How can I keep my child busy on the bus?

My oldest is almost 7 and she’s been suspended from the bus twice already. She has adhd and just jumps around on the bus and won’t sit still. Her adhd is not so bad really but after a long day at school she has a hard time sitting still.I decided to work on sending her with a ‘busy box’ on the bus so she can keep herself distracted, like word searches, sticker dot sheets… I’m looking for more stuff I can send on the bus with her, if anyone has any ideas…?Fidget toys don’t work for her.

Hey! I work PT at Lakeshore Learning and we sell lots of fun things there. Perhaps check out the register areas in your area for a suggestion.

My grand son has ADHD , the driver got his mom’s permission to put him in a seat belt front seat of the bus

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Fidgets for the bus. Her iep team and the school should help you with this

Give permission for a seat belt of some sort or drive your kid to school yourself. Kids aren’t automatically booted for one offense. It takes repeated issues as well as supervisors and/or administrators agreeing that the behavior is not okay. If she can’t handle it right now, she can’t handle it. Maybe in the future when behavior is more managed, she can ride the bus. It’s not about one kid, it’s about the safety of the whole bus full of kids. One kid jumping around can be very disruptive, distracting, and unsafe.

Get her knitting or crocheting, though they probably won’t allow knitting needles or crochet hooks in school. How about an Etch-A-Sketch or Pla-Doh?