How can I help my 2-month-old with teething?

Wash your hands let him chew on your knuckle

Tylenol and baby orajel though I’m not 100% sure what age orajel is for.

Baltic Amber Teething necklace. Handcrafted, 100% USA Lab-Tested Authentic Amber - Natural Teething Pain Relief
The baby wares it. But only while supervised.

Teething tablets they desolve quick

Frozen wash rag as he chews the rubbing will break the gums

Teething ring freeze it rub on gums

Get a teething necklace no problems while wearing it

Frozen wash rags or put a spoon in the freezer

Just let him use ur knuckle

Dont give him food u are right… def too too young. Baby orajel hold it for him something cold to bite down on.

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A pasifer,cold in icebx &1 in baby’s mouth

Get some teething rings, put in the freezer and hold them on his gums for him. Poor baby

Rub rum on their gums ( I was so against it the idea of it until I tried it and my son instantly stopped the fussing) my parents and grand parents used this method and as long as they dont swallow any I’m 100% behind it.

Hold an ice cube in a washcloth and let him chew on it. Rub it over his gums. I did it with my 2 and it seemed to give them some relief.

Wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer for a little bit and let him chew on that. I personally wouldn’t recommend teething tablets.

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If you breastfeed/pump you can make frozen bm pops. Those are awesome. Otherwise frozen wash clothes work well. We’ve also used an amber necklace since 2.5/3 months.

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My doctor actually said it doesn’t hurt to get teeth and it’s a very natural thing meant to happen. He said issues causing pain are secondary infections caused from dirty hands/objects etc going into the mouth. Does you’re little one actually seem to have pain?


I will always recommend teething tablets it’s by a natural brand and you can get them at walmart when they are that young one will work the desolve instantly on their tongue I used them for both of my kids and they worked amazingly


Cold rags, teething mittens, let them chew on your finger! Lol

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I made Ice formula ice lollies using a pacifier.fill ice tray with breastmilk or formula,place pacifier into tray and into fridge.It very soothing

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The avent Phillip’s soothers work well. My girls been sucking on one since 2weeks.

They love the squeaky thumb thing on the gums. (Wash hands, no nails)

Do not use those teething tablets they recalled them, hyland is the brand


I know babies that young shouldn’t have much water but when my daughter started teething at 2 months and started crying the only way I was able to get her to stop was a bottle with ice water in it

They have teething rings that you put in the freezer.
Get 2 so when 1 is in use the other is frozen.

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Hyland teething tablets are unsafe

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Cold rags, you can also make milk pops out of formula or breast milk. Kids chew toys

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Nuby teething gel works wonders

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Always try any medication, remedy etc in your own mouth before you give it to your infants, children.

Put something on his gums call doctor

Cheyenne Parbs read through the comments. Might help you out some with James

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Freeze a wash rag or a few