How can I move on and trust my partner again?

Depending on how long ago you had the baby it’s not a good idea. I also think he is a selfish asshole for wanting to go anywhere like that right now. He needs to sit his childish ass down somewhere and learn how to change his childs diaper. I would leave because honestly I feel like he would do it again. Just something to think about and please get birt control until you figure it out. Because you may have to leave men don’t change that easily you have to hurt them for them to change and even then it might not happen.

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He seems very selfish! Your new baby has to be your priority! A new baby can’t be out in this heat and for him to expect for you to be by his side while he fishes so you can see he’s not talking to another girl is really sad! You need to reconsider being with this guy! There was a reason you had a 7-yr. break-it just wasn’t right! Just when your hormones are in flux and you have surgery on top of a pregnancy, , he’s thinking about himself, cheating on you! Think about that! You need to decide sooner than later about this! You didn’t say if he wanted the baby and wants to be a family !Trust me and trust yourself about this guy! Do you really think he’s the guy that’s going to be there for you and the baby? He even gets his friend to go when he’s not that into it!


You’ve got two separate issues going on here hun…
1: he cheated on you at a time you were giving birth, what a cad. Was this a long build up over time, were they just chatting or sexting and geting intimate, was he talking to her about leaving you? ALL of that needs to be discussed as it is important to know what and why.
2: Dragging you off fishing because it makes HIM feel better, when you’re breast feedings and just want a bloody good rest at home. Hello…RED FLAG!


Talking to someone is cheating? If there’s more than just talking, then I guess it’s time to say goodbye and move on, but if it’s just talking, then you need to work on your trust issues and once again, if you can’t manage to trust, then it’s goodbye and move on time for both your sakes.


Cheating is never a mistake because they either thought of you and didn’t care or didn’t think of you and still didn’t care especially the day after your child was born. If you want to try to fix the relationship I’d say it’s on your terms :100: now. If you want a break he needs to give you that due to the fact you wasn’t the one out here cheating. If you don’t want to go fishing you do not have to. If he isn’t willing you understand where you are coming from then it might be time to move on because he clearly has no respect or love for you. I also believe you should have his password to his phone IF you want to stay. I won’t tell you leave him because only you will know when it’s time to leave or stay.


You don’t need another kid to watch . He’s a fricken man. Who’s a disrespecting man . You can do better. Hunn . You deserve more . Obviously 7 yrs was not enough . If he’s at it again . Sorry . Take care of you .good luck . Bless you and your child


He dealt you a very low blow… that kind of betrayal will never completely resolve itself…a repeat offender…Focus on you…there is way…way more to this life…we only get to live once…don’t allow your love and loyalty to someone that doesn’t reciprocate those feelings shatter your future…forge your own path for you and your child…don’t EVER look back other than the rear view…strength and success to you!

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Sorry but i really don’t see he’s trying to rebuild your trust and you already forgiven. Why would he even thinks of taking you to fishing… why not do something that you like for a few hours and you can be back with the baby

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got cheated on for the last time last night I’m legit breaking apart rite now my spouse can’t be left alone with anyone wile drinking


Run run stay make nice, meanwhile make the plan to save yourself and your son. This guy isn’t going to change and really doesn’t care about you. If he did he wouldn’t be fishing and have you tag along with a Baby! Make your plan and move on.

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why would u trust him he made it perfercly clear he doesnt care to do that day his kid was born i would seek counlsing


When you make the decision to forgive you just kind of have to. Trust won’t come right away; but of course be aware you can’t keep throwing it in his face either. You have to try and live by your words keep a watchful eye out and hope for the best. If you think there are any accusations to make be very sure of them. Also after all we are all human and being together for 12 of 13 years already sometimes the spark has to be rekindled. Men at times doubt their manhood and going to a second childhood have to prove something to themselves. Passion has to be worked at; be spontaneous and daring occasionally and different. Piqued his curiosity; play some games, dress provocatively, put on a wig. When you are with him let him know how it really turns you on and not everyone can do it. Real love is indeed an emotional and chemical reaction. Let him know he how how he makes you feel! Good luck

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Once someone cheats it is over… There will never be respect for you again… He wont compromise and give you a break I would leave…I dealt with a abusive baby daddy for 3 years before I opened my eyes and left for good… Ya it is scary but I have been raising my son whos 10 now just fine…


I would have a darn good think about your future with him, this is just my personal opinion and in the end your choice to make, a very hard one but once a cheater I’d be very wary myself. If it was just you and no baby to think of the decision might be easier. I don’t envy you the decision but it is your decision and no one else’s you have to do what’s best for you and your son. Take care x x

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I’d leave and give him a wake up call. Sometimes that’s the only way to make yourself feel better for the long term and to give him a reality check. It will give you time to think too. If he’s doing that the day after you had a baby then he likely has done it more often then you know.


