How can I help my labor along?

I had contractions last night from about midnight till 7 am before I absolutely had to go to the hospital. Well, I was having consistent contractions every four minutes but was not dilating past one, so they gave me a pain pill and sent me home. Well, here I am almost 8 hours later with contractions still, do you mamas have any tips or tricks to get this mama dilating I’m in absolute pain and just straight-up miserable at this point Im also 38 weeks. I appreciate any help


Walk and squat during contractions


Nipple stimulation!
Roll them gently between your thumb & index finger!


They have told me sex but idk if you’d want to beings you’re having contractions


Well i took a shower and let the water flow on my belly and it helped alot

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I went home at a 4 went to bed
Then got up and got Wendy’s sausage baconator and the wedges
Then headed to bass pro and started walking and then it hit me so hard that I couldn’t breathe or talk through them and then I was with hubby so he drove us 30 miles to our hospital and at that point I was past a 6 so they had to admit me

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I walked through my contractions and it helped

Pineapple will soften your cervix. Definitely walk and roll on your ball (if you have one). Spicy foods will help too!


Walk up and downstairs sideways, nipple tweaking, hot spicy curry good luck


Lightly bounce on a yoga ball or if you don’t have a yoga ball use the side of your bed. Lots of walking. I went to my last dr appointment dilated to 4 and 90%efaced and got sent home my mom had me walk for nearly 2 hrs after my appointment when my water finally broke.

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Drink soooooo much water. The uterus is a muscle and will contract at the slightest sign of dehydration because it is so stretched. These contractions are painful but not productive to open the cervix. So if that’s what’s happening, then they will either go away or get stronger if they’re real.

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Dinner plate sized wolf spider crawling up my thigh sent my labor pains from an hour apart to 10 minutes in the time it took me to scream.

My sister’s grandmother in law said to scrub the kitchen floor. :joy:. We laughed, but then she was down on her hands and knees playing with her cat, and when she stood up, her water broke. So I guess it wasn’t so much the floor washing as it was the hands and knees.
(The hospital has me do the same, hands and knees, rocking back and forth slightly and it seemed to reinforce)

Good luck!! The last 2 weeks were always the worst.

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Acupuncture :ok_hand: Just be prepared it might work very fast!! My baby was born 1.5 hours later. Good luck

Walk up and down the stairs, bounce on a ball and sex :relaxed:

Squat down in front of a chair or coach… helps put pressure on your cervix!


That’s crazy go back and demand they keep you I never dilated until they broke my water and even then I only got to 3 cm they waited so long I almost lost my baby I had to have an emergency c section go back !

The baby isn’t ready. Talk with your OB not the on call DR. With my last pregnancy we went to the hospital 3 times in the last week before he was born. I stayed at 3 but completely thinned. The nurse said that most likely I was having real contractions at home but jinxed myself going to the hospital. Where I could rest without distractions. The day we had him I was 39 weeks 5 days, I had him 30 minutes after pulling into the parking lot of the hospital because I took my time getting there because I didn’t want to be sent home again.

With my 2nd, i ate spicy food, ate fresh oregano and basil (with the spicy food), and had sex. Was born the next day. :wink:

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When I had my first baby, and I started feeling contractions, I called in to see if ai should go to the hospital since I live several cities away from the hospital I give birth at. The nurse told me to take a warm shower, and let the water hit my belly for 10-15 minutes. She said if it was false labor, the contractions would go away, and if it was real labor, they would get more intense. They definitely got more intense lol. I had my son about 6 hours later.

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At 38 weeks exactly with my first baby my contractions started. My mom told me take a double shot of the hottest hot sauce she had and them made me walk the steepest hill over and over until they were 1 minute apart. My son was born that night at 11:09pm on 2.2.14.

Have sex, nipple stimulation, walk up and down the stairs! You could eat some spicy food or eat some dates!

Be careful tho. I had the same experience and they sent me home. All that weekend I was having contractions and didn’t want to go in because of them sending me home. That Monday I went to my ob appt and I was 5 and my bag was buldging

A warm bath with water running on your belly for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Works wonders!

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Fresh cut pineapple or sex with the guy not pulling out…exercise ball…walking and doing squats holding onto things…

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I got made to walk up a feck off huge hill lol x

Yoga ball! Game changer for me. Roll your hip in circular motion. I had contration at 4am, sat on the yoga ball and rocked around. When ever i get tired ill go to bed, then back on the ball when the contration wake me, Then at 7 am, the contration got stronger thats when we left to the hospital. Good luck mama.

Raspberry tea make sure it says it is made w real red raspberry leaves!

Might be the ones that are preparing you, but wont actually get you going.
Can try belly dancing, squats, stairs, e.t.c. but I suggest relaxing and just ignoring it for now.

I walked a lot and bounced on a ball. I also rolled from front to back on the ball.

My doctor recommended I lay on my left side…

The only thing that helped me progress was sex with my husband (with him not pulling out) apparently sperm carries a protein that makes the cervix soften, thats the only thing that got me to dilate

My doctor gave a small bottle of castor oil. Drank the whole bottle mixed in juice. Six hours later my water broke