How can I help my stretch marks and loose skin?

Any mommas out there get bad stretch marks and very loose skin? if so what did you do to tighten the skin and completion of the stretch marks


Definitely follow the birds papaya :heart:


Try fibroblast… takes some treatments but works

I have no idea on the stretch marks but I got a waist trainer from amazon and LOVE IT!! I’ll post the link


Pure romance body boost helped me with my loose skin and their save my skin strech mark reducer after my son


For the stretch marks, Pure Romance has a cream called ‘Save My Skin’


It probably sounds weird but breastmilk really helps with stretch marks. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I’ve literally tried everything!! Nothing helps :frowning: … Just shapewear to conceal…


Yes Save My Skin from Pure Romance which is a blend of oils definitely helps with stretch marks and I’m not just saying this because I am a consultant for them I have personally used it and it works wonders


My sister made something out of carrots but I couldn’t use it during pregnancy because it may have triggered premature labor. I used it after of course and it definitely helped compared to my first pregnancy 12 years prior

YOURCLOSET1 Lippogel &Latex vest &Detox tea… My stretch marks are less visible &lost 12 pounds in 2 months!

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I hear waist trainers work well! And honestly stretch marks fade with time so much. I have old stretch marks that are just a little shiny compared to the rest of my skin, the dark shades hace faded

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Pure Romance Body Boost

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Taking collagen has helped my stretch marks


I’ve seen a few people using Monat new skin care line for stretch marks. I haven’t tried it for that yet but it is helping even the skin tone of my face and my dark circles.

I’ve had great results with the it works products! They’re full of great ingredients. Being pregnant i tried all creams and oils possible turns out collagen in cream isn’t as efficient (for me anyhow) but their coffees and “hydrate packs” creams all together work wonders

The mlms came a running :rofl:
Just to be honest it may get a little better but for the most part the only fix is surgery and/or laser zaps. As any medical professional, no lotion or cream or nutritional supplement is going to actually help.


I never got stretch marks. Instead of rolling out of bed actually do some work and SIT up.

Coco butter in the morning and olive oil at night

I used bio oil, u can get at walgreens. It’s a little pricey but a little goes along way

Despite what people say NO lotions / creams / miracle cures are going to change stretch marks and loose skin. Maybe you can lighten stretch marks with creams but it will not reduce them. Instead staying hydrated (water) and eating healthy will help you feel better mentally and physically. Exercise as much as you can without making it a “punishment” do it because you WANT to not because you feel like you have to. Even if it’s just taking a daily walk. There’s expensive laser treatments/ surgery that may help if you want to spend the money. If you don’t the best advice I can give is- learn to love them!! Learn to love your new body and create a new mentality other than “how can I change this” try “my body did an amazing job and I’m so proud” also as someone stated before - follow thebirdspapaya on Instagram. Very body positive :sparkling_heart:

So I used the cocoa butter/ coconut oil blend that u can buy at bath and body works throughout my pregnancy, every single night I put it on and I didn’t get a single stretch mark, so prevention is key here but for existing ones it never hurts to try what I was using since it definitely moisturizers and replenishes your skin. Good luck!

Castor oil!! It helps tons. Look up the benefit on Pinterest :wink: