How can I make my child like having their nails cut?

I need help mamas. My 3 yo daughter hates her toe nails cut. When we cut them my husband and I need to hold her down, she screams and cries and pushes us and hits us and flails her legs around so bad that we can’t hold her enough to cut them without hurting her. We usually always end up getting it done somehow but this time when we tried we had to stop. Took us 25 mins to only cut 4 toe nails. I had to give her a bath she was soaked in sweat and almost hyperventilating from being so upset. She’s not a heavy enough sleeper to cut them in her sleep I’ve tried numerous times. Suggestions please on how to do this!? Thanks in advance.


My son was fine with getting his cut when he was a baby but started getting upset like this when he was around three. Letting him feel somewhat in control by holding a file or another pair of clippers has helped some. He’s small so I would strap him in a high chair and straddle his leg backward so I could control the kicking. He’s nearly five now and is finally back to allowing me to cut them with minimal fighting.

I have boys, but they see me do my nails (cut and paint them) so I started painting their toes. But they have to have them cut first.

Maybe take her with you to have a spa day and get a pedicure
That way it’s special and fun

Maybe it’s a sensory thing with the sounds of nail clippers… use a small scissors or nail file.

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Instead of clipping them use a file. Run it up the bottom of her foot so she can see it tickles. And stop holding her down.

I have to paint my 2 yr olds n make em pretty n give candy Or she wont let me touch em

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Take her with you to get a pedi … let her see someone doing it to your feet and maybe they can clip hers too