What was the context of the phone conversation? Talking on the phone to someone of the opposite sex is not anywhere near infidelity.


If you really want to be happy get over the lack of trust if something is going to happen it will come to the light stop stressing over something that may not happen

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I went through something very similar awhile back with my husband. I’m not going to even lie it was probably some of the worst pain I have ever felt. I mean it’s unexplainable. It took me quite awhile to fully move past it. But it’s also not just on you. He also has to prove it to you. You feeling had about accusing him of things isn’t right. I mean if you’re going overboard that’s one thing. Like if he just says hello to your waitress and you freak out then yeah that’s not cool. But he’s the one who gave you the reason to be suspicious. My husband changed and I had to allow him to do that. I had to finally have the conversation with myself that I was either going to move forward with him having changed or I wasn’t going to be able to get past it and I needed to end it. Because the reality is if he changes and you just can’t move past it then it’s not going to be any better and will make things worse. It’s not going to be an overnight fix by any means. It took me about two years to really let go of everything. But now my husband and I couldn’t be better and we’ve been absolutely great for almost four years now. And it just keeps getting better and better. I no longer have the urge/ gut feeling of “I need to check his phone” but I also know that if I get on it I won’t find anything. Things can get better but it’s not just on you to make them better. You aren’t the one who f’d up. But if he truly does change and you want this to work then working towards TOTAL forgiveness is something that’s just got to happen. It does NOT mean that you forget what happened by any means though.


Oh honey no. Throw the whole man away. . I pray you see your worth, Momma.


I guess that’s the question. Can you forgive him and move on.


I am so sorry for you to be in this kind of situation at a time when you should be surrounded by love and joy of the birth of your baby and a new member to your family.
He sounds very selfish and needs to grow up because he is not seeing or caring what he has with you and I agree he shouldn’t be fishing he definitely should be doing things you both enjoy and give you ,you time … babies can be hard work as beautiful as they are

What do you even mean “talking to a woman” is it a friend? Are you paranoid with no proof but just feel like he was? Take some time to think first.


Cheating is his lack of self esteem. Nothing to do with you. But from my experience, once a cheater always a cheater. Sorry but true!

Get a life…he was talking to another woman, not cheating on you…I would be running for the hills if I was him​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ladies stop accepting below bare minimum! No person who loves you would cheat on you period. Let alone around the time your giving birth to their child. You’re better off alone. Cut This shit out, BE STRONGER.

You can track his phone n know where he goes when he leaves home …. You can also check your cellphone bill for the #s called n how long he talked… this will give you a big clue on what he’s up too … that’s how my daughter caught her BF cheating was how long he stayed on the phone with one # or another …if he’s trying to be honest he will open the tracker location for you or allow you to activate it so you will know his location at any time … if you’re gonna try n stay with him this needs to be done until some of the trust is back :woman_shrugging:

He’s talking to a woman in , is he admitted to u ,he’s having an affair? If not , it just ur suspiscious feeling .if he admitted, well i cnt blamed u .try to trust again, but be watchfull too.

Am sorry…how can you find your trust again? This will never happens… and its better to find your voice for your selflove that you will never akzept to handle like this man again your soul

The reason he chose fishing as an excuse is because he knows you can’t come

So just mere talking to girl on a phone is a sign of cheating, haven’t you talk to a man on a phone? and if you did even without intimate relationship to that man and your husband sees you hears you talking to a man on the phone, would that be a sign on his part that you’re cheating him.who knows that girl on the phone is just an aquintance a friend a business partner or a relative.try to flex your thoughts not until you’re personally convinced that he is really cheating get even with your husband use that big bang theory

He is acting like an inmature , selfish man doing show because he fells aside for the baby. Parenthood changes for him everything about you as a partner and you both must go to therapy . He needs some guides to adapt the relation of 2 for 3. By the way babys can’t be expose until 6 months to sun, nor in open spaces, beaches, lakes, rivers, pools, including at home, neither sun block. Is risky go with a baby to that activity for long hours. He’s acting like a baby when someone took him the ballon. By rhe other hand and considerating past actions can be planning insist you sone time and then give you the reason so he can go alone justified and with no worries about you.
Only you know him. If you think he is real go for the #1. There are men that never grows until realize with professional counselor. Others are manipulators and controllers even you don’t noticed Good luck. Blessings

Yeah, there’s missing context here. This is obviously written to assume the guy is the bad person here. Assumptions are what get good men in trouble and bad men free to do what they want. Women go, “there are never good men.” true, they are all driven crazy, or they go from good to bad. If you are going to get hassled for something you didn’t do might as well do it.

