How can I go about extending my restraining order?

For the people in Oklahoma my five year restraining order is going out soon it includes my kids and me if that makes a difference and I wanted to know how do I go about extending it and how much it would coast and how likely it would be to be accepted I was helped by an organization the first time, so I have no idea what I’m doing.

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I am thinking a lawyer or the courts could help with this

You need to contact your local court office where you got the original restraining order

Advocacy agencies can typically help with this or a lawyer. So domestic violence and sexual assault agencies. Sometimes advocates exist in womens centers or shelters. They can point you in the right direction and can safety plan with you and hear more information about your situation and case and give legal options

You have to have proof that you & the others are still in danger or a continuing threat… It was hard for me to extend mine in Tulsa county so it never happened. But I remember that was one of the things they wanted was proof that the person was still harassing or a threat. I don’t remember there being any cost honestly but I don’t want to say there isn’t just in case there is. Also if you have proof that they violated the first order more than once it may help.