How can I get my toddler to sleep in his own room?

I am trying to create boundaries between my son (2 years, almost 3) and I, since he is so used to sleeping with me. I laid him down, with his dinosaur blanket and pillow, a nightlight, and his Mickey stuff animal. I gave him hugs and kisses goodnight and said our prayers. But currently I am hearing, “Mommy, Mommy, Where are you? Come here. And Why?” And it is taking everything in me to not go over. Both our doors are open, and he and I can see each other, and he’s not crying except for a sniffle here or there (which is a big step since he’s so into screaming at the top of his lungs) and I’m trying to show him it’s okay and he can sleep in his own bed. He’s isn’t getting out of his bed either, another huge step, so I know he’s learning. But dang it, this is hard on me more than I thought. I know we have to get used to this, especially since his brother (6 months old) sleeps in his crib (they share a room). This is just more emotional than I thought. Any advice on how to calm my guilt?


U got this. Ur doing great!!

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Good job! He’s going to be fine. And he can always crawl back into bed with you when he’s sick. :blush: that always made me feel better!


You are doing great. Just keep telling yourself that it will get easier every night. Tomorrow morning, be sure and tell him what a big boy he is, now that he’s sleeping in his own bed. And ask him what special treat he would like to have as a reward for being so good.


I use to lay down with my little ones and they would fall asleep then i would get up, hes problay scared, i wouldnt let him go to bed like that.


I still struggle with this and my oldest is almost 5. We read before he goes to bed, and typically by the time the chapter ends he’s almost asleep. He still comes and gets in bed with me once a week or so in the middle of the night. Take a deep breath momma. You got this!

Aww separation is just as hard for us mamas but rewarding them for these steps is such an awesome feeling!! Tomorrow, let him know how proud you are of him and remind him how much you still love him.

It sounds like you’re doing great! What I MIGHT try, and you shouldn’t try this if you think it could backfire, is popping into his room and acting like you were fast asleep. “Sorry I didn’t come sooner, mommy was sleeping, I am sooo tired and I just love sleeping in my bed. Did you call for me? Mommy’s right here, I can hear you if you have an emergency, I’ll always be right here for you. Go back to bed, I’m going back to sleep too, I am so tired and can’t wait to get back in my big girl bed! Good night, love you!”

That kinda stuff worked wonders on my kid. He potty trained himself when I did stuff like that (“wow, these are the biggest pull ups they make, they don’t make em bigger, and you’re still too big for these! That is so impressive. You’re such a big boy. And look, you didn’t even get it wet! Nice job.”)

Your doing great I’m sure the 1st few nights will be the hardest. Maybe just explain to him why he’s not sleeping with you anymore and let him know he’ll be ok and your right there if he needs you. When my son wakes in the middle of the night I just say it’s ok baby mommy’s right here and then he goes back to sleep. He’s also 2 but sleeps in his bed next to mine.

You’re doing great <3

One day at a time girly
My almost 4 year old sleeps with me most nights still . I can get her to sleep in her own bed if I lay with her till she falls asleep. But sometime I can’t deal and will go get her
So bad of me I know. Her sister also sleeps in a crib since day one .

One day lol

Doing better than me :heart:

I was told to just keep putting them back to bed but if his in there, I would just wait it out. That’s great.

Put on greys anatomy and spread out on your bed. That’ll help. With a bowl of ice cream.

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Mommy guilt NEVER ends. After this battle they’ll be another​:sob::sob:


Keep doing what ur doing. It’s a step but he will have to learn. Ur doing good he will learn he is okay

My oldest slept with us up until I had outlet twins (20 days after he turned 3). It was hard. I didn’t want him to feel like I wouldn’t let him sleep now that his little brother and sister where here, but it was too hard getting up to deal with 2 baby’s, after a csection, and climbing over him. He refuses to sleep in his bed with his older half brother, he ended up on the couch. But then I worried that if there was a fire I’d never find him. Sometimes he’s hear me get up with a baby and come snuggle near me. This is good for both of you. He needs to learn his bed is where he sleeps. Makes me cringe now to think I let my oldest do that. Obviously scary dreams or not feeling well, sure climb in bed with mom, but otherwise his bed is the safest.

My son was 3 when I had to start making him sleep alone in his room, he cried at first, then I got an idea, I gave him the blanket off of my bed and told him if he slept with it then it would be just like sleeping in mommy’s bed. He never slept with me again, but he kept that blanket for the next few years lol


My son is going to be nine and he still asks me sleep beside him n u know what I do… he won’t be little forever and no matter how tired I am I snuggle beside him… my five year old comes into my bed at three faithfully every.morni g and i let him… my fifteen year old grew out of it and i wouldn’t have it any other way
… don’t be guilty for loving your babies mama… they only this age ONCE enjoy every moment…


Do you have a baby monitor in the room? That helps a ton with our 4 yo. He will look at it throughout the day and when it’s time for bedtime if he’s not asleep after 2 books I say I have to potty but if he needs me say so cause I can hear him. He co slept till 2.5 and is finally sleeping all night in his bed at 4, it’s a process but it works and all of us sleep better!


Don’t feel guilty. I went through this recently with my 14 month old. But backtracking a feeewww years my niece used to be psychotic at bedtime. My sister in law would sit where my niece could see her and it just prolonged the insanity. We are talking full on 2 hour melt downs. My mom asked her to take a 15 min. Drive and my mom tucked her in said goodnight and closed the door until it was just cracked she screamed bloody murder for 5 min. She yelled I am hungry and hello for 5 min. Then went quiet the rest of the night. She has been sleeping through the night and been fine at bedtime ever since. Took mine 3 days… with a few set backs when she was sick but don’t prolong it or drag it out and stick to your guns or the fits get worse. It will be for the best in the end. Good luck. You are doing great!

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Read him a story as well a few days or weeks and it will pass

My son will be 4 next week and this is still an issue. Tonight we put him in bed and went downstairs, he soon after got out of bed and we told him to get back in bed. He cried and cried for us but we didn’t give in. He’s used to this and he’s fine he just wanted attention. It was hard but we stayed strong. They really understand so much more than we give them credit for.

I never started it so didn’t have any issues.

Correction I laid in his bed until he went to sleep.

You’re not doing a bad thing. It’s okay to not run in there. I wouldn’t unless he was scared.

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If possible maybe get him a racecar bed or special bedding he picks out. It worked for my nephew who was 3.5 and they let him “pick out” a racecar bed. You could hardly get him to leave it he thought it was so cool.

Its tough. My oldest used to say “mommy im sorry. Mommy im sorrryyyyy. Pleeease come in”. I stood outside the door crying the first couple nights. She got it after a few days n i never had a problem again

I’ve heard them having something of yours in the bed can help. Like a shirt or something that smells like you. We put my son in his actual crib for naps first. Then when he did well we put him in there for bedtime too. He sleeps in his crib every night through the whole night. No issues. He’s almost 10 months now

Just have to deal with it. Its new and u both need to adjust to it. It will get better and you will both be ok.

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