I love how women here are filling in the blanks with no actual details to go by. Talking on the phone with a woman without knowing the conversation isn’t catching him cheating. I wonder what he could be talking about after his child was born. Oh wait, maybe he called a close female friend to share the good news. Or was calling all his friends and she happen to catch him talking to a female one at that moment.

He stopped calling his female friends to keep the peace. Good men will do that.

She said." one of the reasons he wants me there is so I don’t accuse him of talking to another girl or accuse him of anything else, which hurts my feelings. I also feel like I never get a break, I don’t ask during the week because he works, but on weekends, I would like one day I’ll still be home, of course, because my son depends on me to eat. I’ve told him to go by himself, but he doesn’t want to." The most frustrating thing is being accused of something you never did. I don’t blame him.

Sorry, a man that cheats won’t even bother—too much of a hassle. The truth is, this couple had problems even before the child was born. 13 years together, though she claims they took a seven-year break, no such thing as a break. They broke up for seven years and got back together for three years. So yeah, this is a doomed relationship. But not because of the guy cheating, which is only assumed and not proven according to this post.

It is safe to say she has trust issues, which is most likely why they broke up in the first place. He thought she change, but she didn’t, and now they have a kid together, which makes it complicated. Yes, I agree, they do need to separate, but she won’t let it happen.

Yeah trust me you’ll never trust him again fully …my husband left my adult daughter and I to take care of his elderly COPD mother ,while he was running off to take care of his friend " Jeff" who has seizures…while we were left dealing with his siblings wondering where the hell he is , I get why they were mad , I was just as pissed . He wouldn’t give us a phone number or address where to contact him if something happened . All we had was a cell phone number. We finally seperate and I find out the truth a few years that it was actually a girl ( amazing what’s on the internet :grin:) he was with , he said she was his landlord …FINALLY I find out she was actually his roomate and alot younger then me …yeeeeeaaaahhh right …and he still trying to get me to have sex with him after we separated , why the hell would I just want a f… buddy ? I still catch him contradicting what he said at another time. He can’t even keep up with his own lies. :rofl: I will give him credit though he does help pay our rent and the car insurance. Course part of the money is what’s due to me anyways for being married to him in the military. He also tried to convince that I should give him sex while he was with her because he was helping our daughter and I financially…and before anyone says I’m one of those people that was just going after his military check…I met him while I was in the military. I rarely ask for money and he offered to pay the rent and car insurance.Only 12 years ? … try 25 🤷

Wait a minute, how in the world is this about you fixing the situation my dear? I was in a very similar situation a decade ago… it is hard to come to the understanding that the love you feel is yours , you are the one that has the ability to love fully , he doesn’t. It is him who will lose the love you can give. You can only take what you feel and that will never leave you, you just Chanel it onto something or someone else. Without judging I must remind you that childbirth is one of nit the most vulnerable and dangerous moment for a woman and where you need the most protection from harm. He has wounded you in the deepest way but what you still feel is not for him but for the loss of what could and should have been. You are right to feel this way, what has happened is not right in any way shape or form. He has done this, not you. He has done this to all of you, not you. The man knows full well he is not good enough and not up to the task if he has looked elsewhere at such a time where he should have shown his best. Truth is , this is his best… and he has shown you his true nature at your hardest time. It is true that there is not one recipe or one single way to love, but it is also true that true love makes it impossible to cheat. It fills the soul and connects one being with another. You are your babies portal to this life in more than one way, it is you who will set the example on how a woman should be treated, how a man must act and whom you chose as a male role model to instruct him on the how to’s is up to you. You are the main force, the Mother, the beginning and the end of everything for that child. The man you walk besides is someone who’s you must chose, someone that you deem worthy!. I will tell you something I found out the hard way…no one ever tells you how easily replaceable men are, truth is they are !!! There are so many looking for a woman who is good enough to see the best in them and deem them worthy , so many!!! And it is exactly that, easy, we just stick tp the idea of what should be instead of looking with our mighty woman’s heart that we must select who walks beside us. This life is your path, not his, you get to chose so chose wisely girl. Do not waste precious time in someone who is clearly shown to be lacking morals and love. He has taken himself out for a good reason, he knows himself better than you know him. There is so much better out there!!! Argh ! There is so much better right here in your own arms!!!.. chin up, you are stronger than you think, you know better and so does he. Your life is your own , make it what you want out of it!!! Shine on!!!:heart_eyes: Ps. Well done on reaching out, this shows that you already know what you must do, you just needed confirmation. Go change your life mighty woman!:heart_eyes:

Can i clarify… Are u cranky cos he was talking to another female??

