How can I get my toddler to stop biting?

How can I get my 16 month old to stop biting?


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bite him back :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl::rofl: worked with my oldest. only had to do it once & it nipped him.


Bite him back. That’s what I did with my 3 kids. And .my daughter has done it with her 5 kids


Bite back not hard just enough that they will stop .done with all 3 of my kids girls


You have to find out why your child us biting, typically lack of communication and/or unable to control their behavior when mad.
Children have zero impulse control and cannot control their behaviors. They need to be taught the proper way to communicate- so when mad or frustrated, you validate the feeling and teach proper techniques to regulate emotions.
Children need to be taught how to regulate their emotions.

Communication- sign language is great. We taught my son signs for help, eat, more, milk. And that eliminated some frustrations.

Child might need space from peers, so validating the feeling and just saying it looks like you want space you can play over here .
Or when your friend is done with the toy you can have your turn.

Have to model and teach children. They are not born knowing how to navigate a world not designed for them.

It depends on the kid…I have 4 kids…the first 3rd and 4th when they started to bit i bite them back and that was that but ohhhh no not my second I tried biting him back but he just looked at me like I lost my mind and went about his business biting him back just didnt work he thought it was a game even when I tried biting a bit harder…I just removed him from the biting situation stuck his nuk in his mouth and moved on…he got passed that phase in about 2-3 mos. Hes 15 he doesnt bit anymore :wink:


Offer them something to bite and explain that when they bite people it hurts but they can always ask for something to bite.

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Chk This—>>

Bite him back so he’ll know how it feels. That’s the most effective way that I’ve seen.


Bite him and explain to him that it hurts and it’s not okay and that he’s a good baby and good babies do not bite


If you are into gentle parenting, I’d recommend joining a gentle parenting group here on Facebook for some more helpful advice. For now, I’d try to figure out why your LO is biting. What is he trying to communicate - does his teeth/mouth hurt? Is it sensory seeking? Is he upset and can’t communicate that? etc

I don’t personally agree with the “bite him back” comments. At 16 months old, your child is not developmentally able to understand WHY you are biting him back other than you are just hurting him.


Bite him back , ask him if he likes it and explain to him that nobody likes it

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Bite them back…. Literally the only way… and anyone saying that it’s just gonna hurt him, well that’s kind of the point he needs to understand what he’s doing is inflicting pain on somebody else and that’s not cool… 


I bit them back. It worked until they went to daycare and was getting bit there…started biting again. Then when our bonus children came to live with us. 1 was biting alot(leaving huge bruises everywhere) so it started AGAIN lol its a vicious cycle.

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I have 3…i would bite them back…they are 21-20-17 worked on all of them!


There’s only two ways …

I bit mine back. Not hard enough to really hurt them, but hard enough that they could tell it would hurt. Only had to do it a couple of times to each of my kids and they stopped

I tapped mine on the mouth and told her no we don’t bite.

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My daughter just turned two mid June and she’s a biter too ! To the point where she draws blood from her siblings. Not when she’s mad or anything but just walks up and takes a chunk ! We’ve tried telling her it hurts, it’s not nice, it’s bad, giving her things to bite, time outs, biting back. Nothing. In fact, I bit her back and she looks at me, wipes her arm and goes " you BITE me !! " and tried to punch me in the face. Her brother is a gentle giant and he let’s her to do it. Only thing that seems to work for a day is a time out where she doesn’t get to play and she watches her siblings play without her. But I haven’t found anything long term yet…

Some Carolina reaper should do the trick.

Ready-set-go. Get your fingers ready to attack: bite him back. Not hard enough to hurt but enough for him to feel.