How can I help my child with Autism ride a bike?

My child just turned 13. He has very high functioning autism. He wants to be like the other boys. Recently he decided he wanted to learn to ride a bike. He can not seem to balance. Any suggestions on teaching him? Until he outgrew his old bike he always had training wheels and did great. Now he just wants to learn to ride. I’ve tried for two weeks but haven’t had any luck.


Balance bike to ease him into it?


my asd boy gave up after training wheels…good luck

Put 1 training wheel on a regular bike to help with the balance

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Persistence my boy finally learnt balance at 16 and wouldn’t get on a bike before 14

I would look into a bike shop that builds bikes. I would think any form of tricycle or balance bike would be too small for a 13 year old to be able to use comfortably.

I am pretty sure they special make bicycles for kids with autism. Maybe try looking into that for him. :heart:

Get a balance bike but if u cant just take the pedals of a normal bike. My son had tried for weeks n weeks to ride and as soon as I did this for my son he learnt within an hour. Just be careful he doesnt hit his legs on the bars if u choose the remove pedal option.

Grass or a dirt driveway

If he’s determined he will do it. It may take a lot longer but it will happen

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My daughter has Asperger’s/16yrs old; she tried riding a regular two-wheel bike years ago but very quickly realised she just couldn’t balance it without the training wheels. She wanted to ride a bike just like everyone else but didn’t want to get teased for still having trainers. We found her a 3-wheel bike. She was soo happy. She got to pick out the color of the bike and LOVED the fact that it had a basket. 5yrs later and she still loves her 3-wheel bike :blush:

Let someone else work with him.

No suggestions, hugs and luck. 13 is a hard age for all of them my youngest is 13 and wants to be “normal” I taught middle school and they all strive for “normal”. As for the bike extra core work might help with balance.

Adjust the training wheels little by little until he’s basically doing it on his own then take them off

I had to figure it out myself let them learn on their own sometime