the energy healinfg you can give someone after all if they say god made everything then he made all the beautiful energy crystals give freely

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Are you doing just doing witchcraft things or trying to summon demons and shit? I don’t believe in the latter but that’s what religious people have against “witchcraft”.

I’ve never been one to outright say the words to people “hey everyone I’m a witch!”, I just haven’t been one to hide it, and let them figure it out on their own, but I’m a pretty private person. If you want to make it known, your family is probably going to have an emotional reaction to it but it’s because they fear something they don’t understand. They love you so they’ll probably come around though. I remember when my mom found my books at 15, she was hysterical. It took about 10 years before she got to the point where she’d go out of her way to give me “witchy” gifts, and show genuine interest. If your family doesn’t end up supporting you, then oh well, because life’s too short to live for other people.

Just don’t say nothing I’ve told my dad I’m not Christian but can’t tell him I’m pagan

I didn’t come out to anyone. I just started talking about it on my Facebook and in my home. People figure it out. If you try to sit someone down to tell them about it, that leaves room for them to argue and judge you. Live your life and don’t explain yourself to anyone unworthy

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Is this a witch group?


Ok…Pagan, Wiccan,and witches are different things. If Pagan or Wiccan, not necessarily dabbling in evil. However,stating you are a true witch is saying sold yourself to the Devil for power over others. I doubt your family would be ok with you choosing to do that or condemn your soul. Most Pagans and Wiccans I know are helpful and do not want to be associated or called a witch. Figure out what you actually are before make a statement like that. If still say you are a witch…maybe think it over before cast your first spell as that will condemn you to fire for eternity. Pagans and Wiccans usually dabble in only light or natural spells using herbs/crystals and things, but witches use the power of the Devil in their spells to cast curses, call over demons,do seances,gain power and fortune,etc.


I bet 99% of you saying it’s the devils work are Christians, who will only believe what your book tells you :woman_facepalming:, I was there I believed it. Witchs don’t worship the devil(maybe some but not all) and it’s not even the devil YOU speak of. Maybe do your research be for you tell someone they are for what they do when you sin everyday yourself. Don’t pick dm choice what sin you feel is worse then the other. I bet right now you are wearing 2 different fabrics of clothing, you probably are meaning meat, im sure you lied and didn’t even real I it, prob had sex before marriage… I could go on…
Anyway to the OP, I told my mom I was spiritual and was on a spiritual journey. From there I jist posted things on FB and left it from there. Yes I get family saying I’m wrong but I’m doing what I feel is right. If you need someone to talk to you can message me. :heart::heart:


Please reconsider. Jesus loves you.


Keep it to yourself bc its your spiritual life choice and you dont need approval from anyone. Hope this helps


Don’t tell them. Unless they ask. They don’t need to know lmao

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How is it anything to do with the devil? Is everyone just a one track mind thinking it’s devil worshipping?
Some people need to be educated before opening their mouths.


I was raised by strict Christian grandparents and was always taught that witchcraft, wizzards, Wiccan, Pagan (spelling oops on this one maybe) anyways I was taught that it was all devil worship. That basically anything other than the good book and coming to God thru Jesus Christ is “anti” Christian and is devil worship. I’m Still a Christian but I’m also an adult with an open mind to whatever suits anyone else’s life, situation, parenting style… you know anything really. So, I don’t know that much about it. I say all of this bc if they are very strict in their religion and feel this old school way also, maybe if you are going to tell them, get them some information (like factual) to educate them on what you have chosen for your life. I neither encourage nor discourage your beliefs bc it’s none of my business, however I can send some prayers up for your situation. No pun intended, that just happens to be MY personal way of doing things… everyone is entitled to that I think and I hope they don’t hurt your feelings if/when you do decide to let them know. Hugs!

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I just say im not religious but im spiritual

I’m spiritual not religious. You don’t owe anyone a explanation.