How can I help my child with ADHD?

Hello, My son is 7 almost 8, and recently diagnosed with ADHD. we figured he had it but the tests confirmed it. he’s been struggling with his sleep. like bad. our doctor reccomended melatonin gummies. so hes been taking those. well just recently the past few weeks those havent been workingm he stays uo all hours of the night and is missing school. the doctor said they dont prescribe sleeping medication to kids anymore. so i was wondering if theres anything else i can give him? we also tried benadryl but that does the opposite. keeps him awake. so im asking for opinions because im honestly at my witts end with this no sleeping thing.


Did he start medication for adhd?? Is that. Why sleep issues?

This will sound crazy, but my brother has ADHD and when we were kids my mother struggled with this until the pediatrician suggested trying giving him a caffeinated drink with dinner. Much like benadryl has the opposite effect, caffeine usually has the opposite effect on people with ADHD.


My son will be 6, May 25. We use CBD oil and or gummies. We do essential oils. Magnesium which is proven to help decrease ADHD symptoms. Epson salt baths before bed and a probiotic bc certain foods are linked to gut health causing ADHD symptoms. We have seen improvements along with his school. We have used melatonin for years but were trying to reduce that now. We also turn all electronics off one hr before bed. Now my son still wakes up every night, always has, but all of this has helped minimize his behavior. Try to reduce anything with added sugars and dyes


What time does he take his meds?

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My son has ADHD take meds for it and is also on a sleep aid plus melatonin.

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Just an idea
You might try a sound machine
A constant soothing sound
Good Luck

Remove all electronic stimulation and replace with books

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I say CBD but i live in colorado so its easy to come by. Google it before you start bashing. THC gives you the high the CBD gives you the health benefits

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Why is he missing school?
Being tired at school os better than being truant


Benadryl can make children progressively more hyperactive, so it’s best to avoid giving to children with this diagnosis. I just attended an ADHD related seminar recently and the speaker made some good points, that ADHD is like having a million and one thoughts racing through your head at once and you physically cant focus on one thing nor clear your mind for things such as sleep. He did this exercise that says “Smell your flower, blow your bubbles.” With one hand, they take a deep breath in pretending to smell their flower. And with the other, a deep breath out to blow their bubbles. It might be an effective method to calming and eventually sleep! Also, Google applying pressure to the midline of the body. There are studies done that its calming, hence why kids chew on pencils. It applies pressure to the midline of the body and its calming. Weighted blanket maybe? Good luck!

You may already do this, but a certain amount of no screen time before bed really helps my wild infant before bed. I also do a diffuser with kid-safe sleep and calm essential oil blends. I didn’t buy into the oil thing until I was desperate after weeks of antibiotics and coughing, but they have made a big difference for my kiddo.
If it is the meds, maybe talk to the doctor about type, what time he’s taking it, and if it is time-released?

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Stop feeding him sugar in any form. Start giving him more meat and low carb vegetable options only.

My 9 year old son who has adhd ptsd and a sleeping disorder has a perscribed sleeping medicine

Try the bilayered tablets. They are time release to keep them sleeping… my oldest son is on hydroxizine(amped up allergy meds that make them sleepy also clonidine and melatonin… he’s on it because he has extreme ptsd. He’s 9

Have you tried changing his diet? Most of the food we eat is processed and it can cause and add to hyperactivity. I’d try cutting out as much processed foods and sugar as possible.

We got my daughter to use a weighted blanket. It’s worked wonders.

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My teenager has ADHD and benedryl has the complete opposite effect on him. How many mg of melatonin is he taking? You could also try essential oils for sleep like lavender. My son cannot have electronics at least an hour and a half before bed or he will be up all night. I also noticed that anything with red dye in it makes him more hyper. Try a sound machine.

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Have you cut down or out food dyes? Specifically red 40 food dye?

No bashing or rude comments please this is just what works for my child if you don’t want to then don’t try it just my experience…
My son is adhd and has been on clonidine since he was 4 he is almost 12 and he has become pretty immune to it so I recently started seeing a holistic doctor or natural doctor which ever you prefer and they recommend cbd gummies because melatonin never worked for him so I got puur cbd gummies 250 mg i had heard of other people using them but never tried them until she recommended trying them because I was unsure if they were safe but they help him so much I was actually shocked he will go to sleep without a problem and wake up a a normal time like 730 instead of 4 am


What does he stay up all night doing?