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What was the conversation on the phone about? You sound like you are stuck in a world of your own at the moment. Yes. I know giving birth and post partum depression and possibly your living arrangement in a different country and with this pandemic, its a bit of cacooning your life, yourself, your kid and your hub as one unit. You need a break from him totally. And yes, his actions are gaslighting you by forcing you onto his trips where even his friends didnt want to go with him. By all means, give him his break. Send him on his way with a box of condoms and some Viagra on his fishing trip. He can always send you pictures when he reach his spot, who he is with. And whats the result. Even if the location he is in, is off the grid. Send him off and get a g/f or family members to come over your place as you rest. Treat it as a few hours of work. He can afford to pay someone to be in your home for you and your kid. You need to understand, that if he is cheating, he is forever going to be cheating. No amount of survellience will stop that. You need to take care of yourself and your kid first and foremost. Make sure your finances is sound and your mental state is decent enough. Then move on from there.

With God help all things are possible. It will take sincere prayer.

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He sounds selfish and immature. Not worth it.

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He’s garbage. Throw him away. Just focus on you and the baby and you’ll feel so much better.

I think you know what you should do mamma! Massive hugs for you and your wee one . X

He… talked. TALKED. And he is afraid to do anything without her beause of her accuses… Well, i talk to who ever i want, but when a man does it, it is bad? I would need more info about that. I will not jump on that cringey jeally train because of talking. I’ld say, just leave one another alone, or go to therapy. The whole dynamic sounds rotten, not important “who’s fault” it is.


Know your worth, leave him. If you stay your accepting his abuse. Move on.

you can NEVER trust him again period ! Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater !!! He will cheat on you again !

I think he is entitled to speak white a girls. Grow up

Once a cheat always a cheat they don’t change

Take couples counselling… It will help

Talking to someone of the opposite sex isn’t cheating…

You’re never going to get over it really,it’s gonna be there like a little gnat if you will,hate to say it just move is very hard to get,very easy to lose.and any little thing he does if he’s 20 min late You’re gonna assume the worst,don’t drive yourself crazy.hopefully you can co-parent.

Get out now while the baby is young. Talk to friends and family, find your supports. Save money, consultant with a lawyer. It won’t change - it never does.

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Hes definitely still cheating on you

I agree , say bye bye. When you do he will either shape up or you can help him ship out ! This is such a common problem with men who are so selfish they can’t take a backseat to the precious lil gift you GAVE birth to. Poor baby, he wants more sex, so without a thought about mother and child he sought to satisfy his sexual urges….with someone else. When someone treats you like a piece of crap (fucks around WHILE you are PG with HIS child ) they are showing you who they really are. Believe them. You don’t need this man, the fantasy is destroyed. Find a better man. The sweet revenge is he has to pay for his child for 18 yrs. , while he has to engage with the child he made. Good luck. Make plans. Go. :purple_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How could he even dare ask you to come fishing w him and take your baby along?! Your baby could get sunburned, motion sickness, overheated, COVID/Delta is still out there. He is selfish to not help w the baby to give you time to yourself. A good shower to really wash & shave is time you don’t get w a baby. A nice rest is something he should do for you. You need to be demanding and tell him how you want to spend family time. Not give in to this selfish idea of fishing w a delicate baby. He works, but you had his precious baby and your body needs to heal. Just say ‘No, we need quality time to bond & play w the baby’ and see what he does - gets mad at you for asking for family bonding … or complies as a good man should.

I find all my fishing buddies on plenty of fish :+1:

I forgave me now EX husband for cheating on me and I spent the following 10 years being cheated on and lied to. If he didn’t confess because he felt guilty and only confessed because you caught him out . I would say leave him. It’s harsh I know .But the cheating just gets more covert xx

Stay home from fishing for heavens sake! How uncomfortable with a baby! That old saying if mama ain’t happy nobody is happy put your foot down give him an ultimatum ! You should have some time you enjoy as well SPEAK UP GIRL or the rest of your life with that man will be hellish

He was “talking with a girl on his phone” and you’re calling that cheating? I think you both have red flags you need to work on and aren’t quite mature enough for the relationship you’re in.

