How can I go about getting child support?

I’d like some advice please, I have a 6 & 7 yr old with my ex. We are not on good terms…When we decided to split up I agreed to let him live in the house I put a loan for, temporarily, while he builds his credit up and no child support. I moved back to my parents to finish school and work part time. Long story short, throughout the breakup and moving…his parents & my parents said I need to ask him for child support, but I knew he couldn’t afford it and he needed to get back on his feet. So a year later I decided to sell the house in order to take the loan off my name…The ex wasn’t happy about it since that wasn’t part of our “agreement” but things change within a year. And now I’m thinking of asking for child support…how do I go about it?


Simple! Did you make them on your own?


Just go to your local child support enforcement office and they will walk you through the steps and they will base the amount of child support you get on the fathers income


Approach the court for a modification of the agreement, if it’s in writing. If it isn’t in writing, sell the house, evict the tenant, and count yourself blessed to have survived.


you will go to Human Services.

Department of Human Resources in your state.

child support isn’t about you!! its about the kids… he needs to do his job as a parent… stop feeling sorry for him…


Get a solicitor and also set out visitation rights and guardianship while you are at it… you dont know what’s around the corner so have it all done…best of luck x

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Call your child support office they will help you.

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Court. Don’t even think about his feelings.


Google the Child Support Services in your state lots of information. Also if nothing was documented about your verbal agreement you may be entitled to back support. Don’t allow this to continue as child support is about the children not the comfort of your ex

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Children needs trump that agreement.

You guys can go in and make an agreement on it

Contact children’s services r welfare they deal legally with it daily -or-go to free legal aide n ask then you’re safe n get positive legal advice maybe even filing through them ?

don’t deal with him, go with a lawyer /councillor/court and make it legal .
he is the father of the children, so whether he comes up or not with the money is his problem , not yours.

Don’t let him get away with it and if is in writing is better as you have to deal with 12 more years of this and your parents can help only so much and looks like you are bending backwards for him… if it was the other way around you would have to pay .

Contact family services in your state. You will have to go to court to get an agreement in writing.

Go to court…common sense will tell you that


Call the child support office they will give you all the information you need.

Child support is based off of both parents income and the visitation. I encourage to contact the Child Support enforcement dept. State laws vary and child support is a stickler.


There’s not much to explain here. Go down to the courthouse and file for child support. You also need to file as the Primary custodial parent if the kids are living with you. If you want to be nice you can tell him you’re filing also, because you need to money. Simple!

mediation can help, but remember if he’s set with child support and he can’t pay, the state will pay you and when he can pay they’ll garnish from his tax refunds, etc. unless he sets up a payment arrangement with them. Much better he make plans to pay and make arrangements at the time of the determination rather than just go in arrears and be held in contempt of court. The courts are pretty good about making delayed-reimbursement arrangements if they’re clearly set before the court order is in place.

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Serve him papers. My Christian therapist told me “You don’t get any rewards for being the perfect ex”. Stop being so nice.

Two ways. Go to child support in your county or hire an attorney. Either way a judge has to sign off on it.

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You don’t ask. Child support is an obligation file with your local family court.


File paperwork at your local courthouse. The court will decide how much he has to pay

I think you need to work on your boundaries and self esteem. You said you didn’t ask for support so HE could get back on his feet, while you moved out of your own house. His circumstances don’t matter more than the children’s needs that he fathered.


Contact the CSA directly give them all his information work address name wher he is employed let them deal with him


Is he ur children’s father? On both birth certificates? DNA? Should b easy but if he’s unemployed? Who has full custody?

Wait… WHAT???

I had a verbal agreement with my ex that he didn’t keep. I went to the court house got the paper work and a court date. I was given support within a few months. The thing is if he isn’t employed they don’t have anywhere to garnish funds from.

Local domestic relations In PA IT’S PASCDU on line Pa state collection disbursement unit

It’s free no cost to go in n file n it’s starts day u file even if it takes 2 months or so for a hearing n he owes half medical n ins on kids unless he can’t they can get CHIP

Go to child support agency there’s one in every county and every state. And then it will go to court


Call your local social services child support office and file with them. You deserve help with your children.

Lawyer…not strangers

You basically spoiled him! Goes to the Paternity and Child Support office in your area. You might need his ss# andnplacw of employment. Good luck!

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You mentioned you sold your house. Was it in both your names? Did he receive any of the profits for that house? How long and terms of years for you with this person? You should be able to get child support, but you might have to split the profits of your house with him.

Good luck it took me 4 years for child support through the courts


Best advice get a lawyer. Establish custody and visitation. Remeber the kids need you both.

Go to your local child support office and tell them you would like to file for child support. They will help you.

get an attorney and file for it in court…go legal.

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You go girl! He needs to help with the kids. I know some men think tneir ex gets the money. Think again . A couple hundred does not go very far to take care of a child. But does help!

I wouldn’t cause he will struggle more. Now if he had a good job that would afford the support and him, then by all means contact your local child support office and lawyer.

Social services. They will do everything for it.


