How can I relieve restless leg syndrome?

Hi there I am currently 28 weeks and lately for the last week I have been struggling to sleep due to what I believe restless leg syndrome I explained to my boyfriend today why I have been so tired & said I don’t know when I’m lying in bed my legs get super tingly & uncomfortable also constantly having to rub them I toss & turn all night anyone else experience this ? also what did you do to help ease the rls


Tylenol helps.
Limit your caffeine intake, and get your iron checked.
If you find out the cause, you can keep it from happening.

Try warm bath with Epsom salts. Ask your OB if you can increase any of your vitamins could just be a minor deficiency. I am not pregnant but do have RLS. It sucks.

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I’m on pregnancy number 4 and I’ve had it each time during the pregnancies as well as when I’m not pregnant. I take magnesium supplements and an iron supplement as well a really good multivitamin. It’ll take a few days to notice an improvement but it really has helped me even more than the prescription medication they put me on for it.

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bananas were my bestfriend, I know its not cramping but it relaxes the muscles

Increase your potassium and magnesium.

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Baby #2 here I suffer from it in just everyday so mine is Ridiculous I could cry. I do warm baths before bed and magnesium vitamins

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  1. It’s very normal… had it with all my pregnancies…
  2. Body pillow works wonders! Baby can push on nerves and cause it…
  3. Also check your vitamin and minerals because it could be a deficiency… Dr will do blood work for you if you ask!

I had this problem when I was pregnant. I would get up and do squats for a few minutes and they lay back down.

Usually the restlessness would be gone.

Go for a walk, I suffer from restless leg syndrome on a daily basis.

My only advice is to stay hydrated and try and fall asleep BEFORE it starts

I have it and I am not pregnant. Potassium and magnesium suggested

Talk to Dr. I felt like I had restless leg and it turned into a pinched nerve in my hip because my hips were expanding

Drink lots of water and bananas help with muscle health. I also laid partially on my side with a pillow under my lower back and between my knees… good luck

Pickle juice helps a lot

Not sure if you can take while pregnant so ask your OB first but I drink half a tiny bottle of tonic water (maybe 5oz.) And it actually helps me a lot. Idk the science behind it but supposedly the quinine is what helps. I keep them on hand for those miserable nights. Its a small amount so see what your doc says. Everything online will scare you but i think thats in large quantities. Good luck!

pillow between your legs helped me for sure!

Try stretching. I have rls and I started stretching my legs and it has helped.

Look into somatic stretching, helped me a lot

That’s a vitamin deficiency, my grandma and mom swear by pickle juice. Just take a small couple sips before bed and you should be good. It also helps with Charley horses. I did this during pregnancy because all my vitamins were low even with a prenatal and it helped a lot toward the end of pregnancy

The first thing I would always try was rubbing lotion all over my legs. I think it helped get the blood flowing and would sometimes be enough to let me get back to sleep.

Magnesium, and tonic water mixed with something else like juice. Tonic water on its own is nasty.

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I have gotten it with all three pregnancies. My doctor told me to to cut any sugar or caffeinated food or drinks before bed and drink lots of water. I did this and it really helps alot. I buy snacks that have no sugar or caffeinate in them and just drink water from like 8 on and it really helps.

Tonic water helps & magnesium. I also took ashwagandha. I take medication for mine, but I’m no longer pregnant…CBD oil also helped me TREMENDOUSLY, but that’s something you need to talk to your OB about. I would strongly suggest speaking to your doctor before taking any suggestions that aren’t natural remedies, RLS is a complicated study. There is no permanent cure, and sometimes medications cause something called augmentation, which happened to me. Dr. Ts makes a wonderful lavender epsom salt lotion which gave me minor relief also. Good luck to you!

I SWEAR THIS HELPED ME! stick a lavender bar of soap (or any new kind of soap unused) and stick it under your bedsheet! The aroma relaxes your Muscles!!

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I used to get this all the time Doctor told me it is from lack of calcium now I take a calcium pill daily

My ob said my rls was due to anemia and gave me an iron supplement.

Prop your legs up on pillows high enough to where your legs are higher than your heart . This helps me .

Put vicks vapor rub on your knee or whole leg … cant explain it but it works

Theres an over the counter medication that helps. Also heating pad. Oh and limit your caffeine intake.