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I knew a man once who bought a strawberry farm. Not too long after moving into the farmhouse, he discovered that he was allergic to strawberries. Being around strawberries made him physically and, eventually, mentally uncomfortable, they were bad for him. No matter how much good work and attention he gave to his farm, the strawberries made him unhealthy and unhappy. Each time that he went to visit friends or family or went into town to shop, he felt a little better, but as soon as he got back to the farm, he felt worse. Eventually, he sold the farm and got away from the strawberries. Okay, I confess, I never knew a man who bought a strawberry farm and found out he was allergic to strawberries, but you get my point. If you find yourself in a similar situation, ditch the farm, get away from your strawberries, and start to live your life in a way that is not permanently unhappy.

You can forgive but you will never forget. You can either get passed it or you can’t. No one can help you in this situation suga. It’s all up to you. You have a reason to NOT trust him. Cheating is one thing but cheating while you’re birthing his child is a completely different situation :100: that’s the ultimate betrayal! And shooting the blame on you is definitely a red flag that it’s still happening. The accuser is always the one cheating! He “wants you to go” cuz he knows you can’t go due to feeding the baby and not wanting to drag the baby out in the sun and heat. He KNOWS you won’t go! :100: that’s why he asks you to go! Normally I would say cheat back and even the field…that way y’all both don’t trust each other so atleast it’s even…but you being a good mother to his baby is being used against you and that’s bullshit. I saw just leave and move on with your life. Living a happy life is the best revenge :100:

Shove that baby back in the v and dip

Cheating is a done deal


He is .ot to be trusted. Most men cheat given the opportunity. It’s just the way it goes.


You have to live above reproach. Trust God. If he cheats then divorce.

If this is real,leave his ass and concentrate on your child

I wouldn’t worry about fishing. I would worry about the cheating. You may need to cut bait.

Don’t waste your time if wants to be with you and your son he shouldn’t want to fish … lose him fast,… how about taking you for a picnic in a nice shady area with his child. Proud? … not so much… he’s selfish, just thinking of his needs… once a Cheater always a cheater you took him back he knows he has you wrapped , and in a position where you won’t leave … do it surprise the hell out of him…independence is awesome success with yourself and your child is the sweetest revenge … he doesn’t seem to want to propose to you either… classic cheater

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I am so sorry. You cannot trust someone again with that level of disrespect. He cheated the day after a c section?!?! He’s trash. A straight up scumbag. Leave him. That’s the only option.

Umm don’t forgive him? He made this mistake yet you have to comprise? Hell no! He should be doing everything in HIS power to win your trust back, not the other way around and he isn’t.

I bet he also tells you," dont work stay home have his house clean ,his food cooked, wash his cloths ,dont wake him up at nite ,you take care of baby!" oh i know thats a emotional abuser…had one just like him …thy reverse or deflict their cheating or blame bck on you to ,make u have very low self esteem ,not worthy of their attention . Even making snide remarks on even if you drink water a little faster or swallow food different than him …then if you ask why u say that, he flips makes excuses its a joke( bull crap lies) and makes u feel guilty…Unfortunately he sounds like he is controling and will never marry u since he has you there already…

I’d pack his bags and he’d be so far in my past…when you needed him the most someone else was his priority…you have a baby now…and that’s your priority…

25 yrs in…dump his a$$ and take care of you. He’s selfish. Don’t buy into his BS. He’s still talking to her and others. Listen to what all us women are trying to tell you! He’s always going to be a cheater. Fishing? Seriously you just had a baby. He should be treating you like a Queen after giving him a son. Lady wake up NOW!

Talking to another girl?? Get to counseling. If this is infidelity you have a long way to travel. You think hanging out with him for all his free time is the antidote??

Book yourself a good therapist.

U would think if u just gave birth he would want to spend time with his new child. Just my opinion.

Once trust is gone, walk away.

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Good god …you have answered your own questions girl???

Had to make sure I didn’t type this post at first haha

If you’re having to ask this question, you know the answer!!

Throw the whole damn man out.


Kick his ass to the curb and tell him to go be with his slut. You don’t need no man.

If you love him you will give him another chance and forgive him

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Leave him,you will never trust him,I wouldn’t

Don’t trust him, cheating and lying, it won’t stop

I’m convinced the admin comes up with these

For fucks sake, really :roll_eyes:?