Where I live you can just go to the court house and file for it. You dont need. Laywer…


Go to the child support division of the courthouse


Go thru DHS, it takes a LONG time but it’s free to you

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Just file the paperwork.

ring csa they sort it for you number online

When signing for child support your child gets a free lawyer no matter what. Just explain your situation ask if a lawyer is available and let them know what they can do and if they can give you any bit of advice on how to go in to terms with the other

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If you get any kind of government assistance Medicaid, food stamps, 4-c etc normally they willgo after them if not you can contact legal aid in your area or file your own motion for child support with your local clerks office.

I live in Michigan and DHS will not do it anymore. I had to go to the court house…45 minutes away and file. When my daughter was first born, we had a court date about child support but we were living together so he didnt have to pay. We’ve been split for almost 2 years and I just applied not long ago for cs. Just got my first 3 checks this month. I didn’t need a lawyer.

Go file for child support

Contact your local prosecutors office they have a child support division they will help

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I didn’t need a lawyer. I simply applied they served him and now he owes 10,000 in support he will never pay

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Nope. Apply thru the state. You can get the application online in Illinois.

You will not need a lawyer for CS.

U go and file for child support

Go to child support at the court house

Go to the prosecutor’s officein your county

If you need a lawyer I work for a company that help people get a lawyer in their back pocket for $26 a month. They are on call and offer legal advice without paying those hourly rates! Message me if you have questions

Contact your states Attorney general. They will work on your behalf without a lawyer.

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Go to child support that’s what I did. When I went to them and told them that he had moved out of state and they told me they will keep an eye on him and according to my ex the first paycheck he got when he started working they took from him for back child support. He’s now caught up and pay over $600 dollars a month for a child he chooses not to have contact with. The last time My daughter saw him in person was when she was 3 and she turned 7 last Sunday. In those 4 years she maybe video chatted with him a hand full of times give or take and That’s only because she would call him and sometimes he wouldn’t answer and he knows it’s always her. I don’t ever talk to him and if I do its about our daughter but he never responds to any of it so I figure why bother anymore.

Friend of the court.

Go to your family court an fill out the paperwork…bring your id…an the childs birth certificate…an that’s all u need

Or you could just say screw the child support and do it on your own. I did, and my kids have everything they need in life…


We have a child support office and district attorney. You don’t have to pay…our state orders it and they take a small fee out of the support once you get it.

You can file for it online

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You do not need a lawyer.


If you know his job info it will help alot

I applied online, got my papers to fill out within 4 days and am in the process of filling them to send back

Go to your SRS office and file for food assistance. SrS requires child aupport be filled out. You fill it out. Thwy find him and start the procedure of ovtaining it. If not he goes to jail.

Go to the child support office

Be aware that if you petition for child support they will also give him visitation. I’m all for men being dads, but if he hasn’t been involved for two years he’s basically a stranger to your child. Think about sending your baby away every other weekend and dealing with him and whomever else is in his life, sometimes a lack of support financially is a blessing, the drama that can come from some of these men (and women) isn’t worth the effort.


Go to the local child support office.

Your county should have a Human Services office they have child support services there

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I live in Illinois. And started the process in September. My first court date is Nov 15th and I have no lawyer . A place to start…

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All states are different. look for your state agency offering child support services. normally free of charge to you.

It varies from state to state but try whatever state you are in .gov. Example: I live in Massachusetts so I would go to

I’m in Illinois. My little girl will be 4. I talked to a lawyer a little over a year ago and child support and custody go hand in hand. I wasn’t going to risk him getting 50/50 when he wants nothing to do with her. So I cut my losses. I do it on my own. If him and I go to court in the future, it will just be for him to give up his rights.


In most states you can contact dhs and they will set ut up


Go through the state. They will garnish his wages. In my case he works for his father and just gets paid cash. So if he doesnt pay they take away his license. Which is common for most states.


You should have a child support office in your county.

You go down to your nearest foc building. Or in Michigan ours has a website that you can apply on

If you get assistance from the state they will take care of it for you. They probably will help you even if you do not get assistance

Following! If anyone knows anything about child support in Wisconsin it’d be appreciated!

Apply for gov assistances they go after they for you


You don’t need a lawyer. Just go down to your child support office


You don’t need a lawyer. You can probably file online as well. The hardest part is getting him served if you don’t have an accurate address. If he’s not on the BC they’ll do a paternity test before anything. If he doesn’t show up they usually reset the court date a time or two but will eventually declare him the father by default. As for visitation the usually give that as soon as paternity is established. I was able to get supervised visitation for 20 visits which will take him over a year to complete before he’s able to take my daughter for 4 hours by himself. He’s yet to show for one so I’m not worried about it at all.

Go to your local department ofsocial services. Apply for benefits (food stamps etc) they will help you file for child support


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You don’t HAVE to have a lawyer. They always help but it’s not necessary

I went through DES for child support & it was all free.

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Child Support Enforcement Agency. Contact your local DHS office, they will help. It’s free.


You dont need a lawyer. File it yourself. Contact the child support office and get the paperwork.

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Go thru child support enforcement. Thats how i did it. Or go to public aide and they will help you.

No need for a lawyer. It is simply as it is. His child he needs to help pay support. Just make sure you have all your documentation. The court may make him pay back support if he has not been supporting.

Family court just apply
They set a court date

Are you single or no you can go to the courthouse and get help with it

Legal services from social services and or for low income