How Can I Protect My Brother's Baby?

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"I do NOT get along with my sister in law…at alll…i just do not think she is a good person and feel my brother can do way better…anyways…he ended up gettin this girl pregnant and she is now 5 months pregnant and she already has all these rules about us seeing HER child…and when/what we can/cant do with HER child…like my brother doesnt even have sa say in what happens…she wen tout and got a tattoo WHILE pregnant and thinks its okay…well this tattoo and got infected and she ended up in the hospital and i feel like this is just the start of all the tings she will do wrong to this baby…what can i do? how can i protect my brother and this un born child?"

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"It’s out of your hands girl. Trust that your brother will do what he needs to do when the baby arrives."

"As good as your intentions may be, that’s your brothers job , unless it becomes a case of abuse where you can report it to the officials and take your niece or nephew in if it ever came to that point"

"Sadly, you can’t. Your brother is going to have to make his own decisions and you have to just be there and support him."

"Nothing, it’s not illegal to get a tattoo when your pregnant it’s just not recommended if your brother is concerned for HIS child then he will take care of it."

"Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do unless she is neglecting the baby once it gets here."

"You mind your business, that’s how."

"Even respect them and their wishes and be a part of that child’s life"

"Not your monkey. Not your circus."

"it is HER child … it’s hard but true"

"Mind your own business. If you want to be a part of the babies life you need to abide by the mothers rules"

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