How can I make my daughters birthday special?

this might sound extra but what can i do with my daughter on her 6th birthday to make it super special? we already had her bday party yesterday, but her birthday is on tuesday. i’m just wondering what little things can i do like when she wakes up to make it good?


My daughters birthday was today, there were balloons, donuts for breakfast and a surprise trip to kennywood. She said it was the best day ever!

Our daughter turns 6 on the 23rd…Wednesday…her bday party is the 19th, Saturday. I bought her a special dress she can wear after her pool party and to school on the actual day. We are keeping our presents until the 23rd, and we will both be picking her up from school and take her out to eat whatever she wants. I leave at 5:15 so the morning is tough

I went decorate with just a cute happy birthday banner and some balloons just a couple and maybe make her pancake breakfast with little candles in it. Simple but special :heart:

Make her favorite food/snacks

Favorite dinner and bake/buy a cake and ice cream.

Have a “her” day make Tuesday all about her. Make her favorite breakfast, take her wherever she wants, etc. decorate her bedroom or even the living room for when she wakes up, etc.

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Fill her room with balloons and have her favourite dinner with close family. Of course more cake too :slightly_smiling_face:


Pancakes with her favorite fruit and cool whip for breakfast or go to her favorite donut shoppe .

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Decorate her room while she is sleeping so when she wakes up she sees her room decorated with balloons and streamers. It will set the mood for the rest of the day!! :balloon::tada::confetti_ball:


*Lots of Crepe paper across her doorway so when she opens her door she has to break through it!
*Her Special breakfast
*take and have lunch with her at school!
*get her those small cute mini vases of flowers from the stores floral department. Publix has them for $9.99 and have it ready for her with her favorite cookies after school!

Decorate!! Do it after she goes to bed the night before her bday. Banner, balloons, streamers. She will love it and instantly feel so special

Balloons! Everywhere! We did a little scavenger hunt for my guy… anytime he opened a door we made sure balloons were behind it.

I used to decorate the whole living room and make a special breakfast

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I always hang a banner and fill the living room with balloons. Their favorite breakfast and then typically do something they love. They also pick dinner for that night then a small cake and ice cream.

Normally on the actual birthday day. I make the whole day about them, so they get to pick All the meals special midday movie time with popcorn. we baked Cupcakes Depending on whether we might go find something fun to do Like ice cream or the beach.


Build a Bear, the museum, aquarium, go out for icecream

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Confetti pancakes with whipped cream, birthday crown…she’s 6 it’s the little things.

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I would hide some notes like a scavenger hunt 1.
Make her 3 special meals…2.3.4
5. Take her out for ice cream
6. Do her fav evening activities whatever that may be
Watch her Fav movie …book…etc

Take here to get nails painted and ice cream


Special breakfast with all her favorite things, decorate her bedroom door, do some baking together, make popcorn and get snacks and some candy and watch a movie

Makeup, hair do, paint her finger nails, dress up, bouquet :bouquet:, make her feel like a princess.

Fill her room with balloons. Decorate the chair she uses to eat breakfast

Her favorite breakfast blow out a candle on pancakes, favorite dinner, decorate just for her, take her to the dollar tree (we call it the prize store) and get a few things she likes.

My sons cpl years ago had a birthday fall in the middle of the week I spent the night after he went to bed blowing up and putting a balloon reef and balloons all over the house and streamers and everything so when he woke up and walked out to the living room he saw it and then he went off to school while he was at school my husband come home early and we have a little heel and driveway where the bus pulls up.
We decorated the whole fence line from our house to the next house on both sides we had balloons everywhere we were hiding silly string behind us and I talked to the bus driver previously and I asked her that when they turned the corner coming towards our house if she could have the whole bus start singing Happy Birthday and so they did and she opened the door and he stepped off he was so happy surprised and then we started spraying them with silly string that just made him even more excited about his birthday. Then we took him out to Pizza buffet and he went and played for about an hour at Chuck e cheese we don’t care for their pizza so we do the buffet next door and to this day he’ll tell you it’s the best birthday ever he will always remember that it’s time I figure out some way to top it this year loo

My daughter just turned 6 and she had a Barbie Birthday. Her and her friends got manicures and had their makeup done! We had a huge flat screen tv playing Barbie music videos (just find them on YouTube) so, the girls danced and sang along. Tons of balloons!!! CHEESE PIZZA, Candy necklaces, pink cupcakes and a Barbie cake that I got the last minute :woozy_face: with a cake topper that shot out edible confetti all over it! (Was very cool) We got a Barbie backdrop so the girls could pose for pictures with Barbie. I bought all my decorations on Amazon. We even had a slime table with every kind of slime you can find. However, It did mess up the girls nails LOL! But they didn’t care! Ohhh and my daughter had the perfect Barbie outfit!

AND we got a hotel room at the Holiday Inn for just the 2 of us and we relaxed like Queens!

We were super Xtra!

Paint your nails at home a lot cheaper face mask bubble bath in the morning both have swimming cosies on pretend its a spar.what ever you do she will love it


Make her breakfast in bed

A nice breakfast with a flower and balloon. Mani/pedi. Then a picnic.

My kids got to choose either their birthday or another day to stay home from school. It was just time alone with mommy and child . They got to pick the activity they wanted to do . Fun times

Buy 6 happy birthday balloons :balloon: and put them in her room while she sleeps, make her a cute birthday breakfast my mom did pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles :grinning: then maybe go get your feet and nails done together then maybe ice cream or lunch at her favorite restaurant and then cook her her favorite dinner and have cake …

Build a bear does a birthday bear. It cost what ever age the kid is.