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Mine is so bad , I can’t sleep with anyone. I keep my legs spread apart . Really helps . I also take medication . Good luck

I had this too. Drink lots of water and if you can, walk 20-30 mins a day. The walking definitely helped.

Heating pad. I just had a liver transplant and was taking magnesium, calcium and multi vitamin. They didn’t work…I used a heating pad and they stopped.

Use a full body pillow.

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I finally had to go to Dr. He put me on Mirapex I have no more problems if no one has had it you cant explain it I tried to lay in bed without moving I felt like I was going to scream I had it in my hands to I had to get my husband to squeeze my hands so I could sleep its awful your best bet is to go to the Dr. Good luck

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It could be low iron or magnesium. Try stretching your legs out before bed. Put a pillow under your legs if your on your back or between them if your on your side.

More water. Blood work, may need more vitamins. A banana as a bedtime snack helped me.

I have RLS, its horrible. I take aleve sometimes, but when I was pregnant I obviously couldn’t. So what I do when I don’t wanna take meds. Stretch your legs like your warming up for a workout, also it looks odd, but stand on one foot and shake your other leg and then switch. Once in bed lay on your side and lift your leg up and stretch it you’ll wanna feel the burn, turn to your other side and do the same. It helps me

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Magnesium vitamins

Lavender essential oil on legs

Powerade it has magnesium

I did this everyday…it works!

I had RLS so bad with both pregnancies. I tried magnesium, etc. No help. My doctor let me take flexaril (muscle relaxant that also causes drowsiness) and that helped a lot. I also find wrapping my legs and hands (because I got/get it in every limb) with ace bandages at night helps. I took warm baths before bed too. Ice packs on the palms and soles can help too.

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I have had “Restless Leg syndrome”, for 48 years…pls speak to ur Doctor.

You might be low on magnesium

I use an over the counter Restless Leg Cream. At drugstore and it works.

Stacey Leigh Ringrose

Soap or rice in a sock near your feet. You’ll automatically “play” with it keeping your muscles from tingling. Also could be a pinched sciatica nerve. Maybe get a pregnancy chiropractor to fix your back

Dill pickle juice before bed

I think you can use Epsom salt baths while pregnant, try that before bed to help relax your muscles

I cant help but I can tell you that one time at like 2am I was half asleep and told my husband I had reckless leg syndrome. Now it will forever be reckless leg syndrome in this house lol

I bought cream for it. It did the trick. Or I’d rub Bengay on my legs, for some reason that worked too.

Get a weighted blanket.

Shower, apply icy hot to both legs, WASH HANDS, go to bed and sleep. Took me 4 pregnancies before I found that hack.

magnesium deficiency

Stretch before bed, elevate your legs at the knee.
I used to have to wrap my feet around each other and rub my feet back and forth until I fell asleep when the RLS got bad

Magnesium. Or talk to your doctor about getting on Requip.

Eat more bananas and drink plenty of water. Also unrelated: fruit tingles helps with heartburn and nausea!! I sound like a lunatic but it works

RLS is not caused by anything in your legs, it’s a brain issue. I take a prescription called Ropinirole that fixed it the day I started taking it. If I miss a pill it comes right back
Ask your doctor, I’m not wrong about this.

Bananas and tonic water. My dad has been dealing with Parkinsons for the last 13 years and RLS is a part of it. He lives by those 2 things and walks around when he wakes up in the middle of the night while eating another banana.

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Magnesium lotion!!! This stuff helped me tremendously when I was pregnant.

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Stretch your legs before going to sleep ask you doctor what would be safe to do.

I eat ice cream untill my blood is cold. Now I can relax and lay still long enough to fall asleep.

One ounce of tonic water half an hour before going to bed. Has quinine in it…natural muscle relaxer.
I have done this for years.


Bananas and warm bath

Talk to your doctor don’t drink tonic water until you talk to your doctor and too much ice cream is too much sugar just talk to your doctor

Tell your dr. Your symptoms. All your symptoms. Dont diagnose yourself

Tonic water and also take a bar of soap and put it between your sheet and mattresse

I suffer from this and I am not pregnant. I increase my potassium eating bananas and potatoes and greek yogurt. It also helps to go for a walk to tire the legs out. Its hard to do at 3 in the morning so a treadmill is great for this.

Epsom salt in Hot bathwater

Yes I do icy hot or ben gay and it helps alot also

Do u drink enough water?

I soak in a warm bath.