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Give him a half a small cup of coffee before bed

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My granddaughter is ADHD…Her Dr prescribed clonidine

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Benadryl keeps my child up, my daughter was prescribed clonidine and although we haven’t tried it I know lots of moms that do CBD and it works wonders.


Step son has PTSD, ADHD and anxiety. Had similar issues with sleep. He was just prescribed Seroquel. He’s finally sleeping!!! He’s 6! Been on numerous meds since he was 4. Maybe get a second Dr opinion.

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Cut sugar and caffeine

My son is ADHD and has been since he was 4. He’s 18 years old. I have tried a lot of different things over the years and the one thing that has worked over the last 5 years is black coffee. For some reason instead of hypering him up it calms him down. Just a suggestion.

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Zarbee’s Sleep Aid. It’s made just for children. My son is ADHD as well and for times he isn’t sleeping enough that’s what we use and it works like a charm.

Try melatonin. My brother is autistic and diagnosed ADHD, his pills change every couple of months but if he doesn’t take his melatonin then he’s up all night doing the most random stuff

valarian root is a good naturl sleep aid

My son was adhd… coffee calmed him down

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Watch the YouTube video - Finding Conner Deegan
This may shed a new light…

I know a few moms do CBD gummies instead of medication for ADHD. 2/3 of my children have ADHD and I use the medication for them during the day while they’re at school. They don’t take it on weekends or breaks. Their sleep patterns have been good since starting medication.

My grandson had this issue also. His pediatrician recommended we take him to MHMR and they put him on clonidine a blood pressure medication that in small doses helps children with this. It’s the only way for him to go to sleep and stay asleep to wake up ready for the day. We’re still working on that part. Good luck to you guys!

A lot physical activity so he is tired that is what Dr told me when he had bad reaction to meds when he was young.

My son takes melatonin, i dont know what mg of it you’re giving him but our doctor told us to go up 1 mg at a time and give it a try for a few weeks before deciding to go up again. She told us we could go up to 10mg but he’s been taking it a year and only takes 3mg so it works for him. Also are there other medications in the gummies, i would just try a straight pill they have quick disolve tabs that taste really good. Everyone in our house takes melatonin. We all have issues here. :wink:

Try lavender oil! Under his arches in his feet. There are other oils too! Saved my bacon w hi strung kids.

You could try another doc. Sometimes, especially if they are on adhd meds, they can give kids a small dose of clonidine to sleep. Not to be confused with klonopin.(the anxiety medication). It just really depends on the doctor and maybe where you live. It’s worth asking about. Good luck. I have a son just like that.

I agree with comments regarding diet.
There’s a group of therapists who are looking into the correlation of gluten, dyes, etc and behavior.
If possible, talk to a nutritionist and start cutting out gluten and processed foods, sugary foods, etc. Based on what I read, several families noticed a HUGE POSITIVE difference in behavior and sleep when they stuck to a stricter diet.
Also, I can attest to CBD gummies. Holy cow… My husband actually sleeps and his restless leg doesn’t act up half as bad when he uses them. I don’t wake up tired and groggy.
Def look into them.
Search around for an actual CBD shop. Not a smoke shop. Actual CBD Shops have better quality products. :heart::heart:

It’s not supposed to be used every night. Also unfortunately it can kill whatever natural melatonin the body produces. I would stop giving those for a while, try to make his brain tired before bed…puzzles, reading, games, ect. I’ve also heard weighted blankets work wonders. Good luck <3

Definitely try monsters! My boyfriends cousin drinks those when he runs out of his ADHD meds.


If you give to much. Melatonin it wont work

Lavender and chamomile essential oil is supposed to help one sleep and relax. Spray some lightly on their pillow. BUT CHECK FIRST TO SEE IF IT’S OK TO USE ON AN 8 YEAR OLD. Good luck!!

My son has been on sleeping meds since he was 3. You have to keep uping does. He gets a RX for Sleeping meds now. Even they have to be uppped ever year or so.

Melatonin has the opposite effect on some people :disappointed:

Weirdly I’m going to suggest caffeine. At least with people I know that benadryl didn’t make them sleepy, caffeine does.


Disconnect electronics including tv

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I would find a doctor that is a specialist. My son had to be put on risperidone it helps with anxiety and sleeping. They give him a .5mg dose and it helps

Melatonin over the counter

Wow that’s weird my daughter has ADHD and she has sleeping meds as well as taking melatonin

Its the ADHD drugs keeping him awake? U decide.

