How Can I Talk To My Ex's Girlfriend About Wearing More Clothing Around My Child?


"How would mamas talk to your child’s father and the father’s girlfriend about the girlfriend wearing more clothing when my child is there to visit? I don’t want to body-shame her at all, but it does make me feel so uncomfortable when I pick my son up after the weekend being with his dad that the dad's girlfriend always is half-naked around my four-year-old."

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"This is a you problem, not a problem for your child. Children are innocent, I’m sure it doesn’t bother them. If anything this is a great opportunity to teach them that everyone is different AND worth respecting no matter what they look or dress like. Her house, her body, her rules."

"You're kid will see half naked people on the beach or at a pool. Unless she's walking around naked, let it go."

"If your child has mentioned it that it makes your child uncomfortable then talk to the dad which I don’t think a child will notice (I have a 4 year old and she’s never mentioned anything about how someone dresses). If it’s not harming your child let her dress how she feels."

"This is a tough one. I would say discuss it with your child’s father. If she has her breasts and privates covered there is nothing really that you can say to her! It is at the end of the day her body and her choice."

"On one note, is this "half naked" any more revealing than a bathing suit? We need more info. If she's running around in revealing lingerie or t-shirt no panties, then yeah I'd be uncomfortable too. Your son's going to see women everywhere, in sport bras and short shorts, please take a deep breath and see if your perspective might be a tad cloudy."

"You cannot control what she wears any more then she can control what you wear. Don't say anything. Just drop off and pick up your son and keep it moving."

"I think if she's walking around in her underwear in front of your son you have a reason to be uncomfortable. He's at the age to start asking questions. And if this post was about a step dad and daughter I'm sure everyone telling you to mind your own business would be saying the opposite."

"If you take your kid to the beach or pool they see women walking around in what looks like underwear. What’s the difference other than she’s at home."

"Children don’t immediately sexualize things or people so I wouldn’t be too worried about what she’s wearing, as it’s not your business. Also, would be more helpful if “half naked” was defined like is she wearing a crop top that you don’t like or shorts you don’t like or is she walking around in a bra and underwear or actually naked?"

"Depends on court order. And what exactly she is wearing- or isn't wearing. Talk to an attorney. There's no such thing as being too protective when it comes to your child."

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