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a group where we tell you to dump them

Run like the clappers,he sounds a complete dick head xxx

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It shouldn’t be how are you going to trust him it should be how is he going to work on the relationship to prove to you you and your son are his first choice not some girl at the end of the phone, trust me I have been in your position and I stayed far too long 7 years in fact and time after time it was another girl he was messaging as soon as I forgave him. Do not work on forgiving him and moving on work on getting your confidence up to show you won’t stand for it because once you do you’ll value your worth. I’m now a single mum to my 2 children and I’ve never been happier because I know I don’t have to constantly worry what he’s doing when he’s on his phone and can work on my children and myself instead of constantly worrying what is wrong with me that I’m not enough turns out I’m enough just wasn’t enough for the wrong person X


Wow. You deserve so much better than this

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He’s gaslighting you.


Not getting good vibes


Get rid of him now he has no respect for you your baby or himself

Wtf is wrong with you? This man doesn’t respect his commitment to you and you’re concerned the baby will be hot while you wait beside him and he fishes???

You need to grow a pair. He is cheating you and your baby out of a real life with a loving family.

He cheated the day after you had a baby……and you still want him?

That’s not a “rough patch” that’s a cheater getting caught. Don’t let him make you into a victim.

I have been in this almost exact position with my sons child, but I was still pregnant at the time. What I had to come to terms with was that I could not move forward after it was all said and done. I tried really hard to; I took him back, but I could never trust him. I was consumed by thoughts that he was still cheating and would constantly go through his phone, email, MySpace and all of that. Even if I found nothing I would still have times where I would pick a fight because my gut was telling me something was off.

All in all it continued to destroy our relationship long after the event. Eventually there was just no love left between us and our relationship ended. He has been with another girl for 6 years and they seem happy. I think that when a person just isn’t with the right person they can never be complete for them. I think that’s definitely what led him to cheat and will probably always believe that.

I think in summary what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be ashamed of how your mind feels because the fact is you were betrayed. I think that if your mind simply can’t let go and move forward you need to start thinking of a new path. And lastly I think that there may be some people out there than can forgive and move forward but if your gut isn’t telling you clearly you can’t then you just might have to forge a new path without that man. :heart:

I didn’t need to keep reading after " CHEATED ON ME AFTER MY C SECTION!"


He should he treating you like gold -


Well, that just hurt my heart. If you want to keep him then pump and take the bottles. I know how exhausting fishing all the time can be. If he is wanting you around to show you he isn’t doing anything then that’s a good thing. Don’t argue etc cause it’ll push him away possibly. Talk to him and explain it isn’t good for the baby to be out like that all the time in the heat etc. That it exhausts the baby and yourself. Just tell him it’ll be okay, that he can go fishing by himself.

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He will cheat again. F him for making u follow him around w a baby. He needs to be home with you…but he won’t. He is a selfish slob n I’d a dumped him!


Talking and physically have sex with another person is two different things . Yes they both hurt . But if it was just talking you need to move past it . Also if you don’t want to leave the baby with anyone or even pump so others can feed the baby that’s all on you

He disrespected you at your most vulnerable moment where he should have had all his attention on you and the baby …… you should have left nobody deserve that level of disrespect! . Now’s the time to work on a better life for you and your baby xx


Marriage counseling first to make sense of this and facilitate deep talk. Counseling for you to help you cope whether or not you decide to stay or leave. Then talk to a women’s center and lawyer to see what your options are.


Simple. Leave him. If you dont trust him what’s the point of staying just to complain. You will regret staying when your older. Why stay in a relationship that all ya want to do is complain about. Women rather have something to hold over their other half so they can guilt them into doing what they want when they want. Life is way to short to waste it on complaining and bitching kind of relationship. Nobody is perfect people make mistakes all the time. Staying for a child only hurts the child having to listen to mom and dad fight all the time. That only hurts the child because mom n dad spends more time fighting and arguing instead of spending time with the child. If you dont feel you can trust them than move on. A relationship with trust issues is a horrible relationship. Either forgive and rebuild trust or move on for yourself and your child using tools such as marriage counseling. Or save the time and engery on finding someone you can trust and have a much better relationship for you and your child. Stop complaining and actually do something about it. For your own mind and your child. No man or wife is worth staying in a relationship with no trust. Unfortunately there is some men n women that prefer having something to hang over the other to use guilt to get their way. Life is too short to waste all the time fighting over a cheater. 90% of the time they never change simply because they get away with it.