My middle child was diagnosed with the same and battled with sleep but finally got her to sleep thru the night with a complete change of routine that worked for her and consistency

Try also a weighted blank

Imo stop adhd meds. It makes them zombie like. My oldest was MIS diagnosed and took med she didnt even need. She took the test, theirs no exact science to these and can be wrong. If your concerned about behaviors see another professional that may help. Their could be so many other things going on and this happens all the time.
Give him coffee in the morning- no joke- people have been giving to their kids with adhd for a long time and it works opposite. And will help your kid sleep at night. Just my opinion though, having gone thru the misdiagnoses I am weary of believing its all adhd. When i got a 2nd opinion a dr who listened to us explained has weary of it too considering their is so many issues with kids that coyld be tested for that most don’t. ADHD med are an easier option. I cant recall that list, but one I thought was interesting was a vit deficiency can cause the same behaviors. And thst deficiency does not mean the kids arent eating adequately - its their bodies literally refusing the nutrient and needs a med to help the body absorb what it is missing


Süthe CBD oil i heard is very effective in this are. Can look the product up and read others’ testimonials, or can message me and I can invite you to the page and you can see everyday real life testimonials. Not harmful at all

Try an energy drink, sounds wrong but it works.


I have it and still have the issue I was on sleep medicine as a kid didnt work even as an adult they still dont work but a good routine and a really good diet and excersize does wonders also even dyes in food can set me off red dyes and limit screen use especially before bed and a nice bath right before bed helps also to help you to understand a little more even at night my mind is constantly going and thinking throu out the day even I go throu a million thoughts and ideas my brain will not shut off it’s hard to focus sometimes or even relax its like switch that’s permanently on and can’t get to shut off no matter how hard you try I’m better as an adult iv learned to control the ADHD and to focus better but my mind is constantly on the go making it really hard to sleep

Give him a mug of half coffee, half milk. The caffeine will have the opposite affect and knock him out in no time. My mom used to do this for me, and my uncle who has lived with severe adhd his entire life still drinks coffee to go to sleep at night. I still do it occasionally now that I’m older, but when I was a kid nothing worked better.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime extra tea with valerian helps me sometimes. In the blue box

Tranquil Sleep chewables, in health food store.

Give him a cup of coffee before bed. Caffeine has the opposite effect on a child with adhd. I would give my son a cup before school and he did really well.

Have you tried brushing,a weighted blanket or joint compression? My son has SPD,ADD/ADHD, and a plethora of other diagnoses. But the aforementioned things are things we’ve tried and done. He loves the weighted blanket and to be rolled like a burrito. It “grounds” him and he goes to sleep. He just turned 19.

My 9 years old grandson has hyperinsomnia and he was prescribed sleep medication and Melatonin.

We were told by our psychiatrist to give our son coffee. Like a small Italian cup. Black. No milk. No sugar. At night we started black tea, one cup. He slept very well with it.

It helped him. It calmed him and helped him concentrate.

Everyone’s different tho. Hopefully you can find something that helps your little one.

My son takes clonidine. 2 to help him relax and fall asleep sometimes he will wake up in the middle of the night but can go back to sleep with out anything else and other times he stays awake until bedtime that night

My brother was like that. My mom would let him have a soda high in sugar and caffeine before bed. It had the affect Benadryl should of had.

Coffee. The caffeine calms them down. It really works. Mix it with hot chocolate to make it taste better.

Yikes. Shouldn’t of been giving him melatonin all the time they become dependent and stop producing their own.

Diffuser with lavender oil

Yep lots of people say coffee works for them

Cappuccino before bed.

Go to a second Dr. My friend’s daughter is on sleeping meds and shes younger than your Lil Man. Some kids just need the help…I hope you can figure everything out soon!!!

My godson will be 10 this year and he is ADHD and had sleeping problems. He was prescribed a sleeping med that he has take a benadryl with to sleep. He would sleep for and hour or two n feel fully rested. His school called the Dr about his behavior n all that’s how the process was started at age if 5

My son is on clonadine for sleep he is 7 it’s prescribed by out pediatrician. He does have sensory processing disorder and adhd. With out meds my son may sleep 2 hrs a night

Definitely pay attention to diet. Depending on the medication he’s on for adhd, it may not mix well with processed foods!

Diet. Sugars and dyes in the food ate not helping

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Clean his died get rid of simple foods, make your home routine the same everyday look to see if you can get into a naturopath dr they have been amazing with my son also have his iron levels checked

My 4 year Old is on 1.5 tablets of clonidine and 2 tablets of clonazepam for sleep every night. Id get a second opinion. She gets hers from the neurologist though

Coffee. Had opposite effect until kids hit puberty

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My grandson takes 2mg clonidine 1 mg of melatonin does fine he see a psychiatrists 1x month his reg Dr referred him

Caffeine! Before my son was old enough to take melatonin, I’d make him a cup of coffee to help him calm down at night. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

What they dont tell you about melatonin is that after three weeks on, you are supposed to not give it for two weeks for the body to level itself back out again.

Had a friend back in the days of more natural cures that was told to give her kid spoon fulls of peanut butter to snack on, protein. Also to give a cup of black coffee at night as it does the opposite on them. Worked for her son. Not saying the coffee will work for yours. Try it on a weekend over school days if you do. Non sugared peanut butter increasing the protein helps during the day to calm them and focus.

My son was diagnosed with add, ADHD and spd we tried melatonin and at first it didn’t work. He was 2 and was a 24 hour kid. Slept maybe 2 nights his whole life and we got referred to a sleep specialist who did sleep studies. She prescribed trazadone. I would only recommend putting him on this as a last resort but like you I was at my end! And it worked well until we eventually weaned him off using melatonin instead, my son is almost 8 now and the melatonin works great!

My daughter is 8 with severe adhd. Melatonin only helps sometimes. We play outdoors for 3 to 4 hours a day, more on weekends, and then we watch a family movie around 6. When that’s over we read or color for 30 minutes to an hour, turn on a sleep story to listen to, turn off all lights and she falls asleep pretty good most of the time. She gets the melatonin at 7 every night and is asleep between 9 and 10 depending on how successful we were sa t getting her the right stimulation during the day.

My son with ADHD had and still does have sleeping issues and would go for days without sleep and still manage school but by the weekend he would crash and I’d just let him sleep, this was all before the days of melatonin so we did the best we could and unfortunately there isn’t allot of options for this except for making sure he was very active to try and run out some of that energy. About MSG in your food and unnecessary sugars and preservatives and find something he likes to do that helps calm him.

Don’t know about sleep, but maybe if you cut out sugar and chocolate and caffeine, it would help some. They do have Tylenol PM. Not sure of his age. Wish you the best.

My daughtwr with adhd is 8 ans takes trazodone at bedtime. Its the only thing that helps her sleep

My 10yr old takes clonidine.
Literally couldn’t sleep. This helped him tremendously. It was our last resort after trying everything else before turning to meds

Check adenoid aka third tonsil. Adhd and sleep issues along with some other problems like anger, irritation etc often are cause by enlarged adenoid and unability to breath while sleeping so theres no quality resting time for the brain. It is often misdiagnosed as adhd, aboit 70% to be exact.

Coffee for sure helps. I’ve had ADHD my whole life. Still have a horrible sleep schedule. In turn it transferred to my kids. I use melitonin at night but coffee definitely helps mellow during day time.

My husband has ADHD and has always said coffee works for him. He can only drink it at night otherwise he falls asleep

I don’t know about kids that young, but for me and my teens the nighttime ibuprofen really helps!

Have you tried lavender essential oil? Apply it to wrists, temples and feet at night . A drop or two on his palms and have cup his hands over his nose and breathe deep. Use in a diffuser if you have one. Be sure to buy good quality oils like Doterra, those cheap ones are just that, cheap. Good luck!!!

Try coffee I know it sounds crazy but it has the opposite affect on ADHD kids I have ADHD and my mom used to give me coffee and it knocked my ass out.

As crazy as it sounds, my brother would have a small drink of coffee or other caffeinated drink. He was diagnosed with ADHD and was on lots of different meds (this has been about 18yrs now) and only thing that calmed him down was caffeine. My parents also had him play outside alot during nice days and we had lots a physical activities to do to wear the body out.
My son shows signs of ADD and I keep him active and he gets 1 cup of a caffeinated drink a day and it helps mellow him out. Melatonin doesnt work, but he does have a script for a older allergy medicine that knocks him out. He takes it as a preventive for migraines, prescribed by a neurologist.
I’d also suggest seeing a specialist for ADHD or a neurologist as they may have better ideas to your child.

Sleep time tea work well. Do a routine do a wind down time before bed

Put him in a sport he needs to be more active So he is worn out by the end of the day.

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Try a work out routine. Start with like 30 minutes of heavy cardio, and some weight lifting or something. My friend is struggling with the same thing, both her kids work out with her and her boyfriend every night. :heart_eyes: time to get sleepy!